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Tira-Pasagad | Saksak-Sinagol / Coming Soon
« on: March 05, 2013, 06:09:14 PM »

Indiana Teen Hikes 10 Miles Through Ice Storm For Minimum-Wage Job

By Dan Fastenberg

The younger generation is often criticized for lacking the classic American work ethic. But Indiana teenager Jhaqueil Reagan has proven that the national rite of pulling oneself up by the bootstraps is not dead. Neither are happy endings. The 18-year-old hiked through an ice storm for 10 miles to interview for a minimum wage position with Dairy Queen Inc., and a local restaurateur was so impressed that he hired Reagan for double the state minimum wage, which would make his salary $14.50 an hour.

Reagan's dedication came to light Friday while he was trudging through a winter storm outside Indianapolis for the Dairy Queen job. On the way, he asked a man for directions. The man turned out to be Art Bouvier, the owner of a local restaurant, Papa Roux Cajun Cooking. When Bouvier learned of Reagan's 10-mile journey, he asked the 18-year old, "How come you're not on the bus?" Reagan answered: "I can't afford the bus until I get a job," Bouvier told Indianapolis TV station Fox59

"That's the kind of story your parents used to tell, my parents used to tell, up both ways in the snow," he told Fox59. So Bouvier decided to follow up with Reagan. In a post on Facebook, Bouvier recounted how Reagan never asked for any money for the bus. He then decided to get in his car and follow Reagan, before finally catching up with him 15 minutes later. (Since being posted on Friday, Bouvier's post has gotten more than 15,000 "likes." Commenters have been effusive with their praise, with one, Charlie Bentz, saying: "this is what we need more of in this country.")

After picking up Reagan, Bouvier dropped the teen off at his interview. But before he let him go, Bouvier told him that whatever the Dairy Queen offers, he'd double it for him to start working with Papa Roux, according to conservative news site TheBlaze. After his interview, Reagan soon found out that the Dairy Queen decided to fill the position with another candidate. But Bouvier told Reagan that he'd have a job waiting for him at Papa Roux on Monday.

In speaking to the TV station, Reagan talked about how he needed the break. After his mother died two years ago, he was forced to stay at home to take care of his siblings. He was only able to earn a high school diploma through GED. Speaking Friday after hearing about his new job, Reagan said his "heart's racing ... I'm just too excited, just excited to start."

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Tira-Pasagad | Saksak-Sinagol / the sound of silence
« on: March 02, 2013, 10:34:53 PM »


Market & Economic Trends / Dear Rene
« on: March 02, 2013, 03:47:04 PM »
What H&M and BMW See That You Should Too
By Jeff D. Opdyke, Editor of The Sovereign Individual

Dear Rene,

From my third-floor, hotel-room window, I looked out over Iași, Romania, and saw the future overtaking the past … quite literally.

For a bit more than half a mile, Ștefan cel Mare Boulevard stretches through the middle of town, past a collection of bland, utilitarian storefronts that recall Romania’s days as one of the Soviet Union’s poor, buffer states. The boulevard runs from the front door of the neoclassical Traian Grand Hotel – built in 1882 by Gustave Eiffel, of Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty fame – to the Palas Mall … a gleaming, modern stone-and-glass homage to unfettered consumerism.

The mall opened for the first time last May, combining retail with commercial and residential space, making it Romania’s first mixed-used development. Now, Ikea, the Swedish housewares retailer with a cult following globally, has announced it’s looking to open its second Romanian store, in Iași, possibly this year. Upscale automaker BMW has already offered terms on a deal to open a new-car showroom, and national airline, Tarom, is soon to launch international routes connecting Iași to London, Paris and parts of Italy.

None of this will strike anyone as particularly inspiring … until you know one more piece of information: The average monthly wage in this city of roughly 300,000 people is just US$400.

