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Epitome of a modern day administrator; Poster boy of bad behavior

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Written By Boy Guingguing
Bohol Sunday Post

Those who know in him up close and personal know him to be quick on the draw. Invite him for any occasion that requires payment and he is a gunslinger par excellence. Anybody who claims to have known him from Adam knows that he spends money as if it grows on trees.

That trait (easy with his money) endures him with friends and foes alike. In fine, this explains why until now, we can say without fear of contradiction that he has no savings. It is easy to understand. If you spend money as if it will be demonized the following day, then savings is not in your vocabulary.

Just that he is likened to a two-fisted gunslinger, he is also quick with his mouth. Provoke him into making a reaction and the repartee is as ascerbic. Whether it serves him in good stead depends upon which fence one is sitting.

There are those who appreciate this brand of leadership. For one, some people associate this with political will. Others dismissed all this as plain arrogance.

This in a nutshell is the persona of lawyer Dan Neri Lim, city mayor of Tagbilaran. For all his good manners and right conduct as no-nonsense chief executive, he is the epitome of a modern day administrator. For all his arrogance, he is the poster boy of bad behavior. Take you pick.

Arrogant or level headed, he is consoled with the thought that he won over his closest rival by a comfortable margin never been experienced in the history of Tagbilaran politics.

The first time he won the city mayoralty in 2004 may be a stroke of luck. A three-way race, he was the beneficiary when the so-called vaunted machinery of Jorge Cabalit collapsed at the last minute.

The last time he saw action was considered the finest moment in his checkered political career. Stripped of any ruling party blessing, he went on to pull off a monumental upset leaving his perennial opponent wondering what wrong.

We don't need to look this far, to find the right answers.

May be unknown to many Tagbilaranons, the first term of Mayor Lim was referendum of what he had done during his first term in office.

In a glossy Tagbilaran City Project Briefs Year 2004-2007, Mayor Lim spelled out the direction he was threading for the first three years as began the function of city may in 2004.

The Tagbilaran Brief Series documented the mayor trailblazing accomplishments under the administration of Mayor Lim and his partner in the Sangguniang Panglungsud then vice mayor Nuevas Tirol-Montes.

The packaged of development initiatives that constituted the Lim-Tirol roadmap for a greater Tagbilaran includes the New Growth Center. Spanning an area of 409 hectares, it will be developed by the city into roads complete with walkway and drainage, public parks, parking areas and the Big Bug.

On the field of environment, the 9th Sangguniang Bayan passed an ordinance declaring some of its remaining coral reefs as a Marine Protected Area (MPA). One of the identified coral reefs is the Mabaw Reef located within three contiguous coastal barangays of Tagbilaran, namely: Taloto, Ubujan and Manga.

Study on the Functional Organization is another development initiative designed to effect change in local governance. The idea here is that the local government unit can redesign its organizational structure in the face of the changing externalities so that it retains or even increases its capacity for high achievement and effectiveness.

Plan-based budget was another concern of the previous administration. It is a technique of planning and decision making, It reverses the working process of traditional budgeting.

The City Government Roadmap was conceived as part of the city government's efforts of setting clearer directions and fine tuning improvement programs that need support from various sectors and stakeholders. At present, it is embarking on efforts of building a symbiotic relationship with non-government organizations to assist the city in formulating its developmental programs and in facilitating fund sourcing of projects.

Romans 10:9
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