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Philippine Government / Re: Will Manila protest military planes?
« Last post by islander on Yesterday at 11:28:11 PM »

While running for president, Rodrigo Duterte promised to assert Philippine sovereignty, even picturing himself riding a jet ski by his lonesome to plant the Philippine flag on the Chinese-occupied reefs. Two months ago he said it was just a joke. He followed up with another supposed joke to the Chinese ambassador to make the Philippines a province of China.

Read more at https://www.philstar.com/opinion/2018/04/20/1807582/will-manila-protest-military-planes#VlQufrfrmosFqfq8.99
Philippine Government / Re: Will Manila protest military planes?
« Last post by islander on Yesterday at 11:27:49 PM »

Of the militarization of Panganiban Reef and Manila’s arbitral win, former national security adviser Jose Almonte said: “They’ve been constructing for years; they’ve been there since early ‘90s. War does not have to be an option. China, who wants to be a superpower, is sensitive to world opinion. We should continue to uphold the arbitral decision. We can’t enforce it because we have no armed might. Even the UN can’t implement it. And America will not implement it even if they can. So we should campaign for world opinion.”

The military aircraft landing is another step in China’s operations, said Dr. Jay Batongbacal, director of the UP Institute for Maritime Affairs and Law of the Sea. “They started with cargo planes. We should watch out for fighter jets or bombers next. If this happens, it means they are expanding their operations in their bases. Eventually this will be more frequent until it becomes permanent.” Collin Koh, a research fellow at Singapore’s Rajaratnam School of International Studies, was quoted as saying, “Should Manila choose to be silent and downplay the issue, it could become routinized or normalized operations for China...There must be certain calculations within the Chinese political elite circles that Manila is in Beijing’s pocket, because of President Duterte’s desire for rapprochement and quest for Chinese aid and investments, which thus conclude that they could possibly get away with further acts of militarization.”
Philippine Government / Re: Will Manila protest military planes?
« Last post by islander on Yesterday at 11:26:24 PM »

Critics say the Duterte administration is soft on Chinese incursions in Philippine maritime jurisdictions. The foreign office has been silent on China’s erection of missile pads on the fake islands, and recent installing of signal jammers against sea and aircraft. It claims to hold Beijing to its vow to not concrete any more reefs and shoals into fortresses. Beijing does not need to build more since it already has seven, all within the Philippine EEZ and continental shelf.

Manila has not followed up on its arbitral win against Beijing in July 2016. A UN court has rubbished Beijing’s bogus historical claim to the entire South China Sea. Yet Manila alibis that to press its legal victory would mean unwinnable war. Preferring economic tact, Manila is banking on Beijing’s loans to its “Build, Build, Build” infrastructure plan, mainly for transportation. Yet no transport facility has been built. Recently at the Boao Forum in China’s Hainan province, Philippine officials heralded the first ever big loan – for irrigation. (Boao in recent Philippine history is where a President went, leaving the bedside of a critically ill spouse, to receive what witnesses swore at the Senate as “appearance fee” of $10 million (P500 million) for the $329 million overpriced NBN-ZTE deal.)
Philippine Government / Will Manila protest military planes?
« Last post by islander on Yesterday at 11:24:20 PM »


Will Manila protest military planes?

Jarius Bondoc
(The Philippine Star)
April 20, 2018

In landing air force transport planes on Panganiban Reef, Beijing lied to the world about not militarizing its artificial islands in the South China Sea. It reneged on promises to Manila of non-provocative acts. The region is watching what the Duterte administration will do.

Two Chinese military aircraft were photographed on the landing strip on Panganiban, internationally known as Mischief Reef. Parked meters apart, the planes apparently arrived together early this year. Panganiban is within the Philippines’ 200-mile exclusive economic zone, and 600 miles from China.

Diplomatic protest is in order, experts say. Asked by reporters, Foreign Sec. Alan Peter Cayetano avoided talking of such action. He said he has yet to verify the photos, published by the Inquirer Wednesday. He supposedly does not know if the photos, dated Jan. 6, 2018, came from the Philippine military.
Photos Unlimited / Re: bitamin sa mata
« Last post by balong on Yesterday at 11:18:19 PM »
t0404Karla-Estrada-1-600x745 - Recent Posts

By posting on Instagram photos of her wearing different swimsuits on the beach, actress-host Karla Estrada said she hopes to inspire other “plus size” women to be more comfortable with their bodies.

“It seems like there are still many people here in the Philippines who are not open to the fact that big people can wear swimsuits, too. And there are people like me who becomes wary of going swimming altogether, because we get mocked,” she said in her morning show, “Magandang Buhay.”

“The sea is there to be enjoyed by everyone!” she declared.

