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Typhoon Ramon
« on: November 20, 2019, 07:27:00 pm »
Posted by DOE

With Tropical Storm Ramon expected to weaken into a Low Pressure Area in the next 24 hours, the entire energy family remains on full alert, as Tropical Depression Sarah has been forecasted to turn into a tropical storm within the next several hours.

In this regard, the Department of Energy (DOE) is closely coordinating with the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Operations Center, as well as all the members of the energy family for weather updates, and information on the status of energy facilities and systems, or any other emerging problem that may affect energy supply in concerned areas.


As of 10:00 AM today, the National Power Corporation has reported the following status of operations:

• Basco – normal operations
• Sabtang – operational; damage on two current transformers at switchyard
• Itbayat – operations from 5PM-12MN due to limited fuel
• Kabugao – normal operations
• Calayan and Camiguin Mini Grids – cannot be reached so of this writing
• Maconacon and Palawan – normal operations
• Casiguran – operational with line fault


The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) already implemented the necessary preparations and precautions to minimize the impact on transmission operations and facilities, and is continuing to ensure the reliability of communications equipment, the availability of necessary hardware materials and supplies for the repair of damages to facilities, as well as the positioning of line crews in strategic areas to facilitate immediate restoration work.

As of 1:00PM today, the NGCP has reported the following transmission lines to be unavailable:

• Alcala-Magapit 69kV Line
Customer affected: CAGELCO II
Date and Time out: 20 November, 4:05AM

• Magapit-Camalaniugan 69kV Line
Customer affected: CAGELCO II
Date and Time Out: 20 November, 3:31AM

• Magapit-Sta. Ana 69kV Line
Customer affected: CAGELCO II
Date and Time Out: 20 November, 3:52AM

The NGCP has already undertaken inspection and line restoration activities in the affected areas, and will be in full swing as soon as the weather allows.

It is further noted that loss of power may be caused by affected transmission facilities of the NGCP or distribution facilities of electric cooperatives.


The National Electrification Administration (NEA) has advised all concerned electric cooperatives to take all appropriate contingency measures to mitigate the impact of potential threats to their respectively electric services to consumers; activate the Emergency Restoration Organization, when needed to immediately implement emergency restoration plans; and continuously monitor weather conditions.

As of 3:00PM yesterday (19 November), the NEA has reported the following status of operations:

•INEC (Ilocos) – normal operations
•ISECO (Ilocos Sur) – normal operations
•LUELCO (La Union) – normal operations
•PANELCO I and III (Pangasinan) – normal operations
•CENPELCO (Central Pangasinan) - normal operations
•BATANELCO (Batanes) – normal operations
•CAGELCO I (Cagayan) – experienced power interruption; on going restoration
Cause of interruption: NGCP trip off clustered tree on Piat 69kV line, auto trip F11 and F51
Power Time Out: 2:43PM
•CAGELCO II (Cagayan) – experienced power interruption; on going restoration
Cause of interruption: NGCP Tuguegarao-Magapit 69kV lines tripped
Power Time Out: 4:08PM
•ISELCO (Isabela) – normal operations
•ISELCO II (Isabela) – normal operations
•ABRECO (Abra) – normal operations
•BENECO (Benguet) – normal operations
•IFELCO (Ifugao) – normal operations
•KAELCO (Kalinga Apayao) – normal operations
•MOPRECO (Mountain Province) – normal operations
Experienced Power Interruption
Power Time Out: 10:00AM
Power Restored: 1:00PM
•AURELCO (Aurora) – normal operations

The energy family continues to assure the public that it will be informed of further developments on the matter.

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Re: Typhoon Ramon
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2019, 09:25:52 pm »
The Story of Psalm 23

We do not know when David wrote Psalm 23. Perhaps it was when his son Absalom tried to become king. David ran away. He went down to the River Jordan. He crossed it by the ford that we call Jabbok. He went on into a land that we call Gilead. There he met Barzillai. Barzillai was a shepherd. He kept sheep. Sheep are animals about 1 metre high. They give wool for making clothes, milk and meat for food. Barzillai gave David food and shelter. Shelter means a place to hide from the weather. All this made David think. God was like a shepherd. God was like a guide. God was a good friend. David put these ideas into Psalm 23. Many people know this psalm better than they know than any other psalm. It has given help to millions of people. This is because Jesus said that he was the shepherd in the psalm. If we believe in Jesus, we become one of his sheep. We can say, "The LORD is MY shepherd."

What Psalm 23 means

Verses 1–2: God is like a shepherd. In Israel, sheep followed their shepherd. The man that wrote Psalm 23 said:

he makes me to lie down in green fields: these were fields where the grass was new. Grass is a plant that grows in fields. Cows and sheep eat grass. Green fields means that the sheep would find plenty to eat. And they would sleep easily.
he leads me to waters where I can rest: this was the best water. It was probably a well, not a river.
The shepherd leads the sheep to all that they need: food, rest and water. Jesus leads his people to all that they need. Remember - what we NEED is not always what we WANT.

Verses 3–4: God is like a guide. We do not know who led David to Barzillai. There was a guide. Just as the old shepherd Barzillai made David think about God, so the guide made David think about God. Some Christians think verses 3 and 4 are also about the shepherd and his sheep. Others think that it is about a guide. That guide led David through the wild places to where Barzillai lived. The two ideas are true. GOD IS LIKE A GUIDE. GOD IS ALSO LIKE A SHEPHERD. The valley of the River Jabbok was very dark. But with God as guide and shepherd, David was safe. God brought David through the shadow of death. He will do the same for us - if we believe in Jesus. We must all die. It is a great help to know that:

Jesus died and God raised him from the dead
if we believe in Jesus God will raise us from the dead
Verses 5–6: God is like a friend. Psalm 23:1-4 is about life on earth. Psalm 23:5-6 is about life in heaven. Heaven is the home of God. People that believe in Jesus go there. They go there after they die. In the psalm, Barzillai made a great dinner for David. He poured oil, from plants, on David's head. This was usual in those days. He gave David wine to drink. You can make wine from a fruit that we call the grape. It made David feel very happy. But it also made David think this: I WILL ALWAYS LIVE WITH GOD. It is the same for us. If we believe in Jesus we can say, "I will always live in the house of the LORD." The house of the LORD is in heaven.

Something to do

The Bible is in 2 parts. The Old Testament is the first part. It tells us about the time before Jesus came to the earth. The New Testament tells us what happened after he came to the earth. Below are some words from the Bible. Which bit of Psalm 23 do they make you think about?

1. Genesis 48:15 "God has been my shepherd all my life." Jacob said those words just before he died.

2. Samuel 17:20 "They brought honey and butter and meat and cheese for David, and for the people that were with him, to eat. They said, 'They are hungry'." People said those words when David came to Barzillai.

3. Psalm 80:1 Listen, Shepherd of Israel. You led Joseph like a group of sheep. (Joseph is another name for Israel.)

4. Micah 7:14 Feed your sheep with your rod.

5. Luke 15:4-6 Jesus said, "You may have 100 sheep and you lose one. What will you do? You will leave 99 sheep where they are. You will go from the wild country where they are. You will look for the lost one. When you find it, you will be very happy. You will carry it on your shoulders. You will be very happy. You will take it home."

6. John 10:11 Jesus said, "I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd will die for the sheep."

7. John 10:27 Jesus said, "My sheep follow me".

8. Jeremiah 2:6 Where is the LORD? He brought us from Egypt. He led us through the wild country. He led us through the shadow of death.

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