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General Topic / Re: Merry Christmas Everyone and God bless us
« on: December 25, 2011, 10:10:21 PM »
Merry Christmas sa tanan!

Question and Answer / Re: What are your plans for Christmas 2011?
« on: October 09, 2011, 10:12:02 PM »
Iapil pud ko! I'm sure Mike and Han can also join us.

Philippine Business News / Re: Even Chinese diplomats are bullies?
« on: July 08, 2011, 11:53:39 PM »
Thanks for putting the discussion back on track with more factual input. Mura man gud nauna ang buthanay dinhi kaysa Spratlys.

Military money scandals, fertilizer scam, money bags to the governors ... now SUVs to the bishops--they're all part of the same thread. Once you buy your way to the presidency, you'll have to buy your way through it.

Philippine Business News / Re: Even Chinese diplomats are bullies?
« on: July 08, 2011, 05:35:35 AM »
If China did not recoil from its territorial tussle with Japan, an economic superpower within its own league, over the Senkaku islands in an East China Sea incident last year, how can we expect it to go soft on us over the Spratly Islands? Japan's arrest of the Chinese fishing boat crew  set off a chain of saber rattling, retributive arrest of Japanese nationals, Chinese government-orchestrated sabotage of economic reciprocity which eventually resulted in Japan releasing the crew and then the captain after a few months.

We do not have the latitude to engage in such brinksmanship. But respond firmly we must. Japan was almost bullied, but when it symbollically held its ground through the arrest, China got the message.

As to the Spratlys, it would be more effective to bring this issue to the regional forum ASEAN, where our concerns resonate closer to home. The issue should be addressed through the law of the sea convention, and not through historical claims.

Bay Hubs,

doktor pud diay ka?

General Topic / Re: Top 10 Tubag Posters as of May 29, 2011
« on: July 03, 2011, 08:56:58 AM »
Nabanhaw na sab ka GEC, the mythic and legendary member of TB. Motim-aw lang lagi ka GEC kung hisgutan real figures.

Bitaw, I was in Tagbi yesterday. I had a real good time talking with Mike and Delaguna. Your presence could have squared the conversation. Looking forward to meeting you on my next trip.

Yes, I met Manay by chance aboard Weesam.  I was about to call the attendant to complain about someone grabbing my seat, when the culprit stood up, broke into the sweetest, most irresistible smile and gave me a hug introducing herself as "Manay Tess." Mura gyud ug dugay na mi magkaila. We later retreated to the unoccupied seats at the back and spent the next two hours in a very engaging conversation--you bet, partly about all of you in this thread--islander, hubag bohol, father chic, virgil and anna. Mas bata diay si Manay sa personal.

Tira-Pasagad | Saksak-Sinagol / Re: Lascivious Bananas
« on: May 21, 2011, 10:40:05 AM »
Unsa man ni, fetish thread? Bay Hubs, ikaw ra gyud makatigum ug quorum of kinky minds going bananas over bananas.

Talk of the Town / Re: A new Hotel in Baclayon
« on: May 18, 2011, 07:33:15 PM »
The over-hyped, overpriced Peacock Garden will now have a competition. Maayo unta nga dili lang ang compound sa mga hotel but the total environment of Bohol will be spruced up, unlike in Cebu nga kinahanglan pa musulod ka sa mga resorts which are private properties to see something beautiful.

Anonymous Diary Blog / Re: Kinsa ninyo diha ang makaingon ani usahay?
« on: March 23, 2011, 06:28:41 PM »
When I was self-employed, which was for a long time, wa jud ko'y oras o adlaw nga makaingon ko naswelduhan nga way gibuhat. Pero karon, kinahanglan naa gyud ko'y to-do notebook nga isuwat bisag unsa ka gamay nga task para inigkahuman sa adlaw, naa'y sense of accomplishment. Sa akong trabaho ron hinuon, the slack days are almost always evened out by really frenzied days.

History / Re: Japan tragedy seared into the world's imagination
« on: March 23, 2011, 05:24:50 PM »
The areas jolted by the strongest tremor in Japan's history and thereafter ravaged by a monstrous tsunami are all familiar landscape to me, as I have traversed the whole length of coastal road in northeastern Japan a few times. Where I used to live, which is Ibaraki Pref., south of the radiation-spewing Fukushima nuclear power plant, people were as violently shaken by the quake as they are still gripped by fear of invisible radioactive substances.

