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Sports and Fitness / MIKE LIGALIG Open Chess Tournament
« on: June 01, 2014, 08:14:10 AM »
mananghid sa ko nimo kong pwede ba mag pa duwa ug chess sa cebu. imong ngan maoy dad-on. naa na koy nakit-an nga arbiter, si Felix Poloyapoy. accredited sija with FIDE. medyo mag lisod ko ani kay lisod pag pangita ug venue sa cebu. nangita naman hinoon ug sugod ahong mga bata bata, mga members sa BALSKIE Fans Club

          MIKE LIGALIG
      Open Chess Tournament
Sponsored by BALSKIE Fans Club

P3000....1st prize
P2000....2nd prize
P1000....3rd prize

i owe you one. because of you the rene BALONG econg  chess tournament came into being, i would like to return the favor.


Talk of the Town / kagahapon ug karon
« on: September 30, 2013, 08:12:55 PM »


Tira-Pasagad | Saksak-Sinagol / the power of dreams
« on: September 30, 2013, 06:53:50 AM »
the multi millionaire is coming
bling bling bling bling bling
drum rolls please

Philippine Business News / An IDIOT's Tale
« on: September 08, 2013, 06:54:18 PM »

Philippine Business News / august 26, 2013
« on: August 25, 2013, 07:19:24 PM »
the end or the beginning

tomorrow it begins or it will end

which is which

Tira-Pasagad | Saksak-Sinagol / plastic boat
« on: August 21, 2013, 08:04:38 PM »

Philippine Daily News / napoles update
« on: August 21, 2013, 07:38:51 PM »
MANILA, Philippines—Fugitive businesswoman Janet Lim Napoles purchased P184,985 worth of Philippine Airlines tickets and made transactions through her credit card traced to the Discovery Suites in the Ortigas district in Pasig  Saturday morning, according to the National Bureau of Investigation.
Information received by the NBI from an informant at the credit card company said Napoles used her credit card to purchase PAL tickets worth P74,567.87 and PAL Express Eco in Pasay City P44,510, and  PAL – Pasay P65,907.54. The informant said some of the tickets could be for international travel.
“The purchases for PAL tickets using Napoles credit card were done on line,” the informant said.
The informant also said that another transaction for P1,540 was paid to Airphil Insurance  at the PAL office in the Charter building in Makati City.
The informant also said that a transaction detail showed that the same credit card of Napoles was used to pay a Discovery Suites bill for P27,165.78., also Saturday morning.
The transaction detail according to the informant showed the credit line was declined twice, before it was finally approved.
The informant, who claimed she wanted to help in the arrest of Napoles, requested not to identify the credit card’s issuer bank.
The credit card detail also showed that another transaction for P32, 000 to pay the hotel was also declined, also on Saturday morning.
“Due to the system decline, the informant called up Napoles and claimed she talked to her,” the NBI source said.
The informant said she personally talked to Napoles at 9 a.m. Saturday after the last transaction for the Discovery Suites was declined by the system.
The informant said she called up Napoles listed number in the credit card company’s  records to verify several earlier transactions.
The informant said that based on credit card records Napoles was at the hotel on August 7, 8, and 11, few days before a warrant for her arrest was issued by a Makati City Court.
Another earlier transaction also showed that on July 25, 2013 the card was also used to purchase a PAL ticket.
The NBI source said the hunt for Napoles continues and several agents continue to scour areas where she was supposedly sighted.
The source said  teams of agents have been to Tagaytay, Bulacan and Pangasinan to respond to tips which they had assessed as “reliable.”
“We get calls and some of them were pranks calls, but leads that we think credible are being pursued,” the NBI source said.
The Court of Appeals on Friday froze the bank accounts of Napoles.
The freeze order covers the bank accounts of members of Napoles’ family, those of her other relatives and of the non-governmental organizations  that she allegedly used to divert P10 billion in lawmakers’ pork barrel allocations to those bank accounts over the last 10 years.
Among the bank accounts are those of Napoles’ daughter Jo Christine, brother Reynaldo Lim and relatives Ronald, Jaime, Jeane, James Christopher and John Christian.
Also frozen were the bank accounts of JLN Corp. employees-turned-whistle-blowers Benhur Luy and Merlina Suñas, and those of Luy’s parents Arthur and Gertrudes, as well as those of Napoles’ business associates.
The court recommended no bail for Napoles and her brother Reynald Lim for serious illegal detention of principal whistle blower Benhur Luy.