Market & Economic Trends / OFWs Invest In Organic Farm
« on: March 01, 2013, 07:47:26 PM »
OFWs Invest In Organic Farm
By Zac B. Sarian
February 8, 2013, 4:11pm

SWEET CORN IN A GREENHOUSE – Ronald Costales of Costales Nature Farms will do everything if only to meet the demand of his customers. For instance, a big distributor of organic food products needs a year-round supply of sweet corn. So what did he do? ...
Foreign investors, particularly OFWs or overseas Filipino workers, are getting interested in partnering with Ronald Costales of the Costales Nature Farms in Majayjay, Laguna.

Perhaps, after reading about his successful operation of his organic farm, people with money to invest are only too eager to be a part of his organic farm business.

Ronald has come up with a scheme that is attractive enough because the investor can expect to receive a dividend in just a matter of weeks or a few months.

First to make an investment in Ronald’s project is an engineer who is working in Africa, Jayson Javier. We first heard from Javier when he sent us a message saying that he is the first investor to put his money in the Costales Nature Farms after reading about him in our blog.

At first we didn’t bother to inquire about the scheme. But last month, we inquired from Ronald just how the partnership with the investor works. And this is what we have gathered.

The investor finances the building of a greenhouse where the high-value crops that Costales produces are grown. These include all the vegetables, culinary herbs and other high-value crops that can be grown in the greenhouse. Costales had really wanted to have partners because it costs a lot of money to build a greenhouse. Having greenhouses has a lot of advantages. He can grow his favorite crops throughout the year, assuring his customers year-round availability of his produce.

In the case of Javier, he invested P420,000 for the construction of a 300-sq.m. greenhouse in February 2012. By March, it was ready for planting. Ronald planted 480 hills of Japanese cucumber which produced fruits in 30 days after transplanting the seedlings.

The 480 plants gave an average of 1.5 kilos per hill so the crop yielded 720 kilos that sold for P100 per kilo or P72,000 for the whole harvest. The cost of production was about P25,000. This was deducted from the gross sales and the remaining amount of P47,000 was shared equally between Javier and Costales.

After resting the planting beds for a few weeks, the next crop of French beans was planted on May 17 while the last harvest was on July 15. The price of the beans was quite good at P250 per kilo. In this second crop, they netted about P17,000 each.

The succeeding crops which were harvested in just a few weeks were similarly profitable. The third crop was lettuce which was harvested 30 days after transplanting. Javier and Costales had also a share of P17,000 each.

In the fourth cropping, Costales went back to French beans which is a legume that could enrich the soil. Again, the partners made about the usual dividend each.

As of January 27, 2013, the fifth cropping is in progress. The crop is Japanese cucumber and Costales is expecting it to be profitable also.

It did not take long for other investors from abroad to notice the investment scheme offered by Costales. A medical doctor from Sacramento, California, Dr. Aloy Llaguno, has invested P2.8 million for the construction of two greenhouses of 1,000 sq.m. each. The greenhouses are currently used for growing different high-value crops, including sweet corn.

Of course, there are also local investors who have joined in constructing their own greenhouses at the Costales farm. One of them is Jojo Chua, an owner of a hardware store. He invested P500,000 for a greenhouse covering 400 square meters. After Jojo received his first dividend, his son also invested his own money in another greenhouse.

Today, investors have built a total of 18 greenhouses. There is no more space for additional greenhouses in the 5-hectare property. Because there is no more room for greenhouses, three investors have invested their money in what Ronald calls “Villas.” These are actually lodging facilities where visitors who want to stay overnight can stay.

Some interested investors have been asking him what would be next that they could invest in. Maybe, Ronald says, they could invest in a training school devoted to organic farming. There seems to be endless ideas that are brewing in Costales’ head. And we will not be surprised if that training institute in organic farming will become a reality sooner than we think.

The customers are also very happy that Costales now has the facilities to produce all the supplies they need. One big distributor of organic foods has provided him P2.8 million to build a modern packing house that will further assure the quality of his produce. This client has priority to buy all that he needs from him.

Meantime, clients from Visayas and Mindanao have also been ordering some of his products. Of course, Ronald is very happy about the developments he has been reaping.

**** ********

Log on to: for practical farming tips, ideas and interesting agri-people. More than a thousand viewers visit our site every day.