Seeing how friends and acquaintances are coping with this unforseen disaster, I have to repress my feeling of relief and gratitude for fortuitously deciding to leave Japan for good about 10 months ago. I am immensely proud that the people of my second country are dealing with the aftermath of the disaster, and the continuing threat of radiation, in a very calm and rational manner. These sterling qualities of the Japanese will ensure that they will prevail in the end.

The way things are going in the Middle East, the domino effect on other countries is in progress. Remember, it began in Tunisia, then Egypt, then Libya. Now, other ME countries are undoubtedly feeling the aftershocks of the political turmoil in their neighborhood, which can only spill over into them. The most immediate effect is the disruption of the oil supply chain. Sadly, the repercussions are not continents away, but right on our grocery shelves--prices have already shot up.

Introduce Yourself / Re: Are you giving time to your family?
« on: March 10, 2011, 09:28:33 AM »

Bay Bugs,

Ampo ko nga matuman gyud imong plano. Hapit na ra ba matuig since your post of this reply, hinaot unta makauban na gyud nimo imong pamilya. I never regretted the day I decided to come home about 9 months ago. In the Philippines, I have more time with my family, as most of my work is done at home via internet and phone. Teaching load nako sa university is at most 3 times a week, and this month only once a week. Once or twice a month, naa pud ko travel to other cities, but the rest of the time, home is my office. On call lang ko sa balay, and believe it or not, many of my clients are from Japan. I've always had a hunch I could do my work at home, and I'm glad I took to risk to try it. Internet has revolutionized the way we can earn. Hinuon, lain-lain man ta ug linya sa panginabuhi. But if you prioritize your family, you'll surely find a way. Just plan ahead before you make the jump. And pray a lot for wisdom and guidance.

Bay Hubs,

Matuuhan ra ba pud nga Ilonggo ka ba, kabalo ka gid abi magtinikal.  :) Guro may nobya ka sadto nga Ilongga. Maayo gyud nang naa'y magtagad sa guests dinhi sa atong pajag aron malingaw pud sila. Nahinumdum hinuon ko ni Gener, kay ubay-ubay na nga wa ko kahimamat niya diri sa atong forum. Naa pud unta'y mag-abi-abi sa mga Tagalog. Tua ra ba diay to siya sa Middle East. Kumusta na kaha?


Manay, nalingaw ko sa baylohanay nila Hubag ug Bol, nagkasinabtanay ra ba gyud.

I know of many Filipinas who married Japanese for the visa, so they could work in Japan and earn money. And some even had to pay their supposed Japanese husbands a monthly allowance until they could get permanent residency. So they did marry Japanese for money--to pay their husbands.


I thought moon would shift orbit to Jupiter and earth would wobble and eventually implode or explode. Full moon after the world ends on December 21? After all, this world's not going to end with a bang, but a whimper!


Tuod ka nga Ilonggo Bol? Ti kapisan gid sa imo di sa forum sang mga Bol-anon, mayad na lang gani ari di si Hubag. Mapati gid ko nga kon mapauli tanan nga mga Pinoy sa Middle East, madugangan gid kabudlay naton kag kon magdugay pa, magamo gid kapin kay mga presyo tanan masaka gid kon mautod o mabuhinan suplay sang oil. Maayo gid sini maandam na lang ta tanom sang kamote sa Iloilo o di sa Bohol.

How To Tips / Re: Solving A Problem Is Challenging and Fun
« on: March 07, 2011, 06:35:07 PM »
Minor inconveniences, glitches or drawbacks that we encounter in the course of the day sometimes make us just sit back and wish they would go away in time. When they don't, they condition us to live with them as a "fact of life." Sometimes we'd rather live with these irritants than take the risk of seeking new ways or foraying into new worlds. But big, insurmountable problems can embolden us to try new ways, conquer new worlds, venture forth into uncharted territorities as far as our menu of actions is concerned. Had I not encountered an abyss, or come up against an impassable wall as far as my career was concerned, I would still have wallowed in the mire and justified it as "a fact of life."

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