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xx - Bisaya Terms nga Gisagop sa DepEd Textbook - Pulong Bisaya
Bisaya Terms nga Gisagop sa DepEd Textbook
« on: November 05, 2017, 02:53:48 AM »
sinulat ni Edgar S. Godin
(Pipila ka batadilan-ong termino (grammatical terms) nga gisagop sa DepEd sa mga teksbok ug mga Tamdanan sa Pagkat-on sa Inahang Dila o MT)
[* simp. – minubo sa simplified]
abakadhan, [abakada•han], alphabet
abrebisyon, (Sp. abreviacion) abbreviation; shortening. syn. minubo
adhetibo, (Sp. adjetivo) adjective. Syn. pungway (pulong panghulagway)
akademiya, n. (Sp. academia) academy; academic circles, academe (formal), university, university circles, college circles
alpabeto, alphabet
an, suff. (referring verbs & nouns)
anan, suff. (referring adjectives)
artikulo, (Sp. articulo) article
asento, (Sp. acento) accent
bansilag, slogan
baryasyon, n. (Sp. variacion) variation, variance
basahon, [basa•hon], reading material i.e; magazine, books, newspaper etc.
basahonan, [basa•hon•an], (Sp. librario) library
batadila, grammar
batadilan-on, grammatical
 Binisaya, 1. n. – language of the Visayans; 2. adj. – of or pertaining to Visayans
Bisaya, a person living (since birth) or who have descendants from Visayan Island
bokal, vowel
kapahayag, sentence [KAPAHAYAG (SENTENCE)
kapulongan, vocabulary
kapulonganong mga pulong, vocabulary words
kapulongnan, dictionary
kinatawhan, gender
kiye, gender; either of the two reproductive categories, male or female; the sex of a person or organism (often used euphemistically to avoid the word ‘sex’)
daghanan, plural
espeling, spelling; also (see) panitik
gramar, simp. of (see) gramatika
gramatika, (Sp. gramatica) grammar
 idiyoma, (Sp. idioma) idiom; 1. the dialect of a people, region etc. 2. the usual way in which words of a language are joined together to express thought
idyom, simp. of (see) idiyoma
iglalanggikit, var. of panglanggikit
lengguwahe, (Sp. lenguaje) language, dialect. Syn. pinulongan, sinultihan
lingguwistik/a/o, (Sp. linguistica) linguistic
mapahayagon, declarative
mapahayagong kapahayag, declarative sentence
masumbingayon, figurative
milabay nga panahong, past tense
obdyektib— simp. of (see) obhetibo
obhetibo, (Sp. objetivo) objective
onon, suff. – (referring adjectives)
ortograpiya, (Sp. ortografia) orthography
pagtapos sa sesyon, concluding the session
pahayag, statement
pamantalaan, (Sp. publicacion) publishing house; an institution engage in publishing
panahong, tense
panayag, predicate
pangataposan, conclusion
pangbabaye, feminine
panghangyo, request
panghupot nga pulingan, possessive pronoun
pangkarong panahong, present tense
panglalaki, masculine
panglanggikit, affix; the letter or syllable added to a word to form new word. also (see) iglalanggikit
pangpihong pungan, proper noun
pangsagarang pungan, common noun
pangsukna nga timaan, question mark
pangsukna, interrogative
pangtawo nga pulingan, personal pronoun
pangtuaw nga timaan, exclamation point
pangtuaw, exclamatory
pangulhinggikit, postfix, suffix; also (see) ulhinggikit
pangunanggikit, (Sp. prefijo) prefix; also (see) unanggikit
panitik, spelling
panitikong mga pulong, spelling words
panultihon, (Sp. proverbio) proverb
panunganggikit, infix, affix in middle; also (see) tunganggikit
parabola, (Sp. parabola) parable
parapo, (Sp. parrafo) paragraph
pulingan nga pangtawo, personal pronoun
pulingan, pronoun
pulongan, phrase
pungan, noun
punglihok, verb
pungtong timaan, punctuation mark
pungway, adjective
punto, (Sp. punto) point; dot; spot; moment; matter. Punto de bista—point of view
puntuwasyon, (Sp. puntuacion) punctuation
sambingay, (Sp. parabola) parable; a short, simple story teaching a moral lesson.
sanglitanan, paradigm; example or model. Syn. indiganan.
subdyek, subject. Syn. sugpay
sugilagming, short short story
sugilakbit, (sugilanon + lakbit) (Sp. anecdota) anecdote. Syn. anekdota
sugilambong, (Sp. novela) novel
sugilanon, (Sp. cuento) story
sugpay, grammatical term; subject of a sentence
sumbingay sa pamulong, grammatical term; figure of speech
sumbingay, a figure of speech such as metaphor, simile, hyperbole, etc.
tamdanan sa pagkat-on, learner’s material; learner’s guide
tamdanan sa pagtudlo, teacher’s manual; teacher’s guide
tulbok, period
tunganggikit, infix
ulhinggikit, postfix; suffix
umaabot nga panahong, future tense
unanggikit, prefix
usahan, singular 

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