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Title: Overflow of Wastewater in Tagbilaran City
Post by: U.S. of America on March 13, 2009, 03:22:27 PM
By Angeline Valencia
Bohol Sunday Post

The overflow of wastewater from the manholes of the drainage system along three major streets in Tagbilaran City traced back to its very closure that the Department of Public Works and Highways had undertaken earlier.

On this, City Environmental Consultant Cecil Corloncito recommended the opening of the drainage that DPWH had closed and that DENR has to determine the establishments that discharged wastewater.

The consultant also sought for a check on the actual closure of the three streets by opening the CPG drainage cover to confirm and an explanation from DPWH and DENR about the closure action.

In the status report dated March 6, 2009, Corloncito cited that the main cause of the overflow was the closing of the drainage along V. Inting St., M.H. del Pilar and G. Visarra Sts.

"The action is going beyond the DENR order which only asked to close 'illegal connections' from establishments by closing main line drainage along these three streets," Corloncito pointed out.

His analyses stated that the overflows along the three streets "happened exactly at the same time when DPWH conducted the 'cleaning' three weeks ago".