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Asia | Middle East / Zaful Advertising Campaign in Manila
« Last post by MIKELIGALIG.com on Today at 02:45:22 AM »
On Oct 1st, ZAFUL kicked off its first out-of-home (OOH) advertising campaign in Manila, advertisements are running throughout the city from the financial center Makati to the surrounding cities. ZAFUL's new campaign has demonstrated
trendy and cost-effective products for the Philippine market.

The campaign focused on building ZAFUL's brand awareness and attracting new users in the Philippines. After cooperated with beauty blogger Michelle DY (IG @michelledyy) who has 2.3M followers on YouTube, ZAFUL made a new attempt at this market. According to ZAFUL's brand director Apollo Jiang, "The OOH ads are
the first step of the offline campaign after entering the Philippines market,
ZAFUL is planning to carry out more events to reach its new customers."

Photo - https://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20191017/2613947-1

Since September last year, ZAFUL takes the Philippines as one of the most important parts of the global marketing strategy. Just four months later, on January 1 this year, ZAFUL officially established the Philippine website portal to provide exclusive services for customers in the Philippines. ZAFUL is developing rapidly in the Philippines. As shown in the result, from the beginning to this September, the number of registered users reached 3 million.

Additionally, ZAFUL's sales volume has increased quickly in the Philippines
markets, with a year-on-year growth of more than 1320 percent in the past three quarters.

"Localization is our operational goal in the Philippines. Only website
localization is not enough. To optimize the local delivery service in the first
quarter of this year, we cooperate with the local logistics company Ninja and
build up our warehouse in Manila. In the future, we will build a local
operational team to deepen the Philippine market," said Samuel Xie, ZAFUL's Operation Manager.

More than 90 percent of users in Southeast Asia access the Internet by mobile devices. Mobile devices have been playing more and more important role in the young generation's daily life in Southeast Asia. ZAFUL strives to take advantage of the digital age to develop its market share. Currently, ZAFUL APP reaches No.7 on both iOS and Google Play shopping app rankings. Predictably, the market share of ZAFUL APP will continue increasing in the Philippines considering this brand-new strategic OOH advertising campaign.


Founded in 2014, ZAFUL is devoted to providing trendy and cost-efficient
fashion-related products for the younger generation worldwide. In 2019, ZAFUL was ranked 23rd in Top 50 China Export Brands by BrandZ, the world's largest brand equity database. So far, ZAFUL has acquired 10 million registered users online with 18 million monthly active users on average, covering consumers in over 180 countries. ZAFUL's vision is to become the leader in online fast

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Asia | Middle East / Winners of the ANOC Awards 2019
« Last post by MIKELIGALIG.com on Today at 02:42:33 AM »
The Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) has announced the winners of the ANOC Awards 2019, honouring commitment to sport and outstanding athlete performances from five international multi-sport events.
The sixth edition of the annual awards ceremony took place at the Katara
Cultural Village during the XXIV ANOC General Assembly in Doha, Qatar.

The winners of each category were selected by an ANOC Jury, comprised of the President of each Continental Association, representatives from the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) and representatives from the ANOC Athletes' Commission.

Full list of winners:

Best Male and Female Athletes of Asian Games 2018
Mrs Chen YILE, People's Republic of China, Gymnastics (Female)
Mr Ali AL-KHORAFI, Kuwait, Equestrian (Male)

Best Male and Female Athletes of European Games 2019
Mrs Dina AVERINA, Russian Federation, Gymnastics (Female)
Mr Mauro NESPOLI, Italy, Archery (Male)

Best Male and Female Athletes of African Games 2019 Mrs Erin GALLAGHER, South Africa, Swimming (Female) Mr Sydney SIAME, Zambia, Athletics (Male)
Best Male and Female Athletes of Pan American Games 2019
Mrs Mariana PAJÓN, Colombia, BMX (Female) Mr Julio César LA CRUZ, Cuba, Boxing (Male)

Best Male and Female Athletes of Pacific Games 2019
Mrs Toea WISIL, Papua New Guinea, Athletics (Female)
Mr Brandon SCHUSTER, Samoa, Swimming (Male)

ANOC Award for Outstanding Performance Mrs Katarina WITT, Germany, Figure Skating

ANOC Award for Outstanding Athlete
Mr Yasuhiro YAMASHITA – Japan

ANOC Award for Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Mr Sam RAMSAMY – South Africa

ANOC Award for Contribution to the Olympic Movement H.E. Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad bin Khalifa AL-THANI – Qatar

Footage from the ANOC awards is available to download via

About ANOC Awards

The ANOC Awards was created in order to recognise the achievements of the NOCs and their athletes as well as distinguished members of the Olympic Family. Held each year, the event is an opportunity for the world's NOCs come together in a relaxed and entertaining environment and enjoy an evening celebrating sport.

