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Title: The Richer You Are, The Longer You’ll Live
Post by: hubag bohol on May 30, 2016, 01:01:16 PM

Remember when we said that death was the great leveler except where car accidents are involved? Turns out that’s not quite true. Although life expectancy is rising overall, this shift masks a worrisome trend: Life expectancy for the richest now far outstrips life expectancy for the poorest.

For US men born in 1930, being in the bottom 20 percent of income meant having a life expectancy of 76.6 years when they hit age 50 in 1980. For men born in 1960, it was essentially the same. By the time they hit their 50th birthdays in 2010, they could expect to live a total of 76.1 years. This doesn’t seem so bad until you compare it with those in the top 20 percent of income. In that same time period, their life expectancy leaped from 81.7 to 88.8 years.

That means that America’s richest can now comfortably expect 12 more years of life than their poorest counterparts, up from the extra five years that they would have enjoyed 35 years ago. It’s not just the US that’s seeing this trend, either.

In Britain, inhabitants of wealthy Chelsea can already expect to live six years longer than those in struggling Tower Hamlets less than 2 kilometers (1 mi) away. That’s the same as the difference between the UK’s average life expectancy and Vietnam’s. Looks like death is a sucker for inequality. -- http://listverse.com/ (http://listverse.com/)
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