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Cars and Automotive / $300,000 Aston Martin VANQUISH
« on: October 09, 2016, 07:37:56 AM »
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There are cars, and then there are Aston Martins. The boutique British sports car maker doesn't build transportation —  it is a purveyor of automotive art. And though they may not all be as striking as the Vulcan hypercar or as classically beautiful as the Aston Martin DB5, Aston Martins have always been stylish, powerful, and attention-grabbing. So much so that Aston is the car of choice for the world's most famous fictional super spy. No, we're not talking about Jason Bourne or Austin Powers.
At the top of the Aston Martin hierarchy is their flagship grand tourer, the Vanquish. The multimillion-dollar Vulcan is a limited-edition, track-only offering to 23 customers, and the Lagonda Taraf is, well, a Lagonda. The Vanquish is a car we've had our eye on. Last year, we named the Aston one of the most beautiful news cars money can buy.

Earlier this year, Business Insider had the opportunity to check out a 2016 Vanquish for a few days. Aston Martin delivered the silver super GT to our New York office one afternoon, and from the moment we laid eyes on the Vanquish, it was hard to turn away.

Photos by Hollis Johnson unless otherwise credited.

Bible Study / Wreaths for the Queen
« on: October 08, 2016, 09:04:28 AM »
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Little Angelo lived in a winterless country where the weather was pleasant and sunny, the air was fragrant and flowers abounded. Angelo never saw snow or ice. He never had to stay indoors to keep warm. He spent hours on end outdoors, and at night sleep came fast and heavy.
However, one day Angelo fell seriously ill. His mother worried and nursed him night and day, watching for the smallest sign of improvement. But it never came. The poor woman cried and prayed, until, one day, looking through the window at a statue of the Mother of God in the garden, she had an inspiration. Taking her young boy in her arms, she rushed outside.

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Setting the sick boy on the ground before the statue and kneeling she prayed: “Holy Mary, Mother of God, my child is very sick, as you can see. Please make him well again. Mother, you loved your child Jesus. Have pity on this mother who also loves her child as you loved yours. Restore his health. Make him well again and I promise to teach him to love you, and serve you and to show his love for you always.”
Just as she spoke these last words, Angelo opened his eyes and smiled up at his mother. She knew that her son was cured, and joy filled her soul.
After that, the good woman taught Angelo to select flowers from the garden and to make wreaths of them.
He would then take them to the beautiful statue of Our Lady and place them at her feet. Kneeling down, he would say: “Holy Mother of Jesus, and my Mother, I give you this wreath of flowers to show you that I love you. I thank you for all you have done for me. Help me to keep my soul pure. Bless and keep my mother and my father.” Then he would recite the “Hail Mary.”
When he had finished his prayer, he would sit down near the statue and just look at Our Lady. He liked to “keep her company” and think about her at length. He imagined how beautiful and queenly she must be in person.  Then, standing up, he would reverently bow and run on his way.