Talk of the Town / Filipino to be the next POPE
« on: February 25, 2013, 05:51:11 PM »
ga kaguliyang karon ang vatican . entra ang mga sugarol. kinsa may mo puli sa santo papa.
ug may swerte basin mo daug ang biya kontra sa inilog

Software / Speed up your computer
« on: February 20, 2013, 04:59:16 PM »
b4_lapwrench_001 - Show Posts - balong
Let’s get to the point, you want to speed up your PC, right? Who doesn’t.
The following tips can help you make you computer run like new again:

1. Take a look at how much system memory you have. Anything less than 4 gigs is considered low these days. The good news is, RAM is really cheap, and so easy to install that you can do it yourself.

2. Remove all the viruses, Trojans and spyware: viruses are one of the main sources of problems for your PC. The first thing to do is install a good antivirus program and a good firewall.

3. Disable all those annoying programs that start up with your computer. This can be done by typing msconfig in the run command. There you can access the startup tab and disable all those frustrating programs that slow down your PC. This can make one of the most noticeable differences in PC speed, and it only takes a minute to do.

4. Don’t install too many security software: security software such as antivirus, use a lot of resources, so installing more programs than necessary is not advisable, because it makes the system too slow. Of course, protecting your computer is very important, but a good antivirus and a good firewall is more than enough to ensure the protection of your computer.

5. Free up some space on your hard drive. A hard drive that is full runs slower than a hard drive that is half full. Just like a person who is fat, runs slower than a person who is slim. It’s just the way the world goes round. Free up some hard drive space, and I guarantee that you will notice immediate improvement in your PC performance.

6. Invest in a good registry cleaner. I can not stress this point enough. One of the main causes of PC slow-down is a bloated registry. Registry cleaners scan your PC for corrupt, duplicate, and obsolete registry keys, and remove them. This alone will make your computer run like superman. OK, well, maybe not faster than a speeding bullet, but you know what I mean.

7. Defragment the hard drive: disk fragmentation can prevent system slowdowns and PC crashes. It’s very important to defragment your system regularly. Windows already has a defrag utility, but many users complain about its lack of efficiency not to mention the endless hours to complete the process. Fortunately, you can find other programs online with almost identical functions.

8. Control the temperature: most crashes are due to the high temperature of hardware. The processor and the video card are the main sources of heat. For this reason, you will need to check the temperature regularly by using programs such as CoreTemp and Speccy.

9. Use an alternative browser: according to a series of tests carried out by Futuremark, Google Chrome is the fastest browser. If you replace Internet Explorer with Google Chrome you will notice a significant increase in performance while browsing.

10. Eliminate clutter: temporary files, log files and browser cache can slow down your system, because they block the hard drive and increase the fragmentation of the disc.

11. Update your programs: if your PC contains program that have not been updated for more than 6 months or a year, you PC is more at risk for bugs and incompatibilities.

12.  Don’t use BETA software: before a program gets released to the market, it undergoes a series of tests to make sure that there are no defects (bugs). The test period of a program is commonly called “BETA”. Today it’s very is easy to get these programs on the internet for free. Some of these pieces of software, however, are still in beta stage and downloading a beta software is risky! In some cases, it can slow down your PC and create annoying errors.

13. Clean the registry: when it comes to computer speed, the registry is the most important factor. It is now generally accepted that cleaning the registry can improve the performance of your PC, by deleting the unused registry keys. A safe way to clean the registry, is to use a reliable registry cleaner that can remove all the invalid entries and speed up your PC in no time.

Follow these steps and you can put off having to buy a new computer for a long, long time. Take it from someone who is using a computer that is five years old and still running strong: the secret is maintenance.

