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Are Boholanos Famous or Notorious?

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Are Boholanos Famous or Notorious?
« on: March 28, 2008, 09:12:12 PM »
Is it because Boholanos are famous or notorious?

Living or dead, the province of Bohol has its own share of famous personalities. If one cannot argue against success, then the title of the most famous Boholano went to former President Carlos P. Garcia, fourth chief executive of the Philippine republic.

Bohol's history is also rich with the colorful exploits of local heroes. Speaking of spectacular conquests, what comes to mind were the venerable names of Dagohoy, Tamblot and Sikatuna. etc.

The current brouhaha over the broadband project of the Arroyo administration produced a cast of characters belonging to the Boholano race.

Although their participation was far from being complimentary to the illustrious bloodline, their role in the controversial project appeared to have tarnished the image of the Boholanos as a proud people.

As of last count at, least four Boholanos were linked one way or the other to the unfolding drama brought about by the NBN-ZTE transaction.

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