Wreaths+2-resized - Show Posts - balong
Up the mountain
The years went by and Angelo grew up, and his love for Our Lady grew as well. Now a young man, he loved Our Lady more than ever. He had never ceased making her a wreath of flowers every day. In the depths of his soul, he began to hear her calling to him,
“Come, my son, up to the mountains, to my monastery of Saint Dominic.”
So one day, Angelo came in from the garden and said to his mother: “Mother, I must speak with you. Having thought and prayed much, I am convinced that Our Lady wishes me to join the fathers and brothers at the monastery of Saint Dominic in the mountains, to spend my life praying and working with them.”
His good mother was both happy and sad: happy that Our Lady had done her the honor of choosing her son for her own service; sad because of the necessary separation. Yet, she blessed God and the dear Lady for this privilege.
So, Angelo went up the mountains and was admitted as a novice in the great monastery of Saint Dominic. He soon donned the white habit.
For a time he was clearly very happy. One day, however, the abbot, Father James, noticed that Brother Angelo was a bit downcast. Approaching him, he said:
“Brother, until recently you seemed content here, but now I see a shadow of sadness across your face. Will you tell me the reason?”
“Father,” answered the young friar as he stood by a window, “look outside and tell me what you see.”
The abbot did as the young brother bid and said:
“Well, I see the snow falling and blown all around by gusts of mountain air. I see many snowy peaks and valleys. But I see nothing unusual. It is always so up here…”
“Exactly, Father. Where I come from it is always green and flowers are abundant.
When I was a small boy I was healed of a serious illness after my good mother placed me at the feet of a statue of the Mother of God in our garden.
From that day I formed the habit of offering a wreath of flowers to her each day. I feel amiss in being unable to do that now, for it was my homage of gratitude to her. I believe that it kept me close to her and always in her service.”
Hearing this the abbot reached into a pocket of his white habit and brought out a Rosary. He held it out to Brother Angelo.
“Take this Rosary, my dear Brother, and be sad no longer. This is a wreath of flowers that Our Lady loves much more than the wreaths you used to give her. When you pray the Rosary, every “Our Father” and every “Hail Mary” changes into a beautiful rose in Heaven. There, the angels gather them and weave them into a crown that they present to Our Lady. She is more pleased with these heavenly flowers because they are much more beautiful than the flowers on earth. And these flowers do not fade but bloom forever.”
Brother Angelo took the Rosary and kissed it. From that day, every day, as the sun began to set, the brothers saw him seated in the chapel before the statue of Our Lady, eyes fixed on her, fingers busy sliding the beads, and lips moving quietly. He was glad that he could once again make a daily wreath for his Queen in Heaven.

to be continued........

thank you boss mike. ganahan ko mo post kay maka butang na ko ug pics

World Daily News / Hurricane Matthew Lashes Florida
« on: October 07, 2016, 07:14:08 PM »
Hurricane Matthew Lashes Florida Amid Dire Warnings, 300,000 Lose Power

  US Prepares for Hurricane Matthew, Evacuations Underway

Hurricane Matthew battered the Florida coast with powerful winds, potentially devastating storm surges and torrential rain on Friday, leaving hundreds of thousands without power as those remaining in the storm's path were ordered to shelter in place.

The western eye wall of Matthew brushed by Cape Canaveral, home of the Kennedy Space Center, producing wind 115 mph gusts there at around 5:30 a.m. on Friday.

Drivers make their way on an empty highway prior to the arrival of Hurricane Matthew in Miami Beach, Florida, U.S. October 6, 2016. REUTERS/Javier Galeano More than 300,000 people were already without power across the state of Florida.

A 17-foot wave was observed 20 Miles east of Cape Canaveral as the most intense section of the hurricane churned just offshore. Meteorologists warned of an imminent destructive storm surge in central Florida.

An 88-mph wind gust was recorded near Satellite Beach, just south of Cape Canaveral, the National Weather Service said.

The deadly storm is projected to run parallel to the coast of the Sunshine State as it tracks closer to land over the next two days, producing a potentially devastating storm surge of up to 10 feet over an expanded swath of coast that stretches from central Florida up into South Carolina. The potential for a destructive storm surge, coupled with up to 15 inches of rain expected in isolated spots, has officials fearing catastrophic flooding.

Forecasters in Jacksonville warned of "worst case storm surge scenario" and said "if a direct impact occurs this will be unlike any hurricane in the modern era" as the outer bands of the storm lashed the state Thursday night.

"This storm will kill you," Florida's Gov. Rick Scott said at a news conference this morning, urging that "the time is now" to evacuate ahead of the Category 4 storm.

"This is life and death," he said
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Residents eat at a school being used as a shelter while Hurricane Matthew approaches in Melbourne, Florida, U.S. October 6, 2016. REUTERS/Henry Romero As of this afternoon, about 3.1 million people are under mandatory and voluntary evacuation orders in three states. The National Weather Service in Jacksonville warned residents that "catastrophic damage" is anticipated for coastal areas and areas along the St. John's River.

"Only a small deviation of the track to the left of the NHC forecast could bring the core of a major hurricane onshore within the hurricane warning area in Florida and Georgia," the National Weather Servuce said. "Modest deviations to the right could keep much of the hurricane-force winds offshore."

President Barack Obama, at Scott's request, declared an emergency in Florida and ordered federal aid to supplement state, tribal and local response efforts. The move authorizes the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency to coordinate all disaster relief efforts.

Obama also signed a state of emergency declaration for South Carolina and Georgia on Thursday.