Inspiration & Hope / Prayer in Time of Trouble
« on: February 17, 2013, 09:11:16 PM »
Prayer in Time of Trouble

Lord, in every need let me come to You with humble trust saying, "Jesus, help me."
In all my doubts, perplexities, and temptations, Jesus, help me.
In hours of loneliness, weariness, and trials, Jesus, help me.
In the failure of my plans and hopes; in disappointments, troubles, and sorrows, Jesus, help me.
When others fail me and Your grace alone can assist me, help me.
When I throw myself on Your tender love as a father and savior, Jesus, help me.
When my heart is cast down by failure at seeing no good come from my efforts, Jesus, help me.
When I feel impatient and my cross irritates me, Jesus, help me.
When I am ill and my head and hands cannot work and I am lonely, Jesus, help me.
Always, always, in spite of weakness, falls, and shortcomings of every kind, Jesus, help me and never forsake me.

Market & Economic Trends / How the World's Richest Family Went Broke
« on: February 15, 2013, 09:14:29 PM »
How the World's Richest Family Went Broke
By Will Bonner
"Inherited wealth is a real handicap to happiness. It is as certain a death to ambition as cocaine is to morality." - William K. Vanderbilt (grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt)

The Vanderbilt family - once America's richest - flaunted their wealth to the extreme.

They amassed the first great fortune of the Industrial Age. And they went on to embody the excess of the Guilded Age, using their money to achieve prominence in New York's social scene in the late twentieth century.

Members of the Vanderbilt family built many of America's most extravagant private homes - such as "The Biltmore" in Asheville, North Carolina, and "The Breakers" in Palm Beach. They also owned 10 mansions on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, dominating prime real estate in the world's wealthiest city.

The family patriarch, Cornelius "Commodore" Vanderbilt, managed to transform $100 borrowed from his mother into a $100 million dollar fortune by the time of his death. His inheritance to his family was more than was held in the US Treasury at the time.

You probably know the story. The Commodore started out piloting a passenger boat on Staten Island in 1810. He expanded into the steamboat business and went on to build a railroad empire.

Cornelius was a hard-driving, rough character. A book written in the 1980s by a Vanderbilt descendant said that he was "illiterate, bad-tempered and foulmouthed, and inclined, when trapped into a social event, to spit streams of tobacco juice and fondle the maids."

After his wife's death he married a cousin 43 years his junior at the age of 75.

He also expressed his disappointment with his family publicly. Out of 10 children he only had two boys. And he felt that these boys were not up to his standards. He didn't think they had what it took to grow the family wealth.

But he was wrong about that. His son William expanded the railroad business and doubled the family fortune to over $200 million. That's over $300 billion in today's dollars.

But from these precipitous heights the family fortunes fell just as rapidly.

The first of the Vanberbilts' Fifth Avenue mansions in Manhattan was finished in 1883. Yet by 1947 all 10 of these opulent homes had been torn down after their contents had been auctioned off.

Within just 30 years of the death of the Commodore no member of the Vanderbilt family was among the richest in the US. And 48 years after his death, one of his grandchildren is said to have died penniless.

In less than a single generation the surviving Vanderbilts had spent the majority of their family wealth! And the wealth was virtually gone within four generations. How was this possible?
Simply put, they went from producers of great wealth, to great consumers of it.

The Commodore's children and grandchildren tried to outdo each other in building increasingly large and lavish homes. They became what my dad calls "insiders." They set and followed the trends of New York's high society. They gave money away to fashionable charities. They held over-the-top fairytale parties.

They raced yachts, sports cars and horses. They indulged their fantasies. Some were said to have developed substance abuse problems.

No doubt, the Great Depression and the introduction of the income and estate taxes in the early 1900s took a toll. But families such as the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Fords and the Duponts were able to navigate these obstacles and preserve their wealth.

Members of these families still occupy the billionaire lists today.
The Vanderbilts held a family reunion at Vanderbilt University in 1973 attended by 120 family members. Not one of them was even a millionaire.

Living descendants of the family have authored books with titles such as Fortune's Children: The Fall of the House of Vanderbilt and Dead End Gene Pool about the family's lost wealth. According to these accounts, there was virtually no structure or organization in how the family transferred wealth from one generation to the next.

CNN reporter Anderson Cooper is the great-great-great-grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt. He reportedly inherited nothing from the Vanderbilt line. He started his career from scratch. He couldn't get his foot in the door anywhere. So he got his start in journalism by forging a press pass to enter Myanmar and selling his reports from there to a small news agency.

