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Author Topic: Baggio in Serie A, scoring 191 and 192 "  (Read 424 times)


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Baggio in Serie A, scoring 191 and 192 "
« on: November 26, 2012, 11:24:01 am »
against Rome's Rome derby, Capello led the Giallorossi away dry Lazio a 5:1,nike nfl jerseys, and after that, Zaccheroni have not been able to win at the Olympic Stadium before 23 even once the applause.

This situation even worse in the league 32, when Lazio against relegation Verona, the team really smooth victory played a Hearty crashed the first half, the second half did not take long to 5:1 lead.

Next Zaccheroni's nightmare came Verona critical moment showing a the relegation unique bloody and tenacious, literally at the Olympic Stadium for the recovery of the three goals, score 5:1 becomes 5:4, even once hope to tied Lazio at the Stadio Olimpico, and even reversed.

The entire second half, are a nightmare for Zaccheroni, the boos of the fans, opponents launched a frenzied counterattack let him struggling to cope with, but fortunately, he got a victory, but it is embarrassing extremely victory.

After the game, the major Italian media have reported that rumors Zaccheroni must class the Lazio coach candidates from Inter Milan's Julius Caesar, to the riverbed of Diaz, to the former Lazio player Robert? Mancini almost the whole world is somewhat likely to take over Lazio coach swept a times.

Just not possible, is to leave Zaccheroni.

In this case, Zaccheroni usher in old rival Yang Cheng, he touches ambitious, want to use a victory, terminate consecutive unbeaten Inter at the same time, to some of those who remain in the fight for their chips, at the same time, He also coveted by AC Milan in the Champions League qualifiers seats.

Into the Champions League, how much to increase the number of those who remain in the capital.

Lazio sits at home playing very conservative, defensive back for Zaccheroni is nothing, Stam join defense team has been stable Inter actively attack the delay to be ineffective injury attrition,Coach Purses outlet, coupled with the first 65 minutes, the two sides fight became 2:2 level.

Seeing Lazio seems likely to beat Inter Milan, Yang Cheng put Robert? Bacjo.

Many people will make fun of Yang Cheng that he once encountered a stubborn opponent at a critical moment, it is a ploy to change Baggio.

Really do not say that every time substitutions are able to work.

Baggio has therefore become the gold medal of the Inter bench, but these are because Yang Cheng Mozhe you?

Obviously not, because if you carefully study the the Yang Cheng substitutions can be found, Baggio played down the player, are precisely based on the situation at that time, for example, this time, Ronaldo somewhat minor injuries, Baggio replaced the Brazilians a pass for a shot.

Baggio played Luka? Tony is still the top in the front for Baggio cover for, but different, Ronaldo retracement of very deep, behind Recoba is biased in favor of the two wings, but Baggio play He is cruising around in Lucca? Tony, Recoba returned to the Middle sidewalk give the backs.

This adjustment immediately made wonders.

Just less than 18 minutes, Baggio left foot each scored a goal,nfl jerseys authentic, the rapid expansion of the score for Inter Milan, laid the game to seal the victory, Luka? Tony dedicate two assists, are precisely from Recco Pakistan's passing.

If you create magical performance Baggio came off the bench after Inter victory, then, is the Yang Cheng's spot command to create Baggio consecutive goals.

Who made who, it is difficult to define, is not important

Important, Inter Milan got a crucial moment of victory, completed an epic season.

29 wins, 5 draws, Inter Milan, a remarkable record of 92 points, won the Serie A championship

This is not only to create the highest league in Serie A history, and also the second place Juventus points gap expanded to 21 points, Juventus, almost a desperate gap again to create a Serie league history, the biggest championship points gap.

League 34 after the world set off a wave of Inter Blessed and praised, that they create a legendary season.

Inter Milan's unbeaten record extended to 47 games, 58 games unbeaten from AC Milan, only 11 games, is no longer so far.

But everyone agreed that the key is to leave the core of the team's soul, AC Milan's unbeaten record to break, Caesar

322 to create a legend

323, I want to beat them thoroughly!

323, I want to beat them thoroughly!

"In the just-concluded 34th round of the Serie A, Inter Milan With star Robert? Baggio excellent play and beat the home team on the road 4:2 Lazio got this season 29 wins, while they unbeaten matches extended to 47 games. "

TV screen Baggio came off the bench after an excellent performance, especially his continuous two goals in 18 minutes, the crazy performance as well as the fans are, stresses the.

"Early in the game before, once reporters Inter Milan coach consulting, nfl jerseys authentic,will see Baggio such as rumored, retired after the season, Yang Cheng response is not, because the state of Baggio still maintained very well. "


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