Some Coastal Residents Staying Put as Hurricane Matthew Heads Toward Southeast US
How to Evacuate Safely Before Hurricane Matthew Hits US
Tour the Emergency Operations Center in Georgetown, SC
How Florida Is Preparing for Hurricane Matthew
Airlines Cancel Thousands of Flights Ahead of Hurricane Matthew
Others have echoed Obama's and Scott's urgency as the hurricane battered the Bahamas and strengthened over the warm waters of the Atlantic.

"The extreme winds of a major hurricane can do a lot of damage, and not just at the coast," Rick Knabb, the director of the National Hurricane Center, told "Good Morning America."

"Those winds can penetrate inland, and that would be more so the case the closer it gets to the coast," he warned. "In addition to the wind, you have storm surge potential. People who have been told to evacuate. They need to get out this morning, right away, because time is running out fast. You don't want to be caught in the storm surge, which is the deadliest hazard of all."

The governors of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina have declared states of emergency. Officials in three of those states have urged coastal residents to head to safer ground as the most powerful Atlantic storm in more than a decade continued on its path along the coast.

Motorists clogged highways, homeowners boarded up windows, and anxious shoppers lined up at grocery stores and gas stations as they stocked up on emergency supplies in the threatened coastal areas.

Matthew caused major transportation disruptions for much of the U.S. More than 3,800 flights were canceled from Wednesday to Friday due to the storm's dangerous winds. Amtrak suspended services in the Southeast because of the severe weather. No alternate transportation will be provided, the railroad said.

Florida has about eight days worth of fuel for its citizens, Scott said, reminding them to "take only what you need."

Matthew's forecast track showed the hurricane making landfall or coming in close proximity of the shoreline on Friday afternoon.

If it makes landfall, Hurricane Matthew could be the strongest storm to hit the United States in more than a decade, ABC News meteorologists said.

"It is very rare to have a hurricane of this strength come this close or make landfall in the eastern part of central or northern Florida," meteorologist Max Golembo said.

After a briefing with his homeland security team at FEMA headquarters in Washington, D.C., Wednesday, Obama told reporters Hurricane Matthew is "a serious storm, and we want everybody to take it seriously as well."

"Just remember that you can always rebuild," he said. "You can always repair property. You cannot restore a life if it is lost, and we want to make sure that we minimize any possible loss of life or risk to people in these areas."

No other Atlantic storm on record has packed such powerful winds for such a prolonged period as Hurricane Matthew.

More than 377,000 people were evacuated in Cuba, according to the United Nations. And in Haiti, at least 350,000 people are in need of immediate assistance. There were reports of a powerful storm surge, violent winds and widespread flooding.


More than 300,000 customers lost power across the state as of Friday.

Hurricane warnings covered hundreds of miles of Florida's east coast from Boca Raton north to the state line, while forecasters said nearly the whole state can expect to see at least tropical-storm-force winds and rain. A major hurricane has not struck Florida in over a decade.

Florida's Miami-Dade and Broward counties canceled schools for the rest of the week as the governor deployed 2,500 National Guard troops to assist in storm preparations, with another 4,000 on standby. More than 1.5 million Floridians were ordered to evacuate.

"There is no reason not to evacuate," Scott told reporters. "No excuses. Get out."


In Georgia, Gov. Nathan Deal ordered mandatory evacuations east of I-95, along the entire Georgia coast, which covers beach spots including Tybee Island and Brunswick.

"I also encourage the voluntary evacuation of residents in low-lying coastal areas west of I-95," Deal said in a prepared statement. "I urge Georgians in the affected areas to remain calm, be prepared and make informed, responsible decisions as we continue to monitor Hurricane Matthew's path."

Deal said that 125 miles of roadway have been made one-way routes to ease evacuations and that 65 National Guardsmen have been deployed to help with traffic. He said he hopes residents will heed the warnings.

About 522,000 people were urged to evacuate.

"We are being cautious, but we don’t want people to panic," he said at a press conference this afternoon. "I don't intend to prosecute anyone for not leaving. I think Mother Nature will take care of them."

Deal told reporters this evening, "This is not Southern hospitality we are inviting to Matthew -- we hope he leaves as soon as possible.”

