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LMP-Bohol invites BOHECO executives at league’s next meeting

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LMP-Bohol invites BOHECO executives at league’s next meeting
« on: September 17, 2007, 09:34:16 PM »
By Rey Anthony Chiu
Philippine Information Agency

Banking on the cooperative’s character, Catigbian Mayor Roberto Salinas hopes the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP)-Bohol Chapter could goad the Bohol Electric Cooperative to agree with town executives on certain issues regarding local projects’ implementation.

Salinas, who also sits as the LMP executive Vice President told mayors during the recent meeting that he wished the LMP could call on the electric cooperative so they can agree on matters regarding services both want to render to constituents.

The retired navy captain said when his town expanded its water services, BOHECO allegedly demanded that the town spend for the installation and would only go and tap the power after all is set, he claimed.

Catigbian opened up an electric powered pumping unit to widen its water service coverage, and the town was left alone in putting up the infrastructure, including the putting up of power lines to energize the water pump sources.

He said he has talked to BOHECO officers and asked if the cooperative could co-share in the installations costs, because, according to him, the power server would earn after collecting from the costs of power used.

The power cooperative however accordingly refused.

“I am just hoping the league can do something about this problem, he stressed, even as he said the installation costs may sometimes be too high for local governments.

“We are not expecting to earn, we are there to serve so we spend. But if there is a way they can also cooperate and share on the costs, then it could stretch the little amount the towns put up for services,” he said.

Aside from Catigbian, several league members also shared the same problems.

With the issue, LMP chairman and Jagna Mayor Exuperio Lloren promised that the league would write to the two BOHECO managers and invite them on the next league meeting.

Now on a plan to rotate the LMP gatherings to the districts, Mayor Salinas suggested that the next LMP meeting be set November 7 in Catigbian. Salinas also said he would also be inviting the provincial government officials to attend the same.

The league also agreed to hold their meeting on a regular bi-monthly basis on the first Wednesday of the month and goes to towns whose mayors previously bid.

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