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Significant Dates and Events in Bohol
« on: June 27, 2007, 11:29:19 AM »
Early Development

Created by virtue of Act 2711 on March 10, 1917, this island province of Bohol is the 10th largest island of the Philippines. Its people are said to be descendants of the last group of inhabitants of the country called "pintados," meaning the tattooed ones.

        The name Bohol was supposedly derived firom the word Bool, the place where the first known international treaty of friiendship between two people of the different races, culture, religion and civilization occured in 1565 between Datu Sikatuna, a native chieftain and Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, representing the King of Spain through a blood compact known today ar the "Sandugo." In honor of this occasion, the late Pres. Elpidio Quirino established the Order of Sikatuna, a pesidential decoration conferred upon diplomats.

        During the Spanish regime, two significant revolts occurred in Bohol. One was the Tamblot Uprising in 1621 led by a native priest or Babaylan. The other was the Dagohoy Rebellion considered so the longest uprising recorded in the annals of Philippine history, led by Francisco Dagohoy fiom 1744 lasting until the year 1829.

        It was also during the Spanish era that Bohol was politically part of Cebu and was called a residencia. It became a separate politico-military province on July 22, I854 together with the island of Siquijor.

        In 1879, Bohol was composed only of 34

        The Americans, lad by Major Henry Hale of the 44th infantry Battalion, arrived in Tagbilaran on March 17, 1900. The Japanese also occupied Bohol several years later during the World War II. The Americans liberation forces arrived in Bohol on April 11, 1945.

Significant Dates and Events

1200 — Lutaos from northern Mindanao, arrived and established themselves in the strait between mainland Bohol and the island of Panglao and founded the "Kingdom of Dapitan," a maritime city on stilts that later rose to such power and properity it was described by Alcina as a "Venice of the East."

1563 — The Dapitan Kingdom was abandoned by its people for fear of the marauding Ternateans and their Portuguese allies who brought depredation on the other settlements in Bohol.

1565 — Miguel Lopez de Legaspi and his men landed at a little bay in Bohol and, having befriended the local chieftain, Datu Sikatuna proceeded to make a treaty of friendship with him through the Blood Compact.

November 17, 1596 — Two Jesuit priests, Fr. Juan de Torres and Fr. Gabriel Sanchez, arrived in Baclayon at the invitation of the mother of the 'encomendero' of Bohol, Doña Catalina de Bolaños, and started the process of evangelization.

October 26, 1600 — Some 300 Maguindanao Moros under the command of Datu Sali and Datu Sirongan raided Baclayon. Fearing for their safety, the Jesuits decided to move their headquarters to the inland town of Loboc. Since then, Loboc became the 'residential Boholana' or the place where the local Jesuit superior resided.

1602 — Loboc became the first parish in the island.

1604 — The Jesuits established the Seminario Colegio de Indios in Loboc, a training school for the children of the local ruling class. Among the students of this school was the native boy, Miguel Ayatumo, who died in sanctity at the age of sixteen in 1609.

1621 — The babaylan leader, Tamblot revolted against the new religion brought by the Spanish missionaries.

1733 — The Jesuits had established six settlements or reducciones where people were forced to live to facilitate both Christianization and taxation. These reducciones are Loboc, Baclayon, Jagna, Talibon, Inabanga and Maribojoc.

1744 — Francisco Dagohoy from the reduccion of Inabanga started the revolt that was to last more than eighty nine years.

1768 — The Jesuits were expelled from the country. Their missions were taken over by the Agustinian Recollects headed by their former Provincial, Fray Pedro de Santa Barbara.

1800 — The Augustinian Recollects had established other towns in Bohol: Tagbilaran, Dimiao, Guindulman, Panglao and Loon.

August 28, 1829 — Upon orders of Gov. Gen. Mariano Ricafort, an expeditionary force from Cebu led by Capt. manuel Sanz captured the Cave of Caylagon where the remnants of Francisco Dagohoy's rebel forces made their last stand: The survivors of the final assault were pardoned and resettled in newly created townships in the interior parts of Bohol.

July 22, 1854 — Bohol became a separate province from Cebu.

April 1899 — Upon the departure of the Spaniards in Bohol, a "Gobierno de Canton" was formed by prominent Boholanos to run the province according to the Republic proclaimed by Amilio Aguinaldo.

March 17, 1900 — American troops landed in Bohol.

September 3, 1900 — Col. Pedro Samson and other Boholano leaders rose in organized resistance against the Americans. What followed were months of bloodshed fought between the American forces and the Boholano freedom fighters. During this dark period, hundreds of Boholanos died and 20 of the 35 towns of Bohol, at the time, were burned to the ground and livestock were slaughtered indiscriminately in the effort to force the Boholanos to submission.

December 23, 1900 — Col. Pedro Samson and the rest of the Boholano insurgents surrendered to the Americans in a peace treaty signed in the convent of Dimiao. Peace came to Bohol at last, but not after hundreds more died the following year due to the cholera epidemic that followed the great war.

May 17, 1942 — Japanese forces landed in Tagbilaran. They stayed until March, 1945 when American liberation forces drove them away.

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