South Carolina

In South Carolina, Gov. Nikki Haley announced plans for additional evacuations, bringing the total to about 1.1 million people ordered to move from coastal areas.

Residents in Charleston and Beauford counties and areas of Berkeley, Colleton, Dorchester and Jasper counties were advised to begin evacuating Wednesday no later than 3 p.m. ET.

But she said not enough people are heeding the advisories. As of this morning, only 175,000 people had evacuated.

"We need more people evacuating," Haley said at news conference this morning.

Haley urged residents to "fuel up quickly" and stock up on supplies before gas stations, pharmacies and grocery stores close. Most of the state's public schools and government officers are shuttered for the remainder of the week.

"Residents that don't leave today will realize that nothing is open," she said.

North Carolina

In North Carolina, Gov. Pat McCrory declared a state of emergency for all of the state's 100 counties.

When the Rosary Saved Christendom: The Extraordinary Miracle of Lepanto
Articles History by ChurchPOP

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To say that Christendom was in dire straights would be an understatement.

In the late 16th century, Christian Europe was weak and splintered. Politically, Europe was just a collection of small, warring kingdoms. And their fragile unity in the Catholic faith had just been broken by the Protestant Reformation, which was now in full swing across the continent.

The Ottoman Empire, on the other hand, was strong and growing, having not lost a significant naval battle in a hundred years. Its forces had already conquered the remains of the eastern half of the Roman Empire, including “New Rome” Constantinople. And now, their seemingly unstoppable forces set their sights on conquering Rome, and from there, the rest of Europe and the New World.

Desperate for survival, Pope Pius V convinced as many Catholic rulers of the Mediterranean as possible to band together to stop the Ottomans, forming what they called the Holy League.

It was originally formed to save a Venetian colony on Cyprus that was under Ottoman attack, but the colony fell before they were able to arrive. The Ottoman commander captured the Venetian leader, had him flayed alive, and hung up his corpse along with the corpses of other Venetian leaders. So the Holy League sailed to meet the Ottoman navy at their naval station Lepanto in Greece instead.

The odds were against the Holy League: Despite the fact that many nations were banded together in the Holy League, the Ottoman forces still had more boats and were practiced in fighting together, rather than being cobbled together just for the occasion.

And the stakes were high: If the Holy League failed, the Ottoman’s would appear to have a cleared way to the heart of Europe in Rome.

Knowing that the circumstances were desperate, Pope Pius V did the only thing those back at home could do: pray. On the day of the battle, he organized a public procession in Rome to pray the Rosary.

And then a miracle happened: they received word that, against all odds, the Holy League had won! Overjoyed, and convinced that their prayers had been decisive, the Pope created the new Feast of Our Lady of Victory. A few years later, it was changed to the Feast of the Holy Rosary, and finally to the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary in the 20th century, which it remains today. It is celebrated every October 7th.

Historians say that the battle truly was decisive in world history: it once and for all stopped the advance of Ottoman forces deeper into Europe, preserving the independence of the western half of Christendom.

9-Yr-Old Astrophysics Prodigy Has One Goal: Prove God’s Existence

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Peter Maillis

While most kids his age are memorizing their times tables, 9-year-old William Maillis is studying astrophysics at college. His goal? To “prove that God does exist.”

Maillis is the youngest of three kids, and his father is an Orthodox priest. His parents realized he was special when he started identifying numbers when he was just 6 months old and talking in complete sentences at 7 months. He was able to do addition at 21 months; multiplication, reading and writing at 2 years; algebra, sign language, and reading Greek at age 4; geometry at 5; and trigonometry at age 7.

After finishing third grade, his parents had him simultaneously attend both 4th grade and high school. And this fall, he enrolled in college courses.

His parents see their child’s abilities as a gift from God to be used for good.

“I just want him to appreciate the gift he has, which I think he does,” his father said. “I tell him, ‘God gave you a gift. The worst thing would be to reject that gift and not use it for the betterment of the world.'”

Anonymous Diary Blog / blog
« on: March 13, 2016, 01:15:25 AM »
karon nga tiguwang na ko, nanimaho nang menteryo, nag hinoklog ako sa akong kinabuhi. unsa may ahong nahimo. what have i done. what have i accomplished.
inig abot sa panahon, manoktok ko sa ganghaan sa langit. abrehan ba kaha ni san pedro ang poltahan ug pa sudlon ko, or dahikon ba ko sa demonyo, dad-on sa imperno.

