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The Vast Majority Of The Ocean And Its Life Is Still Completely Unexplored

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You may have heard the saying that the ocean is “95 percent” unexplored. Marine biologists feel that it is a gross oversimplification. Scientists today, using tricks involving satellites, radar, and a lot of math, have managed to map ocean terrain to a maximum resolution of 5 kilometers (3 mi). While this is still only accurate up to a point, it is a lot more detailed knowledge than some people realize. Marine biologists have a pretty good idea what trenches, dips, and ridges exist in the ocean and are regularly updating their technology and improving their mapping.

However, marine biologist John Copley, even while pointing out the fallacy of the meme, also admits in Scientific American than in practicality, we probably have much less than 5 percent of the ocean actually explored. True full sonar coverage of an area—which would allow us to find wrecks as small as flights like MH370—is something we have only achieved for less than 1 percent of the ocean.

In terms of actually knowing what is physically happening in most of the ocean, how the ecosystem is, and what all the various creatures are in it, our knowledge is probably even less. As far as marine biologists are concerned, the ocean is an almost limitless place for exploration. We could spend thousands of years and trillions of dollarsm and there would still be the vast majority yet to discover and understand. --

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