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Help & Support / $100 for fr. chic
« on: August 21, 2013, 08:32:15 AM »
gimingaw na pod ko ug advt. pads, i will send you $100 when you respond to this. just want to know you are still here. just send 1 cd and the rest of the money goes to your charity. will send the money by western union. na anad man gud ko ug western . im sorry for the inconvenience nga mo adto pa ka sa western. thank you fr. chic. im sure you will understand. pwede man ug pm pero pa bibo ning aho. para naay ma basa sa announcement section.

Photos Unlimited / highway to hell
« on: August 21, 2013, 01:04:21 AM »

Talk of the Town / The Last BATTLE
« on: August 20, 2013, 07:34:11 AM »
Title:     The Last Battle
Author: Alfred Noyes
Kings of the earth, Kings of the earth, the trumpet rings for warning,
And like the golden swords that ray from out the setting sun
The shout goes out of the trumpet mouth across the hills of morning,
Wake; for the last great battle dawns and all the wars are done.

Now all the plains of Europe smoke with marching hooves of thunder,
And through each ragged mountain-gorge the guns begin to gleam;
And round a hundred cities where the women watch and wonder,
The tramp of passing armies aches and faints into a dream.

The King of Ind is drawing nigh: a hundred leagues are clouded
Along his loud earth-shaking march from east to western sea:
The King o' the Setting Sun is here and all the seas are shrouded
With sails that carry half the world to front Eternity.

Soon shall the darkness roll around the grappling of the nations,
A darkness lit with deadly gleams of blood and steel and fire;
Soon shall the last great paean of earth's war-worn generations
Roar through the thunder-clouded air round War's red funeral pyre.

But here defeat and victory are both allied with heaven,
The enfolding sky makes every foe the centre of her dome,
Each fights for God and his own right, and unto each is given
The right to find the heart of heaven where'er he finds his home.

O, who shall win, and who shall lose, and who shall take the glory
Here at the meeting of the roads, where every cause is right?
O, who shall live, and who shall die, and who shall tell the story?
Each strikes for faith and fatherland in that immortal fight.

High on the grey old hills of Time the last immortal rally,
Under the storm of the last great tattered flag, shall laugh to see
The blood of Armageddon roll from every smoking valley,
Shall laugh aloud, then rush on death for God and chivalry.

Kings of the earth, Kings of the earth, O, which of you then shall inherit
The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory? for the world's old light grows dim
And the cry of you all goes up all night to the dark enfolding Spirit,
Each of you fights for God and home; but God, ah, what of Him?

Showbiz & Celebrity / it hurts to say GOODBYE
« on: July 21, 2013, 01:52:41 AM »

Quotable Quotes / dear hubag
« on: July 20, 2013, 05:23:16 PM »

is this all you live for. your medals in tbnation. better get out while you can. you started this war. i will finish it. na klaro na jud sa atong mga readers gi unsa ko nimo pag tawag ug idiot, ango ango. i could have lived with that. pero sa imong pag bugal bugal sa mahal nga birhen, you will be punished. severely.

i am a devotee of the virgin. kada adlaw ko mag rosaryo sauna. mi undang na ko ug rosaryo. coz hate fills my heart. i hope she can forgive me.

get out while you still can. after august 17, it will be too late. the game begins.