The awards presented each year vary depending on the sporting events that have taken place that year and are decided by the ANOC jury.

SOURCE: The Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC)

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A strategic agreement for the design development of a new range of products has been signed at the Evergrande headquarters in Shenzen, China, by Pininfarina CEO Silvio Angori and Hui Kayan, Chairman of Evergrande Group. This agreement
is in addition to the ongoing contract for the design development of different

Main goal of the strategic cooperation between Pininfarina and Evergrande Group is to jointly design and develop new products with strong character reflecting advanced and original design by making use of Pininfarina's relevant expertise in the field of whole vehicle development, its R&D capabilities and resources, as well as the existing resources of Evergrande.

"The purpose of our cooperation," said Hui Kayan, "is for Evergrande to become the most innovative, competitive and sustainable manufacturer of new energy
vehicles in the world. We cannot think at a better partner than Pininfarina for
designing a new range of beautiful and innovative models for car brand Hengchi.

Together we will explore the expansion of our cooperation beyond this
agreement, in the future."

"We are honoured and proud of starting this long-term cooperation with
Evergrande," said Silvio Angori. "We are matching their vision, who is willing
to work with the international community to speed up innovations of NEV technologies. We strongly believe that our cooperation will be successful, will help the development of the new mobility, in somehow will help to build a clean world and contribute to shape the future for humanity."

In China, Evergrande has smart luxury factories in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin and Shenyang, which use the best equipment and production technologies in the world, providing a strong guarantee for the mass production of the entire range
of its 'Hengchi' NEV brand.

Just a few weeks ago Evergrande Group's Chairman and his team came to Pininfarina headquarters in Cambiano, Turin, where he met Chairman Paolo Pininfarina, Silvio Angori and top executives. Goal of the visit was a preliminary discussion on joint future projects and a design review about the new models that Pininfarina is currently developing for Evergrande.

Instagram @pininfarina_official
Twitter @PininfarinaSpA

Photo -
Logo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/834384/Pininfarina_SPA_Logo.jpg

Source: Pininfarina

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Market & Economic Trends / Herbalife Asia Pacific Wellness Tour
« Last post by MIKELIGALIG.com on Today at 02:37:57 AM »
Herbalife Nutrition, a premier global nutrition company, today launched its
12th Asia Pacific Wellness Tour to encourage healthy, active living among
consumers, with a focus on healthy aging. Featuring a series of talks, training sessions and webinars in 15 cities across Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, the Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand, the latest Herbalife Nutrition Asia Pacific Wellness Tour aims to equip consumers with practical nutrition knowledge and positive lifestyle habits to help kickstart their healthy aging journeys.

Logo - https://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20191018/2615246-1LOGO
Herbalife Nutrition Logo

According to the Asia Pacific Risk Center(
Asia Pacific is the fastest aging region in the world with over 200 million
people expected to move into the ranks of the elderly (aged 65 years and above)
between 2016 and 2030. In addition, the United Nations World Population Age
Report 2017 (
estimated that by 2050, older persons aged 60 and above will make up 24 percent
of the population in Asia, outnumbering adolescents and youths between the ages of 10 to 24 by 2.1 billion to 2.0 billion.

With rapidly aging populations bringing unprecedented socio-economic
challenges, Herbalife Nutrition recognized the need for Asia Pacific consumers to start taking urgent steps towards healthy aging. Based on findings from the Herbalife Nutrition 2018 Asia Pacific Healthy Aging Survey, 92 percent of respondents in Asia Pacific believe that active steps can be taken to help them age healthily. Among this group, 81 percent believe they can age healthily by
making better nutrition choices, and 75 percent said this can be achieved
through regular physical activity.

"While growing older is inevitable, the increased discomfort that comes with
aging is not. With advancements in science and nutrition, we hope to help
consumers understand that reductions in bodily functions and mobility as a
result of aging can be delayed by making positive lifestyle changes earlier on in life. This latest Asia Pacific Wellness Tour not only brings some of our best nutrition experts to the region, it also provides an empowering platform for them to share best practices in nutrition and lifestyle habits with consumers, to support their healthy aging journeys," said Stephen Conchie, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Herbalife Nutrition.

During the Tour, Herbalife Nutrition experts and members of the Herbalife
Nutrition Advisory Board (NAB) will share healthy living habits with consumers across Asia Pacific. With a focus on fostering digestive health, heart health, bone health, joint health and brain health through making simple nutrition and lifestyle changes, the experts will be sharing principles on cellular science and personalized nutrition to help consumers age healthily for the long term.

About Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife Nutrition is a global nutrition company whose purpose is to make the world healthier and happier. The Company has been on a mission for nutrition - changing people's lives with great nutrition products and programs - since 1980. Herbalife Nutrition offers high-quality, science-backed products,
one-on-one coaching with an Herbalife Nutrition Independent Member, and a
supportive community that inspires customers to embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Herbalife Nutrition's targeted nutrition, weight-management, energy and fitness and personal care products are available through its Independent Members in more than 90 countries.

Herbalife Nutrition supports the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation, a non-profit organization that assists community organizations focused on providing good nutrition. Herbalife Nutrition is also proud to sponsor more than 190 world-class athletes, teams and events around the globe.

Herbalife Nutrition has more than 8,300 employees worldwide. To learn more,
visit IAmHerbalife.com(https://iamherbalifenutrition.com/).

SOURCE  Herbalife Nutrition Asia Pacific

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Asia | Middle East / Beating Liquor Foam
« Last post by MIKELIGALIG.com on Today at 02:34:45 AM »

"With just a stainless steel container and some water, by observing the foaming of the tumbling liquor, the liquor maker can accurately judge its alcoholic strength within an error margin of less than 0.1% v/v. This is amazing," said Mr. Sin, chief China correspondent with the Korean Central News Agency as he was watching the "beating liquor foam" performance at Shaanxi Xifeng Liquor on
October 15.

This event, dubbed 70 Years of Great Progress -- Overseas Media Representatives Visit Shaanxi in 2019, with its primary purpose being to facilitate the visit and interviews with personnel from the Shaanxi Xifeng Liquor Group, was hosted by the Shaanxi Provincial Government Information Office. The media interview group, made up of 12 journalists from nine countries, observed the Xifeng Liquor production process, looked over the Xifeng Liquor Cultural Center, and inspected the large Xifeng Liquor containers. They formed an understanding of the unique Xifeng Liquor distilling process and learned about the long-established Xifeng Liquor culture.

In the Xifeng Liquor Storage and Blending Workshop, the journalists were intrigued by the rows of unusual large liquor containers and they scrambled to learn about the production process and storage protocols. Xifeng Liquor has a
long history and it represents a highly-developed culture. It is an important carrier for China to continue on with its rich liquor culture. The Xifeng Liquor Group is located in Liulin Town, Baoji, Shaanxi Province. It is the
largest liquor manufacturer in Northwest China and ranks 4th on the Value Ranking List of Chinese Liquor Brands.

"Xifeng Liquor is distilled from selected high-quality raw grain, using a
complicated ancient method and a single production cycle that takes one year.

The freshly-distilled liquor must then be stored for at least three more years
before it can be used in the final product," said Jia Zhiyong, vice chairman and general manager of the Xifeng Liquor Group. "I hope that people from other countries can really get a feel for the unique charm of Xifeng Liquor by experiencing the distilling and blending processes and tasting the liquor while they are here. I hope they will add Xifeng Liquor to their imbibing habits which will bring more relaxation and contentedness to the lives of people around the world."

Source: The Shaanxi Provincial Government Information Office

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Travel and Tours / Argentina Before Columbus
« Last post by MIKELIGALIG.com on Today at 02:11:37 AM »
Pre-Columbian Argentina
Of all South American countries, superficially, at least, Argentina has
the least marked pre-colonial culture
. During the nineteenth century in
particular, whole indigenous peoples were wiped out by various waves
of newcomers, their superior weapons and their deadly diseases. Yet drinking mate – now a quintessentially Argentine custom – was learned from the native peoples, while a good many traditional festivals and prevailing superstitious beliefs were inherited from those who lived on Argentine soil long before the Europeans arrived. Though no Machu Picchu, the pre-Columbian – and mostly pre-Inca – ruins at Quilmes, Tilcara and Shinkal are nevertheless marvellous archeological sites,
while fine rock drawings can be admired at accessible locations across the country.

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Inspiration & Hope / Where you draw your strength
« Last post by MIKELIGALIG.com on Today at 02:06:21 AM »
Reppsted from FB
Dear Men..

Sometimes I wonder where you draw your strength from.

You stay for months without buying clothes for yourself all because you want to put food on the table...

You stay hungry just so your family can eat and survive..

You get dressed and leave the house without direction, but you come back home  with money after toiling day and night..

Some of you have been embarrassed, disgraced and abused because you can't afford to get a decent job and when you bring home peanuts, they throw it right back in your face..

