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Speed up your computer
« on: February 20, 2013, 04:59:16 PM »
b4_lapwrench_001 - Speed up your computer - Software
Let’s get to the point, you want to speed up your PC, right? Who doesn’t.
The following tips can help you make you computer run like new again:

1. Take a look at how much system memory you have. Anything less than 4 gigs is considered low these days. The good news is, RAM is really cheap, and so easy to install that you can do it yourself.

2. Remove all the viruses, Trojans and spyware: viruses are one of the main sources of problems for your PC. The first thing to do is install a good antivirus program and a good firewall.

3. Disable all those annoying programs that start up with your computer. This can be done by typing msconfig in the run command. There you can access the startup tab and disable all those frustrating programs that slow down your PC. This can make one of the most noticeable differences in PC speed, and it only takes a minute to do.

4. Don’t install too many security software: security software such as antivirus, use a lot of resources, so installing more programs than necessary is not advisable, because it makes the system too slow. Of course, protecting your computer is very important, but a good antivirus and a good firewall is more than enough to ensure the protection of your computer.

5. Free up some space on your hard drive. A hard drive that is full runs slower than a hard drive that is half full. Just like a person who is fat, runs slower than a person who is slim. It’s just the way the world goes round. Free up some hard drive space, and I guarantee that you will notice immediate improvement in your PC performance.

6. Invest in a good registry cleaner. I can not stress this point enough. One of the main causes of PC slow-down is a bloated registry. Registry cleaners scan your PC for corrupt, duplicate, and obsolete registry keys, and remove them. This alone will make your computer run like superman. OK, well, maybe not faster than a speeding bullet, but you know what I mean.

7. Defragment the hard drive: disk fragmentation can prevent system slowdowns and PC crashes. It’s very important to defragment your system regularly. Windows already has a defrag utility, but many users complain about its lack of efficiency not to mention the endless hours to complete the process. Fortunately, you can find other programs online with almost identical functions.

8. Control the temperature: most crashes are due to the high temperature of hardware. The processor and the video card are the main sources of heat. For this reason, you will need to check the temperature regularly by using programs such as CoreTemp and Speccy.

9. Use an alternative browser: according to a series of tests carried out by Futuremark, Google Chrome is the fastest browser. If you replace Internet Explorer with Google Chrome you will notice a significant increase in performance while browsing.

10. Eliminate clutter: temporary files, log files and browser cache can slow down your system, because they block the hard drive and increase the fragmentation of the disc.

11. Update your programs: if your PC contains program that have not been updated for more than 6 months or a year, you PC is more at risk for bugs and incompatibilities.

12.  Don’t use BETA software: before a program gets released to the market, it undergoes a series of tests to make sure that there are no defects (bugs). The test period of a program is commonly called “BETA”. Today it’s very is easy to get these programs on the internet for free. Some of these pieces of software, however, are still in beta stage and downloading a beta software is risky! In some cases, it can slow down your PC and create annoying errors.

13. Clean the registry: when it comes to computer speed, the registry is the most important factor. It is now generally accepted that cleaning the registry can improve the performance of your PC, by deleting the unused registry keys. A safe way to clean the registry, is to use a reliable registry cleaner that can remove all the invalid entries and speed up your PC in no time.

Follow these steps and you can put off having to buy a new computer for a long, long time. Take it from someone who is using a computer that is five years old and still running strong: the secret is maintenance.


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