Love Talk / i luv u Miss I
« on: March 01, 2016, 09:59:21 PM »
dugay ko nang gitago kining ahong pagbati nimo. ahong gi komkom sud sa ahong dughan. gi lo-om na lang naho ang ahong gibati tungod kay ikaw naa nay tag-iya. in other words minyo na ka. wa gani ko kakita nimo sa personal, but it feels like i know you intimately. thru your posts i feel in love w/ you. because for me, intelligence counts the most. i love your mind, not your body. because i suspect, medyo may edad na ka.

init na pod kaajo ang imong buot kay lagi ang imong trabaho usa man ka manlalaban. sa iningles attorney. ug ang imong client is my arch enemy.  sangko sa langit ang imong kaligotgot naho. hangyo-on ko ang imong pasaylo. kong sala man ugaling ang paghi gugma. do not hate me. hate will corrode your soul.

i will prove to you how much i love you. mo layas na lang ko dinhing dapita. mag laroy laroy na pod kong asa ko mo lagbas. trying to find a home in the internet. maajo unta dinhi kay mga bol-anon man ta. na unsa ba nga imbis mag hinigugma-ay, mag hinagkanay, mag k......tay, mag away naman ta, mag bugno.

 this website is not ready for me. it is useless to cast pearls before swine. i am not referring to you, dear reader. naka hibaw sila kinsa sila. dili sila maka dawat naho tungod kay nag sulti ko sa tinood. mag lain ilang buot kong sila ma labwan. kay naa may daghang mag sunod ug basa sa ahong mga post. ang ilang mga post nilibo. ako tagsa ra mo post pero dulot sa bokog. kay tinood ning ahong estorya nga i made a million dollars.

tug-anan unta mo naho sa ahong mga sekreto tungod kay dili ko hakog nga tawo. i share what i know. kay dili ba mao man nay motto niining atong website. share what you know. they choose to misunderstand me. ingnon ko nila nga hambogero, bu-ang. but in doing so, they are just pointing their fingers at themselves.
so with a heavy heart, i bid you all goodbye.

i will always love you Miss I

Inspiration & Hope / I Forgive You HUBAG
« on: March 01, 2016, 01:56:22 AM »
Ang nag sugod sa atong away IKAW. Na suya na pod ka naho when I wrote HOW I MADE A MILLION DOLLARS. Aho ning gi sulat aron maka pang hambog ko of course, at the same time that I will be giving a tutorial. Do not envy me HUBAG. If you have money, just follow me and learn how to trade stocks. You will make a lot of money ug dili na ka ma sina naho. Taas kaajo ka ug pride mao nga dili na ko mag expect nga mag say sorry ka. Unsaon immature man gud ka. Naay mo aksyon ug sikat nga member dinhi, imo mang awayon. Intelehente man ka nga tawo, I can see it from your copy paste selections. Pero gahi lang jud ka ug O. Hinoon wala may ong humok. So you persist in your paskin paskin kay puti man ka ug itlog. Di man ka maka deretso ug insulto naho kay ma hadlok man ka. So the best thing for me to do, since this is Easter season is to forgive you.

Life becomes much easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got. So it does not matter if you don't say I'm sorry to the one and only penny stock trader of tubagbohol.

Ako ang imong gi bugal bugalan, ako pa ang mangayo ug pasaylo nimo, OK lang gihapon. Mo luhod ko sa imong atubangan. Pasaylo-a ko Senyor Hubag. Para malinaw na ta.

Anonymous Diary Blog / i am an EGOTIST
« on: February 29, 2016, 02:17:36 AM »
 i am an EGOTIST

;D  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D

i'm also STUPID

 :(  :(  :(  :(  :(  :(  :(  :(  :(  :(  :( :(

Introduce Yourself / i'm not a newbie
« on: February 20, 2016, 07:59:01 PM »
perte na kong kara-ana nga member . gi lomotan na ko. pero wa pa jud ko kadawat ug medalya :(

Travel and Tours / The 10 countries with the most powerful passports
« on: February 04, 2016, 06:53:31 PM »
The 10 countries with the most powerful passports

If you have US citizenship, you have a great deal of traveling power: Americans can fly to 147 countries without ever showing a visa. It makes international travel both cheaper and easier than it is for citizens of many other countries, like those of South Sudan, who can only enter 28 countries without a visa.
The stark differences are revealed in the Passport Index, which ranks countries based on the number of nations where residents can go without purchasing a visa in advance or on arrival. Global financial advisory firm Arton Capital compiled government data from 193 countries and six territories to create the ranking.

