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Title: The Orchid
Post by: Lorenzo on February 28, 2010, 02:40:54 PM
Dearest friend,
Ma'am Orchids (Aya),
Has over a year truly passed?
I still remember that day. It was a September 26, 2008.
I came back from the medical library; then I received the message of your departure.
I could not react. When the Lord took you back home, like the rest of our family in Tubag Bohol, I was affected.
Where has the time gone?

17 months. Almost a year and a half since your passing. Where has the time gone?

One thing that I learned from you, my friend is faith.

Faith in family.
Faith in children.
Faith in friends.
And most of all, Faith in Jesus Christ.

Precious you were in life that the LORD GOD took you from us early.
We do not question why He did this.
But we accept it with heartfelt condolence and cannot help but weep.
Tho you may not be here in the physical,
you have truly touched us.
In the spirit and in the mind.

That Life indeed is fleeting.
What was will be gone.
But tho we may die in the physical,
if we have FAITH in Jesus Christ, we shall be awakened in Glory.
And shall see The Glory of God in Jesus Christ who is LORD.

We remember you.
The Lord bless you endlessly.
The Lord bless your family and friends.

I weep for you. For I miss you.
This is natural.
Until the day I see you again.

The Lord is Kind.
The Lord is Glorified.
His Promises Is Eternal.
Believe and even death cannot separate us from the LOVE OF GOD in JESUS CHRIST.