I know how you have deprived yourself of basic education just so your children can eat..

Most times you are insulted, abused by people you are older than, but you take the insults all because of your wife and kids..

Your parents look up to you for survival and they don't even care if you have a job or not, you just have to provide for the family..

You pay huge bride prices just to marry the woman you love and you end up taking care of her family, take care of her siblings and even train some of them..

How you do all these amazes me and I pray the good lord to bless your hustle.. AMEN!

Stay alive for your mother, your wife and your kids!! , and your loved ones in general.

I pray God should continue blessing you for your unconditional love and sacrifices for your family.

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Philippine Daily News / Plastic Causes Flooding
« Last post by MIKELIGALIG.com on Yesterday at 03:19:23 PM »
Plastic clogs canal92f991658ad4aa1507cf14f6c7672bba - Recent Posts

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If we look at the most valuable companies in the world, they foster innovation that expands their reach beyond traditional boundaries. This is true to Google and Facebook—the new unicorns that have replaced manufacturing companies in the past decades. Entrepreneurship has taken a new step forward.

In today’s era, business models mostly become meaningless without an online presence, the reason some of the biggest companies are doing all their transactions on the web. On the other hand, overcoming challenges among start-up businesses are now easier to overcome compared before. One can create a video on YouTube and ask donations to finance his or her ventures—bypassing the hard knots and risks in acquiring bank loans. Digitalization has redefined today’s entrepreneurship.

I should define digital entrepreneurship based on Davidson and Vaast’s (2010) definition taken from Proceedings of the 43rd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences: the pursuit of “new venture opportunities presented by new media and internet technologies”. The measure of success of a new digital business is market orientation based on three determinants which are: technological skills, tools for managing a business environment and knowledge of the marketplace. Mastering the technology is no small task. Ignoring the tastes and preferences of the target market can make a business a house of cards. The decision of whether to adopt a new technology is not just the technician’s decision.

Digital entrepreneurship creates economic opportunities for the unemployed and underemployed and improves a community’s living conditions, according to Jackson (2009) who authored the article in a journal, “Capitalizing on digital entrepreneurship for low-income residents…”. This phenomenon should move local government units to prioritize their constituents’ accessibility to the internet. Moreover, they should give more training programs related to the digital business and digital marketing that has generated many income opportunities. It means a slow shift to the digital age from an agricultural economy that may already lose leverage in this 21st century. (I am not advocating a halt for our rice and fish industry.) I am talking about giving leverage for many people in this digital age.

This leverage is seen in the advancements in internet technology enabling Indian entrepreneurs to use new business models to achieve scale and scope as they begin to compete globally. From a practitioner’s and a researcher’s view, understanding how these Indian entrepreneurs grow successfully with a rapid expansion, is critical.

To give practical advice, I found Dr. Rupa Rathee’s tips helpful in ensuring success in the digital age:

1) Make use of co-working space. Without an office, a co-working space gives a place where people can easily collaborate, changing the pace of starting businesses and iterating quickly because of great resources.
2) Give freebies. This means giving some free services to promote businesses—a business model becoming more common nowadays. Examples are sites that help anyone monetize their skills online such as TaskRabbit and ModCloth.
3) Leverage by crowdfunding. This is about using a platform that gives one’s product a global stage and allows the world to fund his project. Crowdfunding keeps your equity and control of one’s business. As an entrepreneur may encounter difficulty in scaling and getting investors, which gives away his equity through traditional methods of fund raising, is not an option.
4) Invest in the mobile market. Entrepreneurs should contemplate a global market as mobile devices become more personable and smarter. 
5) Create a climate for open innovation. Hire great talents who can innovate and give them access to the higher levels of decision makers.
6) Hire influencers. Social marketing is becoming the trend. If one shares to his or her friend a product that he or she likes, it can spread like wildfire. This is a more effective promotion strategy compared to other media. 
7) Use data in decision making. Feelings cannot substitute data. Entrepreneurs should be data-driven to find out what works best.       

Digital entrepreneurship, like the traditional entrepreneurship, purposefully generates profit and is “directly inscribed into the economic realm” (Davidson and Vaast, 2010), such as the creation of a new firm or the commercialization of innovation. But unlike the traditional business, digital ventures have greater connectivity; thus, they give more market opportunities. Focusing on the market is still very critical, whether we are dealing with digital or traditional formats.

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Health and Food / Good food or not?
« Last post by MIKELIGALIG.com on Yesterday at 01:56:05 PM »
Good food or not? Choose93227e27b8f75e0a19608e514bbcfcc7 - Recent Posts

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