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Apple iphone 3g 16gb,Nokia N97,Cdj mk3 1000,BlackBerry Bold 9000

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TEL:+4470359 73007

COMPASS TECH LIMITED is a specialized supplier of Mobile phones (GSM and CDMA), Video Games , Apple Ipods , Iphone , Laptops /Notebook Digital Cameras and Plasma Tvs AND Musical instrument.

 With high quality products, best service and good reputation, we have won a great support from customers, and become stronger and more powerful.

Therefore, the scale has been expanded, and we now have our own Trading Branch Offices.

Specifically, we can supply Mobile phones (GSM and CDMA), Video Games,Apple Ipods , Iphone , HTC, Laptops / Notebook , Digital Cameras, Plasma and musical instrument,Tvs..
Please feel free to contact us for more details.

We ship and deliver to you within 2days of purchase throughFedex courier services.

Interested buyers can contact Us direct via:


[email protected]

[email protected]

MSN.. [email protected]


we deliver goods in peace of mind.

Thanks And God Bless You.


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best website hosting service company
Fully Managed WordPress Hosting