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Title: Yet Unrecorded Philippine Orchid to be Sent to Chicago
Post by: pioneer on August 03, 2007, 06:17:32 PM
source: ABS-CBN

A new species of shrew and a striking orchid variety have been discovered on the western Philippines island of Palawan, scientists said Friday.

The Conservation International expedition to Mount Matalingahan in southern Palawan believes the species had never been recorded before, the group said.

The shrew is slightly larger than a mouse with soft brownish-black fur, a long tail, sharp snout and small eyes.

The apparently new species of plants include an orchid belonging to the genus Coelogyne with "a beautiful set of white flowers with golden lip petals."

The specimens are to be sent to the national museum in Manila and the Chicago Field Museum, said the group's spokeswoman Jaynee Tabangay.

Mount Matalingahan sits in a 120,000-hectare (296,400-acre) forest. Conservationists want the government to declare the site as a protected area for wildlife.