Author Topic: Zhengzhou-Xiamen flight lands safely after collision with bird  (Read 314 times)


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A Zhengzhou-Xiamen flight landed safely at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport on Sunday night after a collision with a bird while it was descending.

A Shandong Airlines flight CA4766 from Zhengzhou to Xiamen apparently struck a bird as it was descending into Xiamen. There were no injuries reported, according to the Haixi Morning News.

A photo taken by a passenger onboard the plane showed that the collision left a small dent on the plane’s right engine cover. The passenger said he saw the engine cover dotted with the bird’s blood.

Shandong Airlines confirmed the bird strike incident later and praised their crew for handling it calmly. The airline said the plane landed successfully, and that their mechanics have examined and repaired the plane.

Bird strike incidents are more common in Spring and Autumn when there are a lot of birds migrating through the sky, the airline said, and their crew have gained much experience in dealing with such incidents.

Bird collisions with airplanes can be dangerous when they damage engines, the windshield, and certain other parts of the plane, experts warned.

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