Here are the 10 highest-ranking countries and the number of countries their citizens can visit without a visa.

10. Finland — 143 countries

9. Japan — 143 countries

8. Singapore — 143 countries

7. Sweden — 144 countries

6. Italy — 144 countries

5. France — 145 countries

4. Germany — 145 countries

3. South Korea — 145 countries

2. The United States — 147 countries

1. The United Kingdom — 147 countries


Philippine Business News / The Rise of Rape and Islam
« on: January 27, 2016, 05:10:09 AM »
The massive influx of supposed “refugees” into Europe is having a number of unexpected consequences. Perhaps the liberal politicians who agreed to their invasion were thinking these refugees would be like others, act like others and be grateful like others. But what they’ve gotten is far from what anyone could have expected.

Not only is it clear that terrorists have infiltrated the ranks of the “refugees,” as proven by the Paris terrorist attack, but it’s also clear that the rest of the “military age men” who make up the majority of the influx are determined to change Europe into what they want it to be.

On New Year’s Eve, about 1,000 of these men gathered together at the central train station in Cologne, Germany (there’s also a Cologne, France, but this happened in German) to give a special present to the women of the city. As the women passed, they were groped and sexually assaulted by the immigrant men. Some were robbed, under the covering of the distraction caused by the groping. A few were even raped.

This didn’t just happen in Cologne, but in Hamburg and other cities as well. But Cologne was the epicenter, with more than 800 women molested by these Muslim men. Many of the attackers were drunk, ignoring their religion’s probation of alcohol in favor of enjoying themselves.

We can’t even say that this is an isolated event, as I hear daily of new rapes and gang rapes happening throughout Europe. While rape has always existed and will probably exist until the end of time, what is happening now has not happened on this scale since the wars of the Middle Ages. While rape has always followed war, this is something new; using rape as a tool of war.

One More Insult to Injury

Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe and perhaps of the world, if we leave out the lands controlled by ISIS. The Muslim immigrants apparently feel they have a right to any woman who they see. This matches the teachings of their Imams and the Quran, which states that all lust is caused by women, it is not in the heart of the man. Therefore, the women are the ones who cause it.

The Imam of Cologne has even come out and said this, declaring that the sexual abuse and rape were the fault of the women, “walking around half-naked and wearing perfume.” He literally said that they should have expected it. But then, we have to realize that to these Muslim men, seeing a woman’s ankles makes her half-naked in his eyes. When all they ever saw in their homelands were women hidden by black cloth sacks, it’s no wonder that the sight of real women would excite them.

Now, I’ve got to say that modern styles for women’s clothing isn’t exactly modest. But that’s not the issue. If those women had been wearing floor length dresses, with long sleeves and high necks, it would still have been more than they could stand. Simply having a dress that actually fit and showed that the woman’s body had curves would have driven those men mad, especially in their drunken state. But such is Islam, that they blame the women for the faults of the men. That means that as long as there are Muslim immigrants, the chances of rape will be high.

A video has recently come out in which a female Muslim college professor explains that rape of non-Muslim women is acceptable in the Islamic religion. It is to be used as a means of humiliating the women, with the ultimate goal of forcing them to convert to Islam. There’s even a reference to her being converted by the sexual act. Her specific statements refer to raping women captured in war, but the invasion of Europe is a war in Muslim eyes.

According to the Quran, Muslims aren’t allowed to immigrate to infidel lands and put themselves under the authority of infidels or their laws, that is sin to them. When they go to other lands, and they are commanded in the Quran to do so, they are to go there and take the position of being the heads, over the people of the land. They are to take over the lands and subjugate them to Sharia Law.

