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xx - Rice crisis could lead to ugly scenario  - Philippine Laws
Rice crisis could lead to ugly scenario
« on: April 22, 2008, 03:12:30 PM »
The rice crisis might become worse in the next few months when store shelves are emptied of the commodity.

Countries that supply cheap rice to the country, like Thailand and India, don't want to release their excess stocks, reserving them for their own people in anticipation of a worsening food shortage.

The rice queues in the country will become longer in the coming weeks and months.

If the Arroyo administration continues to mishandle the rice distribution, there could be food riots in the streets in the coming weeks or months.

When that happens, President Gloria should pray the food riots don't reach Malacañang.

* * *

What brought about the food crisis in the country?

There's not enough food to feed a population that will soon reach 100 million.

There's a scarcity of land for food production because landowners would rather build subdivisions than farms. And, of course, some Pinoys are lazy. They prefer making babies to planting rice or camote.

The poorer the family, the more children it has.

The Catholic Church, which has decreed that family planning using artificial methods is sinful, is partly to blame for the overpopulation.

The Church doesn't care how this country will become in a few years because of its huge population.

A big jump in the crime rate, food scarcity much worse than now, and few spaces to live in will result in overpopulation.

The Church is apparently only concerned about increasing the number of its followers, the heck with overpopulation.

When I was younger, I thought the late Mao Tse Tung was wrong when he said, "religion is the opium of the people."

But with the way Filipino Catholics blindly follow their church's decree on family planning, he could be right.

* * *

I have a small farm in Puerto Princesa, a good 30-minute ride by car from the city, which I have planted to various vegetables and other food crops.

My neighbors haven't taken the cue from me to plant their idle lands to food. Instead, they burn the forests nearby to make charcoal that they sell to the market.

From my farmhouse, my heart bleeds when I see a forest being burned to clear the way for a kaingin or a clearing to plant upland rice, or to make charcoal.

Puerto Princesa prides itself as a "city in the forest" as it is surrounded by forests.

In a few years, if charcoal makers and kaingeros are not held in check, there will be no forest to surround the beautiful city.

* * *

After Speaker Prospero "Boy" Nograles said his piece on why he filed libel charges against radio broadcaster Alexander "Lex" Adonis that sent the latter to prison, now it's my turn to make a retort.

Boy, you have made your point.

Why not intercede and request for a pardon for Adonis since you are very close to President Gloria?

Phil. Daily Inquirer

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xx - Rice crisis could lead to ugly scenario  - Philippine Laws
Re: Rice crisis could lead to ugly scenario
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2008, 06:18:27 PM »
Na...maglubok na intawon pod ug Ba-ang (grown-up nga BULI) and atong mga kaigso-onan ani.  Haskang pagkahago raba intawon ang pag preparar ni-ini. Gutom na pod basta magkinugay na.  :(
Best regards

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