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A State of Envy

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A State of Envy
« on: October 13, 2020, 07:21:16 AM »
By Donald Borja Sevilla

We become miserable when we are always in a state of restlessness brought about by dissatisfaction to just about anything.When we never get satisfied we always find reason to complain and happiness eludes us.

Miserable people are always unhappy and as such often struggle with long bouts of depression.This is catastrophic and disastrous and sometimes has deadly consequences.

Despite leading comfortable and affluent lives, many rich people end up committing suicide. Those who cannot seem to find fulfillment in their lives end up lost and without meaning.

While we all have our share of the doldrums, we must always find a way to get rid of our blues and move on.There is more to life than a bad day and a list of unfulfilled wants.

Different people have different ways of coping with their depressed state.Many find music soothing and uplifting while others enjoy travelling and shopping.But when your therapy is hinged purely on things material and temporal, when the initial feeling of  high settles down, it brings you back once more to where you started.

Therefore to completely get rid of the rut and climb out of your hole it is important that we establish a threshold of satisfaction. We need to find joy in the simple things of life.We must never forget to appreciate the birds, the bees and the flowers and the beauty of God's wondrous creations.

While man has his own hierarchy of needs,we must never let them enslave us.We must learn not to be tied down by our material possessions and find contentment with what we have.

When we always compare ourselves to others and what they have that we dont ,it breeds jealousy that leads to contempt and misery.And when we have these in our hearts we can never be happy.

Being unhappy is a matter of choice.So when we find ourselves in a downward spiral we must look up and count our blessings.You'd be surprised how  lucky and blessed we are.Hence, we must not allow ourselves to wallow in a state of envy.

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