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Author Topic: Ending the Cycle of Violence  (Read 201 times)


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Ending the Cycle of Violence
« on: January 26, 2020, 06:05:02 am »
Press Release:
Ending the cycle of violence

As a former official of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Galvez was assigned in Sulu in early 2000. His stint in the province allowed him to see the ugly face of war which brought untold suffering to the people and claimed the lives of his men.

This situation, he said, must come to an end.

"I lost many of my soldiers here. It's about time to change the condition of Sulu through peace and progress," Galvez said.

"And everytime the President learns about people being killed because of this so-called cycle of violence, he is hurt," he added.

According to the peace adviser, the government, through the Peace Coordinating Committee, will carry out socio-economic programs and projects to uplift the lives not only of MNLF members in Sulu, but the Bangsamoro people as a whole.

Aside from complying with the remaining commitments contained in theTRP, he bared the government will also allocate funds to the committee which shall be used to implement initiatives which seek to bring a greater sense of normalcy to the lives of residents in MNLF communities.

In particular, Galvez said the Peace Coordinating Committee will implement skills and capacity-building training and education for MNLF members that will help them make the transition to peaceful and productive civilian life.

The members, he added, will also be given financial assistance packages which they can utilize in earning sustainable incomes for themselves and their families.

Moreover, Galvez said much-needed government services such as electricity, potable water, infrastructure and sanitation will be made available in their communities.

"That is the promise of our President - a comfortable life for all. For the Filipino people to have an equitable share of the fruits development," he said.

Meanwhile, Galvez urged members of the Abu-Sayyaf Group who are operating in the island-province of Sulu to tum away from their violent, lawless ways and return to the folds of the law.

"We are appealing to you allow the government help you change your lives," he said, adding that former members of the group in Basilan are now benefiting from livelihood programs provided by the government.

"We all share the same vision here in Sulu, which is enduring peace for all. Let's get our acts together to make this happen," Galvez said. (OPAPP)

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