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Love always, D

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Love always, D
« on: May 28, 2008, 02:59:32 PM »
My dearest J,

Finally, I got to hear your voice today. The distance is killing me. If only this war would stop and we could live a normal life, away from the army, away from the war and everything that reminds us of it.

I am terrified to let you go. I meet men daily that have lost their arms, legs and sanity. I see you in every one of their eyes. This could be you, I think every time i seat one in the chair or see them at the bar. I don't want the man I love to be a stranger. Let me go with you! We could work together and at least I wont worry as much. I don't know what I would do without you.

The time is killing me. It has been half a year now and I have'nt seen you. I keep a picture of you as my screen saver so I wont forget your face. I smiled for you today on the web cam. The first smile in days. God, I miss you. there are too many things that I am missing but would never have known if I have'nt left my little island, you being one of them. I feel this way and you are only accross the country. What if they send one of us away? I know this may seem selfish of me but I dont want to be the one left behind.
What I would give to have you hold me again.

Love always,


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