This is called hijrah, and it is as old as Islam itself. The first hijrah was when Mohammad himself left Mecca to go to Medina. He and his followers went there for the purpose of conquest, to take the city over and force it to convert to Islam. This was the beginning of hijrah as a means of jihad and Muslims have been used ever since to conquer new lands and expand their territory.

Lifestyle, Culture and Arts / Happy New Year
« on: January 01, 2016, 10:38:20 PM »
The calendar has turned, it's time for a fresh start. 2016 promises to be a great year filled  with hope, dreams and endless possibilities. May all of you realize those hopes and dreams. To all of you I wish  a Happy, Healthy Prosperous New Year. May your hopes and dreams turn into  reality, I look forward to another great year.


Photos Unlimited / 26 Greatest Natural Wonders of the World
« on: November 30, 2015, 04:13:25 PM »
As technology advances and space becomes less of an unknown to the human race, our amazing planet Earth can sometimes seem to take a back seat to the other wonders of the universe. But, sometimes we all need a reminder of the spectacular sights our world has to offer.

It can be difficult to break down all of the actual wonders of our vast and diverse ecosystem, but it seems worth corralling some together, even if it means it's just a small glimpse of our planet.

Check out the gallery above for a look at some of these truly breathtaking sites.

See the full list below (no particular order):
The Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
The Grand Canyon Arizona (USA)
Angel Falls, Venezuela (South America)
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho (USA)
Mount Everest, Nepal (Asia)
The Amazon Rainforest (South America)
Iguazu Falls, Brazil (South America)
Paria Canyon, Arizona (USA)
Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina (South America)
Cliffs of Moher, Ireland (Europe)
Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania​ (Africa)
Cappadocia, Turkey (Europe)
Fly Geyser, Nevada (USA)
Great Blue Hole, Belize (Central America)
Pamukkale, Turkey (Europe)
Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan, China​ (Asia)
General Sherman tree, Sequoia National Park, TK (USA)
Blue Grotto, Capri, Italy (Europe)
Letchworth State Park, "Grand Canyon of the East," New York (USA)
Huangshan, Anhui, China (Asia)
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe​ (Africa)
Marble Caves, Chile (South America)
Baobab trees​ in Morondava, Madagascar (Africa)
Northern Lights, Arctic circle, Northern hemisphere
Danakil Depression, Ethiopia (Africa)
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia (South America)

World Daily News / Four Shocking Truths about ISIS
« on: November 23, 2015, 10:33:48 PM »
If you think you’ve heard all the worst horrors about the Islamic State, think again.

There are other shocking truths that few outside of their controlled territories know about, some of which will have major consequences for American investors and the entire world.

Consider my friend Hamid, a 32-year-old Sunni Muslim, who teaches engineering in Mosul, the largest city in the world that’s controlled by the Islamic State.

I first met Hamid online in the summer of 2009, exactly five years before the Islamic State conquered his city in 2014.

He and I had just joined a Web platform for exchanging foreign languages and culture, and we talked via Skype regularly. In the following year, I helped him apply online for a Master’s program at a German university. But he missed getting in by a hair and eventually decided instead to settle down in Mosul, get married and start a family.

But now, with ISIS in control, he’s trapped. No one is allowed to leave. He can’t even get his sick father out of town for urgently needed surgery. And the horrors of life in Mosul under the Islamic State are well known:

Male adulterers are thrown from high buildings; females, stoned to death.

A widowed and impoverished mother of four recently told the Guardian she had her hand chopped off for stealing.

Even small infractions like smoking cigarettes are punished by public floggings.

Christianity is punishable by death. Thousands belonging to religious minorities have been raped and massacred. Even children in Mosul have been subjected to the same fate.

But what’s not well known is the environment under Islamic State that Hamid has been describing to me in recent months. In an ironic twist of fate, his stories can be even more frightening than some of the horrors …

Inspiration & Hope / Peaceful Mind, Peaceful Life
« on: November 22, 2015, 11:40:46 PM »
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It’s late November, and so it’s only fitting to have a post about gratitude. I have talked about gratitude quite often on this blog throughout the years. Gratitude is one of the most important emotions we feel in this life. Let’s be honest here, with all that is going on in the world right now, it can be really easy to fall into a negative slump, leaving us feeling helpless or even worse, hopeless. This is when gratitude comes in and really saves the day. Whether we can see it in the moment or not, there is always something to be thankful for. It is gratitude that can bring us out of the darkest of times, and help us to find the silver lining again. In the spirit of the holiday season, and focusing on the theme of gratitude, this week’s blog is intended to help you give thanks now and throughout the year.

