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Title: My last letter for J
Post by: hippieinchains on June 16, 2008, 03:51:00 AM

Our love is dead. I can only go so long with an imaginary lover. I need something real and if you can't even feed the illusion, I will wake up. I have loved you too long. I have gven up more than once and you seem to reel me in every time i hold up the white flag. life is too short to live a one way love affair. It is time for me to live and you ran out of chances. We are through. We are through.
This will be my last letter.

Title: Re: My last letter for J
Post by: grazie7y on June 16, 2008, 07:54:45 AM
So you are freeing yourself from the chains now, hippie?  Good for you.  Move on.  Enjoy life.  Don't let yourself be encumbered to a love that is not worth all the waiting.   :)
Title: Re: My last letter for J
Post by: hippieinchains on June 23, 2008, 03:26:45 AM
That i will!!! there are plenty of people that appreciate me and i dont need to settle for less than what i deserve.
Title: Re: My last letter for J
Post by: hippieinchains on June 25, 2008, 12:42:04 PM
I found this old blog of mine and i thought it would be apropriate to add here. after all, it was written for him :)
 Saturday, July 22, 2006

  liberty and justice for all! (on being the woman that i need to be)
Current mood:  frustrated
Category: Life

a woman's rage, it ignites the best and worst in her. it can be her shackles, or it can mean her liberation.

tonight, it was my liberation!

i hate being alone. i honestly do. but to chose between being alone and being emotionally beat down, suffocated or god forbid, being somebody's play thing, alone isn't too bad.

i give my guys a lot when they are with me. i tend to spoil them. they get too comfortable and test the waters. a word of advise guys, don't play with me. it is only a matter of time until the hormones calm down and i can think straight. then it's out you go!

with my laid back nature and my difficulty articulating myself verbally, people tend to underestimate me.i'm a lot stronger and possibly smarter than i seem. so "mr. i'm the freekin' s*** because i'm so smart" i have a game for you. i call it "GO f*** THE HELL OFF!". this time when you pass GO, there is no sex. you won't win. since you are so enthralled by games where only one player is enjoying themselves, i've learned the silent joy in it (you sick bastard). have fun playing with her now. you lost me. it wasn't as fun as i thought it would be. you made me cry. but i'll get over it.

tonight, i am with myself for a change. i missed me. don't like being second at or to anything. not to a man, a career and definitely not to another woman.

for the record, i don't think i'm remarkable in regards to looks, intellect or talent in bed but i know that i am a good woman, who deserves more than being led around and played with. i'm not a saint either, i have done my share of cheating and lying but at least i make an attempt to repair what i need to repair before i cause any permanent damage. sorry if i hurt you.

tonight i will be alone, and i feel good about it. how about you, can you say the same thing about yourself (you know who you are)?

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