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How To Impress Your Date On A Dime

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How To Impress Your Date On A Dime
« on: October 03, 2009, 05:56:00 PM »
1.  Stay In
Sure going to the movies is fun—who doesn't like paying $4 for a Snickers bar and $7.50 for a soda? Instead, save the money, buy some movie-sized treats at the grocery store and spend the evening in. You can pick up a movie through a RedBox location for only $1, at most Blockbuster stores for $2 daily, or watch a show you've already taped to DVR or TiVO.

2.  Cook Up Some Romance
If you're going out to a concert or a sporting event, cook dinner together at home. This will save the money you would have spent in a restaurant and, rather than waiting for a table, you can spend the time impressing your date with your cooking skills (or laughing about your lack thereof).

3.  Pack a Picnic
Cut the cost of any date by bringing your meal. Many outdoor amphitheaters will even let you bring a picnic basket or cooler, so take advantage and avoid spending on overpriced mediocre meals.

4.  Break the Rules
If you'd like to take your date out to eat think early. Lunch is always cheaper than dinner—and breakfast trumps them all.

5.  Love and Learn
Check out the schedule for classes offered through your local recreation center, gym or arts studio and find one you'd enjoy taking together. When you break the cost down per date, it's often very affordable, and a fun way to build a relationship while you're building some skills (or laughing at each other while you're trying)!

6.  Volunteer Your Valentine
If the point of a date is being together, why not do some good while you're at it? Look for volunteer opportunities to serve meals at a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter, walk dogs at the local shelter, stock shelves at a food pantry, or whatever cause tugs on your heart.

7.  Enjoy an Afternoon Delight
If you just can't wait for the movie to come out on DVD, save a few dollars on tickets by seeing the early show.

8.  Shop Smart
Warehouse club stores like Sam's Club, BJ's and Costco often sell reduced-rate gift certificates and coupons for local restaurants, golf courses, spas and more. Find discounts at and half-price gift certificates at local eateries on 

 9.  Get Progressive
Instead of footing the bill for an entire evening out, invite friends to do a "progressive" party, where guests go from house to house enjoying an appetizer, entrée or desert. You'll have fun and save money by splitting the costs.

10. Scout It Out
Spending a day cruising garage sales, swap meets and flea markets can be a cheap way to stumble across some great vintage finds - you'll probably share a few good laughs as well.

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