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Lubas Dagang Bisaya (LUDABI)
« on: March 11, 2010, 05:04:21 PM »
By Joe Espiritu
Sunday Post

Several retired professionals were practicing public speaking for the campaign weeks later. Some of them are academes who could express themselves well in English. They will be facing the grassroots so they have to express themselves in the vernacular. The effect was confusing. If they have to stick to pure Cebuano Visayan, whatever that is, they would not be understood.

 Cebuano Visayan is assumed to be the “official dialect” of the Central Visayas. However, there are many variations to it that even true bred Cebuanos, whatever that is, do not agree on the meaning. Some even do not understand it. They cannot agree upon the semantics. An organization called Lubas sa Dagang Bisaya or known by its acronym Ludabi declared itself as the “official” source of the Cebuano Visayan. They assume the purist stance.

 Visayan, whether Cebuano or its version Boholano is and old dialect. Since it is old, it is also static. The problem of a dialect is that they do not have words to depict certain things, qualities, situations and so on accurately and succinctly. A single word or term must be expressed in phrases, which often do not convey the true meaning. Modern living generated many terms not covered by the dialect, so we borrow words from other languages, which carried the true meaning. The result is a language called lingua frança The Ludabi objected to using “foreign” words so coined new words.  Unwittingly, they followed the steps of Dr. Jose Villa Panganiban.

 The Institute of National Language followed a decree that Tagalog is to be used. Confusion followed when they could not decide on which Tagalog, Northern, Central or Southern Luzon Tagalog. So they agreed to use the accepted word of the region in which the Tagalog was used. But Tagalog, whatever version, is also an old language, which cannot cope up with the language of modern living. A purist Dr. Jose Villa Panganiban coined new words derived from the contraction or acronym of the word depicting the meaning.

 Salipawpaw was used for air plane, which description in Tagalog means sasakyang lumilipad sa himpapawid. The phrase actually means a transportation, which flies in the sky. Then salumpuit and saksisid were used for chair and submarine. When faced with words like schizophrenia or chemical valence, Dr. Panganiban was lost. Frank Lacuesta stepped in. using terms derived from other dialects, he evolved an understandable Tagalog, the lingua frança of the National Language.

 Back to Ludabi. When asked to write for a defunct vernacular Boholano newspaper, we warned the editor that our Visayan was the Third District Boholano version sounding like djawang bikog pre, bisag niremedyo remedyohon pud. Roughly meaning, heck man, even if I obtained it by doubtful means, it is also obtained from me by the same means. Or words to that effect. Well, using four legged, high flown words in Ludabi will be a negative factor in campaigning.

 Guys, better stick to Third District Boholano to keep in touch with the grassroots. They are sensitive that when you are identified as purist, you can also be an elitist by inference. With that image you cannot even be appointed as barangay tanod. It is better to greet maadzong gabii kaninzong tanan. Bisag palis pa.

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Re: Lubas Dagang Bisaya (LUDABI)
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