Photos Unlimited / faded photographs
« on: July 04, 2013, 04:24:14 PM »
Faded photographs, covered now with lines and creases
Tickets torn in half, memories in bits and pieces
Traces of love, long ago, that didn't work out right
Traces of love

Ribbons from her hair, souvenirs of days together
The ring she used to wear, pages from an old love letter
Traces of love, long ago, that didn't work out right
Traces of love – with me, tonight

I close my eyes and say a prayer
That in her heart she'll find
A trace of love still there somewhere, ohhh oh

Traces of hope in the night
That she'll come back and dry
These, traces of tears
From my eyes
Ohh oh oh ohhhh

Help & Support / 1 million dollar prize
« on: June 07, 2013, 05:17:28 PM »
He dropped out of Baylor University, but Texas billionaire D. Andrew Beal has always been fascinated by numbers and the theories behind them.
Now Beal, who, with a net worth of $8 billion ranks 43 rd on the Forbes list of U.S. billionaires, is offering a $1 million reward to anyone who can solve a math problem - now dubbed the Beal Conjecture - that Beal has been trying to solve since 1993. The long-running reward started at $5,000 in 1997, and bumped up to $100,000 in 2000, where it remained for 13 years. Now the money has hit seven figures.
It all started with Beal's determination to solve the 350-year-old mystery of Fermat's Last Theorem - the idea that Ax + By = Cz. Beal realized that there could only be solutions to the equation when A, B, and C have a common numerical factor.
"Others have looked at other closely related problems, but I believe Beal was the first to express it in that way," Don McClure, the executive director of the American Mathematical Society, which announced the $1 million prize, told ABC News
Beal took his Fermat's Last Theorem findings to R. Daniel Mauldin, then a mathematics professor at the University of North Texas, who came up with the idea to offer a prize to anyone who could prove the theory.
Jordan Ellenberg, a mathematician at the University of Wisconsin, said confirming the theory could revolutionize the field.
"Any solution to this problem would signal a real new idea and not minor progress," he said.
Mauldin, who was part of a committee that has reviewed hundreds of proposed solutions over the years, said none ever worked.
"It's impossible to keep up with them, and none of them fit."
With the increase in prize money, there is also a new stipulation that the solution needs to be published in a mathematics journal.
Beal declined to speak to but said in a statement that he was inspired by the reward given to Andrew Wiley in 1994 when he proved Fermat's Last Theorem.
"I'd like to inspire young people to pursue math and science. Increasing the prize is a good way to draw attention to mathematics generally. … I hope many more young people will find themselves drawn into the wonderful world of mathematics."
But the likelihood of solving the Beal Conjecture anytime soon seems slim.
"I'm not holding my breath," said the American Mathematical Society's McClure.

General Topic / dear LORENZO
« on: June 06, 2013, 01:35:47 AM »

you are contemplating entering priesthood. it is a very good calling, the most blessed calling. my advice to you is that you should make sure of yourself.

this happened to my relatives. naa koy pagumangkon nga baje. naka uyab sija ug pari . gwapodoy man gud buaw ang pari.

naa koy pagumangkon nga laki. pari. nag sigi lang pod ug panguyab.

the temptations of the flesh is too great. tawo lang ta ug naa tay mga tawhanon nga kinhangan.

but i dont blame priests who do that. ahong gi simba ang mga pari because they represent JESUS CHRIST.

so i hope when you make that final step, just be sure of yourself. that you really want to be a priest. kay ideally kong pari ka, you should be an example. dili ka mamaje, dili ka manugal.

kay naa pod koy amigo nga pari . kusog mo hantak. barkada sa ahong manghod nga sugarol. kong mang hantak sila ug ang pari na maoy mo antog, mo singgit ahong manghod...hari-i padre.

this is not made up. it is true


Tira-Pasagad | Saksak-Sinagol / dear unggoy2
« on: June 05, 2013, 06:45:48 PM »