“I want to help and tell women my size that there are bathing suits out there for our body type,” Karla added. “So, to all people, especially Filipino women out there, don’t be afraid. Go wear what you like and carry it with confidence.” —

Photos Unlimited / Re: bitamin sa mata
« Last post by balong on Yesterday at 06:31:27 AM »
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Photos Unlimited / Re: bitamin sa mata
« Last post by balong on Yesterday at 06:29:38 AM »
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Photos Unlimited / Re: bitamin sa mata
« Last post by balong on Yesterday at 04:34:35 AM »
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Philippine Daily News / Protect Barangay Health Workers
« Last post by MIKELIGALIG.com on April 18, 2018, 04:05:50 PM »
KABAYAN Party-list
Assistant Majority Leader

Member, Rural Development, Health, and 10 other Committees


Some incumbent and aspiring barangay officials are using the BHWs’ security or lack thereof as a strategy option in the ongoing barangay elections campaign 

Barangay health workers have become a pervasive, effective, and critical force multiplier of the DOH and DSWD in the delivery of crucial basic health services at the community level, especially in rural areas.

Other than few hundreds of pesos as honorarium or allowance, these army of volunteers are not receiving anything from the government in exchange of their services. They are in that posts not for anything but for love of their country and their fellowmen, and for their desire to improve the health conditions of our people. Some, if not most of them, are rendering their services for free for long years, or even decades, now. Most of them are already senior citizens even when they started in this volunteer work in the prime of their years. 

Yet, the ‘security of tenure’ of our nationwide army of barangay health workers is now in jeopardy as some incumbent and aspiring barangay officials are using the BHWs’ security or lack thereof as a strategy option in the ongoing barangay elections campaign.

As I have been touching base with the constituencies of KABAYAN Party-List at ground level during this summer break of the session of Congress, it has come to my attention that some barangay health workers are being used as pawns in the political campaign. 

Some barangay health workers are being threatened with ejection from their posts. Some are being forced to throw their support behind candidates. 

This is unfortunate inasmuch as the barangay election is supposed to be non-partisan. More so with the BHWs, who should be apolitical. Besides, illnesses do not distinguish political colors, neither the health and condition of our people.

I am asking the DOH, DILG and the Civil Service Commission to intervene and speak out against partisan political activity. Partisan in the barangay and SK elections means not just involving political parties but express and implied support to particular candidates.

I also ask the DBM, DILG, CSC, DOH, and DSWD to support House Bill 4277 which I filed so that our barangay health workers will have civil service eligibility, incentives, benefits, security of tenure, regular allowances, and other social protections against economic hardships and political interference.

Public health and social services are clearly top priorities of the national government. I trust that our fellow public servants in the executive branch and here in Congress will support the passage of House Bill 4277.

Getting HB 4277 will take some time to enact into law. I have high hopes that it will be considered and passed in the Third Session of the current 17th Congress. While that happens, I ask the DOH, DILG and CSC to respect the hard work our barangay health workers have invested in their communities by protecting them against removal by barangay officials. Perhaps, an executive order by the President can make this happen, and we appeal to the DILG, DOH and CSC to fully support such measure. 

I am confident that former CSC chairman, now Health Secretary Francisco Duque, will help in fully protecting our barangay health workers.  (END)

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Philippine Daily News / E-Power Mo Baguio City
« Last post by MIKELIGALIG.com on April 18, 2018, 03:57:12 PM »
E-Power Mo Baguio City 

(Taguig City). The Department of Energy (DOE) continues its series of impactful Information, Education and Communication (IEC) campaigns empowering energy consumers and stakeholders all over the country.

After its soft launch during the National Information Convention last February in Davao City, E-Power Mo takes up to the North in the summer capital of the Philippines – Baguio City on 24 April 2018, Tuesday at the Hotel Supreme Convention Plaza with the theme: “Communicating Efficiency Across the Energy Sector.” 

The E-Power Mo Conference will be attended by various energy stakeholders including: energy companies from power, renewable energy, coal, petroleum, natural gas, alternative vehicles and energy efficiency industries, partners from the national government agencies, energy associations, among others. 

Registration will start at 8:00a.m., the E-Power Mo conference is open to all media on the following events: 

*Preliminaries (Invocation-Open Forum, Diamond Grand Ballroom, 9:00 a.m.-10:30:00 a.m.) 

*Lunch/Press Conference (Jasper room, 11:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m.) 

*Concluding Ceremonies (Coffee Break- Plenary Session Diamond Grand Ballroom, 3:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m.) 

Kindly click this link to register: http://bit.ly/EPowerBaguio

Attached is the Program for your reference. 

Thank you.

For details please contact:

Usec. Wimpy Fuentebella

Pamsy Tioseco
Head - Public/Media Affairs Office 

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