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Author Topic: Covid Vaccine in Borongan City, Eastern Samar  (Read 103 times)


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Covid Vaccine in Borongan City, Eastern Samar
« on: April 08, 2021, 10:06:23 am »

Press Release: BORONGAN CITY, Eastern Samar, April 8, 2021 (BCIO) - For the third time, city Mayor Jose Ivan Dayan Agda appeared in person before an audience of barangay folks, to explain the benefits when one is inoculated of the anti-COVID-19 vaccine.

This was during the "Barangay Pulong-pulong" held yesterday at Barangay San Saturnino Covered Court, where he talked personally to some folks of Balacdas, Tacyang and Gintaguican.

Mayor Agda assured his audience that any vaccine available right now is safe.

"Ayaw kita kahulop, dire nakakamatay it bakuna, lugod posible ka mamatay hit COVID ngin dire ka magpa bakuna," said the City Mayor. (Worry not, nobody dies from being inoculated, one could die, instead if he refuse to get the vaccine)

The Mayor's assertion was backed up by a testimony said by a BHERT member, Rebecca Obina from the host barangay.

"Ayaw kamo kahadlok, mas maupay kun mayda ta panlaban hit COVID-19," Ms. Obina said.

She added that except for the heavy feeling in the arm for three days, she felt nothing afterwards.

The Mayor's contention was based on a local survey which revealed a relatively low percentage of acceptability.

However, as being shown in written evaluations, that is given after each Pulong-Pulong, barangay folks answer that they are acquiring education and information from the Information Drive just conducted.

It is expected therefore, that after the conduct of all Pulong-Pulong, an increased percentage of public's confidence on the vaccine would be achieved.

Mayor Agda assured further his audience that the City LGU has enough funds to protect all Boronganons, in terms of vaccine procurement.

"That is why, when our turn to be injected comes, let us all be, including the senior citizens. This way, we can reach the level of herd immunity," the Local Chief Executive stressed.

Finally, Mayor Agda shared, that as per DOH Guidelines, he remains in the long queue of the people to be vaccinated.

"I will not jump the line. I will just wait for my turn, although I am very much willing to be vaccinated ahead, due to the nature of my job, but as a leader, I will follow the order," Mayor Agda concluded. #


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