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Philippine Business News / Re: First Swine Flu Victim in Bohol?
« on: June 06, 2009, 06:43:27 PM »
sooner or later,

patay ang turismo.............

that is why the filipinos are very happy.  you dont have to go amusement parks to tobe entertained.

just watch tv.  and you'll see the whole town in circus.



sakyan pud ug pulitiko.

di ba diay? kusog mamanghag, labaw pang mga imoral.

concern kunohay.

peso ra man gud si kho.

basin nataplan dollars or euro mao di maningog ug foreign scandals in bohol.

ajo ra man na silang itaktak sa cluster di ba

remember that when we point a finger to another person, we only use one, and the remaining four fingers are pointing at us......


now, that makes sense!

ngano kaha ug mao ?


bitaw ba.

sa may tig yawit ug di mulihok?

why dont you tell us first where/

and well never set foot on that particular place


di muatras ug saktog katarungan

"  lupa ng araw ng pag may mang aapi, ang mamatay nang dahil sa'yo "


di mahitabo nang way kurakot.., its in the system

and it runs in the blood of those corrupt politicians.

ang gobyerno, ug kinsay makapabor lang.   maghuna huna ba diay ug kinsay maligsan labi anang mga pobre nga lami pa jud atrasan human maligsi aron ma sure pagkadugmok..


kay na byay unique nga words pang gamiton ang taga panglao.

short cuts may kadaghan.

basta curious jud ko kaayo.

will post the info later. mag research sa ko

i dont get it.   i should call the resorts and ask what it is all about " gator " fee.

FYI:  karate enthusiasts are called " karatesian "; a simple cook are called " cooker ".

does it me the word " gator " means man on the gate ?

curious lang.   JUST PLAINLY CURIOUS.



you can shove it to your a***



unlike them for sure.....  slummish and rubbish

what's with the attitude of this people?


if they can do it, then Go!

nobody's is saying no or dont againts it.

it's just their attitudes.

plus sagulan pud ug utrong hanggaw ug utok nga makapili, di ba diay maglami.

the issue has been locked because some opinions went way out of hands.

no etiquttes.  full of attitudes.

dont you people has some more subtle or say decent words to express your feelings?

or maybe it was the way you were raised on the slums of your countries.

away from thesaurus and dictionaries.

the way you deliver words and pointing fingers as if you are very innocent and clean.

i hope you are legally here and not for some hidden agendas.


have some attention!

Warning to all posters of this thread:[/i]

Please remember that any personal attacks to any of the members in this forum is not tolerated. We have the right to express freedom of expression, but with freedom one has responsibility and credibility at stake.

Verbal abuse/Verbal harassment will not be tolerated.

is it possible to request to close/lock this thread?

and let the proper authorities handle this matter?


good phrase,   use it yourself .

Before you open your stupid mouth do your homework.

Do not just listen to others go look for yourself.

Wake up and smell the Coffee!

And most agree with the phrase; "Honesty is such a lonley word!"

How true it is!!!

i think it's for you

and what if i drunk?  does that person sane or not?

well obviously not because of what shes trying to say.

i can be every devil if they wanted me to.

devil begets.

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