The Vanderbilts simply spent their money. It shows that there's no fortune that can't be spent through.

That's why you've got to set up the right structures - both "soft" and "hard" - within your family to ensure the proper transition of wealth between generations. It's also why you want to keep your family outside the social circles of the "patsy" rich.

Talk of the Town / MARIBOJOC IDOL
« on: February 13, 2013, 11:44:55 PM »
coming soon

                    MARIBOJOC  IDOL
                        AMATEUR SINGING CONTEST

1st PRIZE     P5000          Sponsored by ECONG TRADING CORPORATION
2nd PRIZE    P3000                                   Florida USA
3rd PRIZE     P2000

Help & Support / $20 Prize
« on: February 13, 2013, 10:51:19 PM »
see BALONG's GIRLS in for members only

Help & Support / open email to mike
« on: January 16, 2013, 02:09:19 PM »
alas 12 y 40 sa tungang gabii
florida USA.

dear mike,

usa ka oras na kong ga higda higda human mag tanaw sa NBA game pero di jud ko maka tulog kay nag huna huna ko nimo.

taudtaud na tang nagkauban dinhi sa kawanangan. this wonder we call the internet. nag maestro pa ka sa thailand for how many years ago, estoryahan ko nimo sa imong experiences. gimingaw ka ug maajo sa atong bohol mao nga imo ning gigama nga website pawala sa imong kamingaw. ikaw maoy nag gama sa website nga at my request. we go a long, long way back.

na pogos na lang ko pag himo ani kay wa na man ka mo tubag sa ahong mga pm. i asked you for an update about our chess tournament, wa pa man gihapon ka mo reply.

so my conclusion is that tingali nasoko ka naho. kong wala man ka ma soko segurado kong na hiubos ka naho

pila ka libo ang mga sakop nimo dinhi sa imong gingharian, i was the only one who knew about your wedding. i promised to send you $350 as my wedding gift to you. wala naho gi padala ang kwarta kay wala man nimo tumana ang ahong gi hangyo nga e ban si hubag. hangtod sa hangtod nakong mahayan ang ahong gibuhat. because a wedding comes only once in a lifetime

perte jong sajopa ang ahong gihimo kay na karma man ko. i should have sent the money to you because it was meant for you. gi gaba gaba na ko karon. bisan unsay ahong buhaton, sigi naman lang ko ug ka arkanse. instead of gaining $500 to a thousand dollars everyday perme na hinoon kong ka arkanse. ga paet ko ron ug maajo kay mao man ni ahong pamugas intawn. wa man koy trabaho kon dili manginhas dinhi sa kompyoter.

busa mike, pasaylo-a intawn ko kay galisod na jud ko. kay ug di ko nimo pasayloon mag sigi jud ning ahong dimalas.

kong kinhanganon man nimo ang mga premyo sa chess. dalikyat lang sa maribojoc. pangajoa ang kwarta sa ahong maguwang. dali ra kaajo nimo makit-an nang among balay kay naa man sa sentro jud sa poblacion ug naay branch sa PALAWAN PAWNSHOP.

dinhi na lang kotob and may you and your lovely bride have many many years of wedded bliss.


Health and Food / 7 Healthy Habits Proven to Help You Live Longer
« on: December 30, 2012, 06:48:00 PM »
7 Healthy Habits Proven to Help You Live Longer

