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Title: Gov. Edgar Chatto Comments on Dan Lim's Attacks
Post by: MIKELIGALIG.com on December 06, 2010, 03:00:44 PM
By Ven Arigo

“A leader who is always hounded by comparing himself to others ends up depressed because there are always times when one sees others performing well than himself.”

Gov. Edgar M. Chatto issued these statements when pressed during his weekly Friday live broadcast of the Kita ug Ang Gobernador to comment on the city mayor’s and his mouthpieces’ relentless attacks against him.

The governor said “governance should separate itself from personal prejudices for by this, a statesman is measured”.

“If you cannot go beyond that, then our people will be the judge,” the highest elective Bohol official said.

As usual, the governor was not surprised, musing that he will instead get shocked if his consistent castigators stop.

“This is part of the territory. We cannot control the minds of other people,” said Chatto,

He refreshed the memory of the media people attending his weekly development report on radio that they have never heard him, even now that he is the governor, castigating a fellow government official.

“Such is not my style, and if ever I could sense inconsistencies of others’ principles or policies, I would find time to call or see and talk to them,” the governor added.

“Just don’t go beyond the boundaries because if you do, there are always laws that govern acts,” Chatto warned.

The governor said it is not his habit comparing himself to others because ending up inferior or lesser can make one “vain and bitter.”

“Truly, there are always better and lesser persons than ourselves,” Chatto said.

He reiterated that frustration can only consume the right senses of one who starves for recognition but fails in great comparison.

The governor said he just works and makes sure that his work does not in any way distract the works of others.

He has since liked works to complement each other because synergy of efforts can accomplish better or more, he said.

Chatto apologized to those who are harsh and rabid to him but left a sting saying: “ saying: “I don’t kick all dogs that bark along my way.”
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