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Title: Man pays half a Million Pesos to bail out his dog...
Post by: Ligalig-Mike on June 28, 2007, 10:30:24 PM
The New York Post (http://www.nypost.com)

A New Jersey man paid $10,000 in cash yesterday to have his beloved mastiff released from a Brooklyn pound while he and dogged city lawyers continue their fight over whether the pooch should be neutered.

"I love him. I'll do anything for him. He's my constant companion . . . Even my mailman loves him," Peter Georgoutsos, 46, said of 5-year-old Spartacus.

In the dog-eat-dog battle, Georgoutsos is suing the city for $30,000.

The $10,000 he forked over will be held in escrow until the fall, when an appellate court will rule on the city's appeal of a Brooklyn judge's decision that a city law requiring stray animals to be neutered does not apply to Spartacus.

Under a deal worked out with the city's Law Department, a microchip was implanted in the pooch to make sure he doesn't hit the road.

The mastiff escaped from Georgoutsos' truck on May 28 when the vehicle was broken into in Queens while he was visiting friends.

Georgoutsos got in touch with cops, who told him that the 110-pound mastiff was at the Animal Care and Control Center in Brooklyn.

Georgoutsos went to the shelter to find that Spartacus had been shot with five tranquilizer darts.

He also was told that a city law requires that stray animals be spayed or neutered before being released from shelters.

Georgoutsos refused to agree because the pooch helps on his 14-acre farm in Franklin Township, 75 miles from New York. He said the snip would hurt the dog's stamina.

On June 15, Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Arthur Schack sided with Georgoutsos, declaring the City Council had not intended the law to apply to cases like this one.

"What he was brought in with, he leaves the center with," Schack said.

But Spartacus stayed where he was because the city appealed, arguing that the dog was picked up wandering city streets and thus fell under the law's provisions.

Title: Re: Man pays half a Million Pesos to bail out his dog...
Post by: hazel on June 28, 2007, 11:46:07 PM
lucky dog!
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