More than 60 years ago, a Midwestern doctor named Lester Breslow dreamed of bringing a “broader vision” to public health by emphasizing the importance of healthy habits in preventing disease. But when he applied to join the California state public health department, he was rejected with a dismissive suggestion to “take his crazy ideas back to Minnesota and try them there.”
Fortunately for the world, Dr. Breslow didn’t give up easily. He was eventually brought into the department, where he and his colleagues conducted a groundbreaking study that would change the face of medicine forever. They studied nearly 7,000 residents of Alameda County to see how closely they followed what Dr. Breslow considered the seven most important habits for healthy living.
Sure enough, the team found that people in midlife who followed at least six of the habits could expect to live 11 years longer than people the same age who followed fewer than four. A 60-year-old who followed all seven practices would be as healthy as a 30-year-old who followed fewer than three.
Dr. Breslow practiced what he preached, living until he was 97, passing away this April.
Here are Dr. Breslow’s seven habits for healthy living and a longer life:
•   Stop smoking. Dr. Breslow was one of the first researchers to prove a link between smoking and diseases such as lung cancer. Today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that one in five deaths in the U.S. – 443,000 in all – is directly attributable to smoking. A smoker can expect to live 11 to 14 years less than a nonsmoker.
•   Exercise regularly. If you’re a couch potato, you’re setting yourself up for a host of troubles, from obesity and joint problems to diabetes and heart disease. Getting active will make you feel better and improve your health as well. One recent study found that as little as 15 minutes a day of physical activity can reduce your risk of dying by 14 percent. Another study shows that daily moderate to high levels of exercise can increase your lifespan by nearly four years.
SPECIAL: Your Sugar Level May Be Killing You. Control Naturally.
•   Drink moderately or not at all. Studies have shown that one alcoholic drink a day can reduce your risk of heart disease and increase levels of the “good” cholesterol HDL. But if you don’t ordinarily drink, don’t start (Dr. Breslow was a teetotaler). And if you do drink, limit yourself to one 5-ounce glass of wine or liquor (or 12 ounces of beer) if you’re a woman; two if you’re a man.
•   Get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can do more than just make you groggy in the morning. It can weaken your immune system, lead to depression, and even increase your risk of certain cancers. Aim for at least seven hours of sleep a night, and talk to your doctor if you regularly have trouble falling or staying asleep.
•   Eat regular meals. Skipping meals or saving your biggest meals for late in the day can lead to weight gain and diabetes. Why? Severe hunger makes your metabolism sluggish, making it hard to take off weight.
•   Maintain a healthy weight. You know that obesity raises the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke. What you may not realize is that being overweight is tied to many more conditions: certain cancers, joint and back pain, depression, fatty liver disease, and sleep disorders, just to name a few.
•   Eat breakfast. There’s a reason it’s called “the most important meal of the day.” Not only does eating in the morning help you lose weight, it also boosts your energy level, kick-starts your metabolism and improves memory and concentration. Just be sure your breakfast consists of healthy fare like whole-grain cereal, egg whites, and fruit.

Weird and Extreme / become a bionic man
« on: December 27, 2012, 01:52:39 PM »
A new class of humans is coming to inhabit the Earth.

Indeed, scientists have just scored a major breakthrough that brings us much closer to the day of bionics.

Quite simply, bionics is the name I use for biological members of our species who have any number of high-tech “upgrades.” Just with the technology we have today, these could include neural implants that combat brain disease, sensors embedded in your eyes, and a heart grown from synthetic cells.

And now these people can have artificial skin, too, if they need it.

This breakthrough comes from Stanford University. It’s the first man-made material that acts very much like real skin and so could become useful to patients on a daily basis.

It’s extremely sensitive to touch, for one thing. The material can detect infinitesimal changes in pressure – even as small as when a fly lands on it. What’s more, the material can heal itself, quickly, and over and over again. (I’ll show you how in a moment.)

This is early-stage work, but I do see a very strong investment potential coming soon. That’s because Stanford has a very active program to license it inventions to companies. Lying in the heart of Silicon Valley, Stanford’s been doing this since 1970. Turns out the university wants to make money, too.

Just look at its charter: “Without a company willing to invest in bringing the invention to marketplace, many potential benefits of these breakthroughs are likely to end on the page” in some scientific journal. “Our charter is to help turn scientific progress into tangible products, while returning income to the inventor and to the University to support further research.”

With regard to the “skin” Stanford has developed, the potential for products – and profits – is tremendous. We’re talking applications in medicine, electronics, construction, and even aircraft.

