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Colonizer's Last Hold

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Colonizer's Last Hold
« on: June 03, 2008, 10:30:56 AM »
Some rather interesting pictures I found in doing historical archival work this past year. Quite interesting for the Filipino Historians out there.  :)

Dona Sra. Augustin y Dávila. The wife of then Gobernador General Don Sr. Basilio Augustin y Dávila.
Dona Sra. Augustin y Dávila is pictured meeting with some local Moro tribesmen during her trip to Mindanao in the mid late 19th century. Spain, at the time, was increasing her footing in the south and beginning to 'Christianize' what it considered the Heathen Muslim South.

Of course prior to the advent of the Philippine Revolution and the American War with Spain in 1898.

This picture illustrates the growing hold Spain was trying to keep on the Philippines. However, increasing the hold actually spurned revolutionary feelings in the country.

Gobernador General Don Sr. Basilio Augustin y Dávila.
The Governor General of the Spanish Royal Colony of Las Islas Filipinas.
The Last Governor.

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