Help & Support / POLL
« on: May 19, 2013, 04:08:54 PM »
i need your help everyone. klaro kaajo nga wa ma hadlok si hubag sa ahong mga sibya. lisod man gud katuohan ning ahong mga estorya. okey lang kong way moto-o naho. pero kamo na lang untay sabot nganong aho ning gibuhat. sobra naman gud kaajo ang ijang pag tamay ug pag biaybiay naho. sauna gi badlong na mi sa webmaster tungod ning among away. mi undang ko agi ug respeto ni mike. misamot na hinoon ug gara si hubag. di ma badlong. labaw na sijang na isog sa dihang mi request ko nga mahimo ba ug e BAN sija. of course the webmaster will not do it kay no.1 columnist man ni si hubag. ako intawon nga usa sa mga pioneers aning website, gi ban nako ni mike sauna. dugay ko nga wa maka balik. ambot lang unsay nasod sa o ni mike nga gi pasaylo man ko nija ug gi pabalik na pod ko dinhi. balik na pod ko ug sibya sibya. kay mao gud ni ahong kalipay. i am just living a fantasy that i can be a writer like my idol mike ligalig. malipayon na ko nga nag post post sa ahong mga pictures dinhi aron daghan ang maka kita. ang ang man pod ug adto ko mag post sa ahong website nga wa juy audience. ako rang usa mag tikaw tikaw. wala man unta ko mang hilabot ni hubag. nag lain lang ko ug aho. nganong ma suya man sija kong daghang mo basa sa ahong mga sibya. is it not enough for him that he is the no.1 columnist of tbnation. nganong mag selos man sija naho. why does he call me an IDIOT. ang ahong mga barkada dere sa states mga arang arang ug kahimtang. but they do not look down on me. they gladly accept me for who i am. malipay sila nga makig dula ko ug basketbol uban nila. they say that at my age i do unbelievable things. i dive for the basketball like what you see in NBA games.

kong mahimo pa lang unta, mo uli na ko karon sa pinas. call on my friends to mount OPERATION TULION. but i already have prior commitments. i promised my kids that we will go touring around this summer. aho ni silang isoroy ug kadiyot. and then i will spend most of my time at the dojo of my master in brooklyn, new york.  i take private lessons from him in kung fu. mahal jud ug bayad but then, i have money so why should i not spend it. you will not believe this but my master taught jet li himself. pretty soon i will post some pictures here.

now my question is this. shall i go on with OPERATION TULION. pasaylo-on ba lang gihapon naho si hubag nga human naman ko mo pasaylo nija. i am only a human being. usa ka tawo nga nahi-ubos . usa ka tawo nga gi samaran ang kasingkasing. dili ako ang GINOO nga mahimong mo pasaylo sa atong mga kasal-anan a million times.

i need your help, advice. feedback before i do this thing. because once i unleash my hunters hubagbohol will be a naked prey. i am a reasonable man. dali ra man ko mo sabot. kamong mga amigo ni hubag pasabta na sija nga dili maajo ang ijang gibuhat naho because i will get my revenge no matter what.


Introduce Yourself / who am I
« on: May 18, 2013, 07:35:02 PM »
i am the self proclaimed financial expert of tbnation

Talk of the Town / $26 prize
« on: May 18, 2013, 07:28:54 PM »
Guess the age of the lady and you win $26 prize

Help & Support / PLEASE don't reply
« on: May 14, 2013, 08:50:38 PM »
hangjo lang ning aho ha. para di ko malibog ug subay kay naa may daghang replies sa FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS so anhi naho ibutang ang kwarta. sa tanan nga nag subay sa DUWELO SA SAPANG BATO hubagbohol vs. balong kahibawo na mo unsay buot nahong ipasabot. kong mo gawas na gani ang 5 bundles nga kwarta tungod kay wa mo sunod si hubag ug instructions, part 1 of OPERATION TULION begins. to trace up the identity and address of hubie babie. kong ma ilhan na kinsa sija thru his ip address, then part 2 of the operation will take effect. the extraction of hubag aron dad-on sija sa isla. just the 2 of us. bartitsu and kinomotai against kung fu. mortal kombat. hubag has youth and speed on his side. i am old but i have actual combat experience in the battlefields of palawan way back 194gotten. may the best man win. 


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