Wake up in the morning and say thank you. We are never promised another day of life. How lucky are we to wake up and have another chance to live in love.
Be present so that you can notice the good. Sometimes we get caught up in the thoughts in our head and miss the good that is actually happening in the now. Live in the present moment so you can be aware of the positive happenings around you.
Take a gratitude inventory daily. If you are struggling to find the good stuff in life, I encourage you to make an effort to write down what you are grateful for, every single day. This is a sure fire way to bring yourself back to that thankful, positive place. Gratitude lists don’t have to be grandiose. They can be as simple as being thankful for air to breathe, food to eat, or even a smile from a stranger.
Notice the little things, for they are the big things. Stemming from the gratitude inventory, remember sometimes the smallest gestures can make the biggest impact. Maybe you don’t need a fancy yacht or mansion to feel gratitude, but the kindness from loved ones and a feeling of purpose to experience the sense of gratitude. Positive little things are just as meaningful as the “big” things.
Reframe setbacks as an opportunity to learn and grow. Life can be hard. Life is difficult. We all know this. Don’t dwell in difficulty or despair. Reorganize the situation and think of how you can look at it differently. How can you bring love to a situation that is currently low vibe? This will bring you back to a more peaceful, grateful place.
I hope these gratitude tools are helpful! Remember, be the expression of gratitude that you wish to see. Your thoughts and energy are contagious. What are you spreading in your community and to the world? If we want the world to have more gratitude, it must start with gratitude in our own hearts. I am so grateful for every single one of you and the amazing work you do in the world! Let’s keep the gratitude train going! Comment below on what you are grateful for!

Love and gratitude,

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The supposed bomb that Islamic State's magazine claims brought down a Russian passenger jet in Egypt last month. Photo: EPA
Islamic State's official magazine carried a photo on Wednesday of a Schweppes drink can it said was used to make an improvised bomb that brought down a Russian airliner over Egypt's Sinai Peninsula last month, killing all 224 people on board.

The photo showed a can of Schweppes Gold soft drink and what appeared to be a detonator and switch on a blue background, three simple components that if genuine are likely to cause concern for airline safety officials worldwide.

"The divided Crusaders of the East and West thought themselves safe in their jets as they cowardly bombarded the Muslims of the Caliphate," the English-language Dabiq magazine said in reference to Russia and the West. "And so revenge was exacted upon those who felt safe in the cockpits."

Technology / The world's first $9 computer is here
« on: November 21, 2015, 05:45:05 PM »
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General Topic / how to rob a bank
« on: November 20, 2015, 05:47:50 PM »
“What’s the best way to rob a bank? Start one.”

Many people have heard that old saw. But it’s no longer accurate. The best way to rob a bank is to control a government … any old government will do these days.

It wasn’t always like that. You see, for most of modern history, governments knew to keep their hands off banks. Whether led by kings, prime ministers, presidents or dictators, states understood that the first time they raided a private bank for loot would be the last. Bankers would close up shop and go somewhere else, and the next time the rulers needed to borrow some cash, there would be no lenders left in town.

My, how times have changed! Not only do modern governments feel perfectly free to steal from banks … they actively compete with each other to do so.

Technology / 12 incredible facts about Elon Musk's Gigafactory
« on: November 19, 2015, 08:22:46 AM »
Elon Musk has lofty ambitions for Tesla during the next few years.

By 2017, the company aims to begin production of its more affordable Model 3. And by 2020 it plans to ramp up production to build as many as 500,000 vehicles per year, an ambitious goal considering the company currently only produces about 50,000 vehicles a year.

For any of this to be possible, though, Tesla must first complete its Gigafactory, a giant battery plant appropriately located in Sparks, Nevada on Electric Avenue.

While the plant isn't expected to be complete until next year, Tesla and Musk have already revealed quite a few details about the factory that are pretty mind blowing.

Here’s a look at the 12 most incredible facts that have been revealed about the Gigafactory so far.

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