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Author Topic: On a businees trip to China, tungod sa kahubog nahagbong sa Hilton hotel...  (Read 550 times)


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<a href="">Shanghai Daily</a>

A MAN who was deeply drunk survived a fall from the 22nd floor to the 9th floor of the Hilton hotel in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality.

The man, surnamed Luo, is an employee of a company in Mianyang City in Sichuan Province and was on a business trip to Chongqing.

He was found lying on a balcony of a room on the ninth floor of Hilton Hotel, alive and conscious, after he fell from his balcony on the 22rd floor around 2am yesterday, the Chongqing Youth Daily reported today.

The awning above the 9th floor balcony had a large hole in it and was the reason for Luo's survival. He had had a night of heavy drinking at a nearby restaurant, the report said.

"I can hardly remember anything," Luo said, from a local hospital where he is under medical observation. "I was completely drunk at the time."

Two hotel security guards who heard the sound of the impact said Luo was found lying on the 9th floor balcony covered in bruises. They said he told them to take him back to his room at once, the report said.

Luo was diagnosed with hip injuries and has partial paralysis of the legs, the report said, citing the hospital.

As Luo was drunk and said he can't recall what happened, it was thought that he might have tried to commit suicide or possibly that he mistook the windowsill for his bed.

Windows in the Hilton Hotel go almost down to the floor and the windowsills are only about 30 centimeters above the floor, the report said.

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mao nay giingon mirisi.., paalig-alig ug inom..hehehe!

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