Team members said this “skin” could lead to a new generation of smarter prosthetics. It could also help pave the way for electronics that can heal themselves under the right conditions. And soft robots whose outer layers are sensitive to touch. The self-repair feature means it could function in tight spaces where it’s hard to make repairs, like walls, autos, and jetliners.

Of course, it could be a boon to people who wear prosthetic limbs. The material is subtle enough to detect the pressure of a handshake and also responds well to flexing, which could help give people instant feedback about the degree of bend in a joint.

That’s why I believe this one’s got “winner” written all over it…

The lab started with plastic that had long chains of molecules joined by hydrogen bonds. This process created a weak attraction. That means the positive region of one atom did not want to bind tightly with the negative region of the next one. This was key to the result, because the loose bond is where the self-healing property came from.

After forming the plastic, team members then added particles of nickel to give the substance its mechanical strength. The tiny surfaces of the pieces of metal remained rough, which helped in getting current to flow from one section to the next – itself a rare feat in the use of plastics.

Now this is the part that just amazes me.

To test their new substance, team members took a thin strip and cut it in half with a scalpel. They gently pressed the pieces together for a few seconds. The “skin” gained back 75% of its original strength and conductivity right away.

And it gets better. In just half an hour, the plastic stuff was nearly 100% restored. In a case like that, actual human skin might take days to repair itself. Not only that, but the synthetic skin withstood 50 cuts and repairs and could still stretch and bend as though it were brand new.

And I know of one person who could make great use of this breakthrough.

His name is Zac Vawter. On Nov. 4, he made history by climbing all 103 floors of the Chicago Willis Tower (that’s 2,109 steps) using the first-ever fully “bionic leg” – a prosthetic limb he controlled with his mind.

“One of the biggest differences for me is being able to take stairs step-over-step like everyone else,” Vawter told the media. “With my standard prosthesis, I have to take every step with my good foot first and sort of lift or drag the prosthetic leg up. With the bionic leg, it’s simple, I take stairs like I used to, and can even take two at a time.”

As I see it, in the very near future, science will find a way to combine synthetic skin with “smart” prosthetic devices. At that point, the Zac Vawters of the world will look and walk just like any other able-bodied person.


Dear Reader,

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Amazingly this company is refusing to sell out to Microsoft – they're too valuable and they know it!
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Question and Answer / will money make you happy?
« on: December 15, 2012, 05:09:49 PM »


Market & Economic Trends / for serious investors only
« on: December 14, 2012, 06:31:31 PM »
kong duna moy pohonan, buy APPLE and GOOGLE.

ta-as na ang share price aning mga kompanyaha. but i think they will still go up because of what they are going to do.

google is starting google fiber in kansas city. it will let you use the internet 100X faster for the same price that we are paying cable companies right now. naa sa kansas pa lang ni nag sugod but in a few years it will be available in all states. naay daghang mga hacker namalhin na ug pojo sa kansas city so they can use google fiber.

apple's next invention is the apple TV. you can watch TV w/o the commercials. it  merges the power and versatility of a computer with the convenience of a TV.  these "Apple TVs" could cost upwards of $1,500.

Love Talk / love e-mail
« on: December 10, 2012, 02:45:11 AM »
hi, how are You? My name is Diana, I'm single and still has not found right man, I have a good life and I have no reason to complain about the fate. I live in the beautiful country Poland.
I often travel and i have been in many European countries and outside. I have been in the States with week visit, enjoyed hot sand of Caribbean in the Dominican Republic. Sometimes I travel alone, sometimes with my friends and I like to meet new interesting people.
What do You think about to talk and try to know each other better? Maybe we could find something in common and You could give me some advices.
I have my address for a long time and sometimes I use my email for my business. But I can not remember where I found Your address. Maybe after You send me Your photo, I can refresh my memory. I attached mine.
I should to go now but I hope to see Your answer soon. I wish happiness to You and close to You people, stay with a positive. Sincerely, Diana.

Help & Support / $100 for MARY HAZEL
« on: December 08, 2012, 08:36:46 PM »
naa koy gamay nga pinaskohan para nimo. please get it from any western union office. thanks

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