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What Are Soft Skills?
« on: December 21, 2020, 02:36:01 pm »
In the future, humans will need to rely on their soft skills, like empathy, agility, and creativity.

So, there are some limits to what AI can do in the workplace. Even though it’s adept at managing, it can’t lead.

But there’s more to organizations than just leaders and managers; there are whole ranges of work we haven’t even touched on yet.

Take the financial sector. Bit by bit, banks are replacing their employees with AI, especially those whose tasks are mostly mechanical and calculative. Does that suggest that the advent of AI will make everyone below the level of leadership obsolete? Besides leading, is there anything else left for humans to do?

The key message here is: In the future, humans will need to rely on their soft skills, like empathy, agility, and creativity.

The human touch that’s necessary for real leadership is valuable at every level of an organization. In fact, the more business operations are automated, the more soft skills will come to be valued in employees. After all, if AI is making inroads into almost every other domain, what’s left for us to capitalize on except what’s uniquely human?

Job advertisements already bear this out. Even in banks, where mathematical and analytical skills once ruled the day, advertisements give increasing prominence to the social skills that candidates should demonstrate.

In fact, it’s been estimated that demand for employees with emotional intelligence, the ability to recognize and manage the emotions of others, will increase sixfold over the next few years!

There are skills, besides emotional intelligence and social know-how, that will also come at a premium in the AI workplace. Take creativity and agility, for example.

AI is intelligent and can give you precise, swift, and informed answers to a number of questions. But its answers are rarely what we call creative. True innovation – the development of novel products, services, insights, and approaches – looks set to remain human for the foreseeable future.

AI also struggles to be agile. Agility, we know, refers to the ability to adapt to new circumstances quickly – in other words, it’s a kind of high-speed flexibility. It can sometimes be difficult for us humans, but for AI, it can prove a real obstacle.

Look at what happens when developers create algorithms that can play video games. When everything’s going according to plan, these algorithms can beat the very best humans hands down. But change one minor setting, and watch what happens: the human player will quickly learn and adapt. The AI, on the other hand, will flounder.

It’s these few skills, which AI still struggles to grasp, that will distinguish human employees in the future. - Book summary by

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