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Title: Orden Fiat Lux
Post by: hubag bohol on June 11, 2014, 01:18:15 PM
Photo credit: Blick

Latin for “Let there be Light,” Fiax Lux had its humble beginnings in 1973, when its founder, a Swiss secretary named Erika Bertschinger, fell on her head during a horse ride. Subsequently, she discovered she was the Virgin Mary and could communicate with transcendental beings, such as Jesus Christ. Changing her name to Uriella, she established her largely ascetic group in 1980 and later transferred it to their current headquarters in Germany’s Black Forest area.

Uriella and her group believed that the world would be devastated in the middle of 1998 by Nazi flying saucers and natural disasters. They also believed that friendly aliens would come to rescue the chosen few and use them to resettle a new paradise on Earth. However, when the appointed time came and passed, Uriella told her members that God had temporarily postponed the event because they all prayed very hard. Since then, the group has laid low, biding their time until another end of the world. -- http://listverse.com/ (http://listverse.com/)
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