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Title: Emergency Medical Services System Bill
Post by: MIKELIGALIG.com on November 16, 2017, 08:23:55 AM
Assistant Majority Leader


Rep. Salo to rename his Emergency Medical Services System bill after Dr. Charlie Jandic

Swift emergency medical response saved the arm of Ms. Angeline Fernando, the woman who got run over by light rail at the MRT 3 yesterday.

I hope the MRT 3 management or DOTR officials will identify ALL the individuals who directly aided Ms. Fernando so they could be properly commended for their quick thinking to stop the bleeding and to recover her arm and preserve it for later surgery reattachment, which was successfully done at the Makati Medical Center. Their swift, calm and proper response saved Ms. Fernando.

We join the public in commending Dr. Charlie Jandic of the Chinese General Hospital for taking charge of the trauma situation before her. Her quick thinking and focus saved Ms. Fernando's life.

CCTV footage of the incident shows a security guard at the scene. There were also others attending to Ms. Fernando.

Security guards should be able to administer first aid. Commuters who are health professionals or students taking medicine or nursing should also be able to give first aid.

As Member of the House Committee on Health, I also believe there must be a first aider in every household and a national system for first aid.

I filed House Bill 4955 (http://www.congress.gov.ph/legisdocs/basic_17/HB04955.pdf) which provides for a national Emergency Medical Services System.

When the committee tackles the bill, I will move that its short title be changed to, "THE DR. CHARLIE JANDIC EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES SYSTEM ACT OF 2017" to make her the model of the kind of compassionate and swift response the EMSS must deliver to the Filipino people.

HB 4955 proposes the creation of a National Emergency Medical Services System for "effective, coordinated, and timely delivery of health and safety services to victims of sudden illness or injury in the pre-hospital setting."

The system proposed would have five components and core services: emergency medical dispatch, emergency response and care, emergency transport, inter-agency referral and transport, and command and control.

The emphasis of this bill is on pre-hospital emergency services. Many victims of disasters, accidents, and mishap are dead on arrival. Some of them could be saved if only we have effective EMS in place particularly in Local Government units (LGUs) with high-risk disaster zones and at the barangay level.

When the bill becomes a law, all LGUs shall be mandated to establish a dispatch center where constituents can call for all cases of emergencies, with qualified personnel. The dispatch centers shall follow the prescribed guidelines on dispatch protocol as determined by the Department of Health and the EMSS council.

Also when the bill becomes a law, a single national universal emergency number will be in effect to enable the public to have access to emergency medical services. All LGUs shall ensure availability of emergency transport vehicles with qualified EMS staff.

Currently, we already have a 9-1-1 national emergency line; however, it can be scrapped anytime or be replaced by the next administration since there is no law backing it up. House Bill 4955 seeks to have the single national emergency number a basis in law so its implementation can be assured of annual funding. (END)

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