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Singapore 12 October 2009 - What can APEC do for business? After an arduous process in which business students fro,m across the APEC region submitted responses in essay form, a winner has been selected to attend the prestigious APEC CEO Summit and to meet Singapore's Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong.

Geoffrey See, Singaporean and currently studying state-owned enterprises in China at Yale University in the United States drew inspiration from the Boeing Dreamliner project:

"...remarkable not just for its amazing product, or its interminable delays, but also for the unprecedented global production network it has brought together."

Entitled Asia Pacific as the World's Global Cluster*, See's work considers global clusters as a paradigm for production and explores ways that APEC might assist in building these clusters and reducing institutional distance between economies.

First runner-up, Indra Surya Susantio discusses the importance of private sector involvement through APEC in fostering the economic development at the Base of the Pyramid in his essay, What Can APEC do for Business: Fostering Economic Growth Through the Business Development Programme at the Base of the Pyramid*. Susantio is Indonesian, and currently studying at Waseda University, Graduate School of Commerce in Japan.

Second runner-up is Sunviana Sunaryo, also from Indonesia and studying at Prasetiva Mulya Business School. Her essay, APEC 5 Green Steps: Facilitating Green Business in the Asia-Pacific Region*argues that the existing environmental crisis will outlast the economic crisis; and proposes five ways to address burdens related to climate change.

The winner and runners-up will have all expenses paid as they travel to Singapore to attend the conference and meet the Prime Minister.

*The views expressed in the essays are those of the inpidual authors, and may not represent APEC's views on any matter. APEC does assume responsibility for any errors contained therein. Copyright in the essays rests with APEC. Parties wishing to republish the essays must: (1) acquire the prior written consent of the APEC Secretariat; (2) acknowledge the APEC essay competition; and (3) note that the views expressed in the essay may not represent APEC's views on any matter.

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