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Battle of Balikwing, Carmen, Bohol

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Battle of Balikwing, Carmen, Bohol
« on: September 03, 2020, 08:48:12 AM »
By Bohol Provincial Library
#OnThisDay September 3, 1900, Battle of Balikwing, Carmen, Bohol: when the Boholano Revolutionaries withdrew from Catigbian, going to Carmen, Bohol, the pursuing American Troops were not aware that the Boholano patriots planned for other ambush.

Lt. Miguel Balmoria of Talibon led the 3rd Zone Army of Boholanos in trapping the American Troops. Lt. Balmoria was a veteran soldier. He graduated from the Spanish Military School, he was a sergeant of the Spanish Army. He fought against the Spaniards; he earned a battlefield commission as 2nd Lieutenant, and this time, fought against the American invaders. Governor Bernabe Reyes assigned him to command the 3rd Zone Army.

Lt. Miguel Balmoria chose an ambush site at Balikwing, Carmen, Bohol (now known as Vallehermoso, Carmen, Bohol). It was a wooded area with surrounding hills and the path was narrow. It was an ideal ambush site.

The main force under Col. Pedro Samson was made to pass through the place. Lt. Balmoria and his officers, Leopoldo Rodriguez and Isidro Unahan were in place. Col. Samson left behind Captain Sabas Ligones and Captain Leon Remolador with most of the Boholano constabulary with their rifles to help in the ambush. The main group of Col. Samson continued on their way in order to deceive the Americans.

The American Troops fell into the trap, again, they suffered many casualties and were defeated by the Boholanos armed with rifles the American themselves had supplied. It was the first major victory of the Boholanos because the Americans were left a few and returned to Tagbilaran and called for reinforcements from Cebu.

In recognition of defeating the Americans, Miguel Balmoria was raised to the rank of Major and assigned as the Military Governor (Gobernador Militar) of the whole province.

Bohol Military Organization, 1900 - 1901

High Ranking Military Officers of the Boholano Army:

Pedro Samson --- Colonel
Luis Toribio --- Lt. Colonel
Manuel Miñoza --- Chief of Staff
Miguel Balmoria --- Major
Pantaleon del Rosario --- Major
Martin Cabagnot --- Captain
Sabas Ligones --- Captain
Leon Remolador --- Captain
Miguel Parras --- Captain
Juan Vaño --- Captain
Sabas Dagondon --- Captain
Apolinario Olivares --- Captain
Jacinto Remolador --- Captain
Rafael Espuelas --- Captain
Ambrosio Sandoval --- Captain

Officers of the Boholano Army [not complete]:

1. Angel Marante – 2nd in Command, 6th Zone, Antequera, Bohol

2. Gregorio Caseñas – Captain of Jagna Volunteers, Jagna, Bohol

3. Estanislao Rocha – 1st Lieutenant, Tagbilaran, Bohol

4. Pedro Visarra – 2nd Lieutenant of Artillery, Tagbilaran, Bohol

5. Catalino Sumampong – 1st Lieutenant, Loboc, Bohol

6. Rufo Nuñez – Sergeant, Getafe, Bohol

7. Saturnino Fuentes – Sergeant, Getafe, Bohol

8. Juan Beronilla – Sergeant, Guindulman, Bohol

9. Leopoldo Rodriguez – (unknown rank), Talibon, Bohol

10. Isidro Unahan – (unknown rank), Carmen, Bohol

11. Cornelio Matig-a – Captain, Tagbilaran, Bohol

12. Bartolome R. Doria – Captain (supply officer), Carmen, Bohol

13. Candelario Borja – 1st Lieutenant of Artillery, Tagbilaran, Bohol

14. Cayetano Abellana – Propaganda Officer, Getafe, Bohol

1. Atty. Bernardino Inting, “Bohol ug mga Bolanon”, 1934
2. Jes B. Tirol, “Bohol from Spanish Yoke to American Harness”, 1998
3. Cecilio Putong, “Bohol and Its People”, 1965

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