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Coastal Law Enforcement Council 3 (CLEC-3) Lays Down

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Coastal Law Enforcement Council 3 (CLEC-3) Lays Down
« on: April 16, 2009, 02:02:44 AM »
In a conference that the municipality of Jagna hosted recently, the 11 towns composing the third district cluster of the Coastal Law Enforcement Council (CLEC) tackled the top five accomplishments in the list.

Officials of the 11 towns, environment officers, the police force, and sea patrol teams composing CLEC-3 converged for the half-day activity on April at the Capt. Goyo Casenas hall.

Mayor Exuperio Lloren led municipal officials in welcoming visitor as he expressed appreciation that the body preferred to hold the activity in his town.

First, the council got an assurance that the patrol boats strategically posted in Jagna and in Mabini are presently in good condition and are dependable.

On the other hand, representatives from the municipality of Mabini showed their official record that indicated high level of marine-related cases that the local government attend to.

In Candijay town, the municipal executive faces internal problem with coastal barangays in addition to the problem on seaweeds sector in the town, as reported Vice-Mayor Arlene Caadlawon.

From time to time, CLECs assess the impact of their program on coastal management and other mandates.
CLEC-3 covers the towns of Candijay, Mabini, Anda, Guindulman, Duero, Jagna, Garcia-Hernandez, Valencia, Dimiao, Lila and Loay.

CLEC-3 chairperson, Mabini Mayor Stephen Rances, and vice-chair, Candijay Vice-Mayor Ann Piquero, worked for the big attendance at the conference.

Bohol Environmental Management Office (BEMO) coordinator Narding Valejos helped facilitate the activity.

Jagna Sangguniang Bayan Members Pacheco Ll. Rances, chair, and Senen Lloren, co-chair, of the SB Committee on Agriculture and Environment also helped coordinate the conference.

At the clinching part of the conference, Rances announced that Mabini will host the next meeting of CLEC-3 in July.

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