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Anonymous Diary Blog / Vacationing in Bohol
« on: May 19, 2008, 08:07:25 PM »
I arrived here in Bohol on April 30 day before the fiesta in Tagbilaran.I sure enjoy my vacation so much.Daghan kaon.We had fiesta here in Tagbilaran and my class reunion been a success.Dako ko kaayo gasto sagdi lang na enjoy man sad ko.Nagfiesta sad mi sa amo island pangangan last may 13.I even take my little girl to the flores de mayo and and she enjoy playing the angel.Bring back to my memories sa gamay pa ko segi flores mag ganay ganay sa simbahan magdala ug buwak Lerio.The highlights of my vacation is the very grand wedding of my niece.Pricilla Richard a.k.a Precious n Polite is one of the Principal sponsor.Too bad she never make it to the reception since she is in such hurry and was leaving for cebu that day after the wedding.
I am happy I finally meet Ms. Pricilla.She is very nice and bubbly I am very proud she is the very first person I meet here in Tubag Bohol.Very nice person and beautiful.I will upload our pictures and post it in here.I am flying back to U.S this week.I be really happy to meet tubag bohol members before I go back to U.S.I post more once I get back in U.S
Maayong Fiesta sa tanan!

By JIM SUHR, Associated Press Writer
13 minutes ago

WEST SALEM, Ill. - Bricks shook loose and fell from buildings. Walls cracked. Books tumbled off shelves. A 5.2 magnitude earthquake centered near this southern Illinois town struck before dawn Friday, rocking skyscrapers in Chicago, 230 miles north of here, but doing little damage and seriously hurting no one.
It was the kind of tremor that might be ignored in earthquake-savvy California, but the temblor shook things up from Nebraska to Atlanta and rattled nerves in Milwaukee, Cincinnati and Louisville, Ky., where bricks toppled to the pavement.

"We thought it (the house) was falling on us, we really did," said 85-year-old Anna Mae Williams, who was shaken awake at 4:37 a.m. in tiny West Salem, six miles from the epicenter.

Dozens of aftershocks followed, including one with a magnitude of 4.6.

The quake is believed to have involved an extension of the New Madrid fault, a network of deep cracks in the earth's surface, the U.S. Geological Survey said. The fault is at the center of the nation's most active seismic zone east of the Rockies, something that's known to Midwest residents, even if they forget it now and then — the last severe earthquake in the region was a 5.0 magnitude quake in 2002.

Williams said she knew exactly what was happening because it reminded her of an earthquake back in 1968. Others had no idea what was going on.

Janet Clem of nearby Mount Carmel thought a nearby power plant had exploded, and was just as afraid when she realized that what she'd heard — "a heck of a rumble then a loud kaboom" — was in fact one of the most powerful earthquakes in Illinois history.

"I'm terrified, I'm not going to lie to you," she said after the earthquake collapsed her porch. "I've never experienced anything like that and I don't want to experience it again."

The earthquake was the talk of towns throughout much of the Midwest.

"I just saw my house just shake. Golly," said Mike Morrow of Mount Carmel, his eyes widening during an aftershock.

Morrow's two-story apartment building was evacuated because of loose and falling bricks. The initial quake woke the 30-year-old and startled his pit bull.

"He was about as scared as I was," Morrow said. "We both just froze."

Though nowhere close to the power of the nation's most famous quakes — including the devastating temblor that hit San Francisco exactly 102 years ago Friday — it was enough to remind people of the risk that exists in the Midwest.

In 1811 and 1812, the New Madrid fault produced a series of earthquakes estimated at magnitude 7.0 or greater said to be felt as far away as Boston. They were centered in the Missouri town of New Madrid (pronounced MAD'-rid), 140 miles southeast of St. Louis.

Experts said that with the much higher population in the Midwest, another major quake along the New Madrid fault zone could destroy buildings, bridges, roads and other infrastructure, disrupt communications and isolate areas.

Road crews in Kentucky and Indiana were out early Friday inspecting bridges and overpasses, and work crews took a close look at skyscraper construction sites in Chicago.

Early homeowner damage claims received by State Farm, the largest provider of earthquake coverage in the area, were mostly for cracks in drywall and foundations, spokeswoman Missy Lundberg said.

Many residents said they felt helpless.

"I tell you, it was scary," said Williams. "There was no warning at all."

David Behm of Philo, 10 miles south of Champaign, said he was awakened by the quake.

"Windows were rattling, and you could hear it," he said. "The house was shaking inches. For people in central Illinois, this is a big deal. It's not like California."

General Topic / The difference between Rich/Poor people?
« on: April 17, 2008, 02:11:58 PM »
The Difference between Rich/Poor People?

One day, the father of a very wealthy family took his son on a trip to the country with the express purpose of showing him how poor people live.

They spent a couple of days and nights on the farm of what would be considered a very poor family.

On their return from their trip, the father asked his son, "How was the trip?"

"It was great, Dad."

"Did you see how poor people live?" the father asked.

"Oh yeah," said the son.

"So, tell me, what did you learn from the trip?" asked the father.

The son answered:
"I saw that we have one dog and they had four.

We have a pool that reaches to the middle of our garden and they have a creek that has no end.

We have imported lanterns in our garden and they have the stars at night.

Our patio reaches to the front yard and they have the whole horizon.

We have a small piece of land to live on and they have fields that go beyond our sight.

We have servants who serve us, but they serve others.

We buy our food, but they grow theirs.

We have walls around our property to protect us; they have friends to protect them."

The boy's father was speechless.

Then his son added, "Thanks Dad for showing me how poor we are."

General Topic / Behave with civility
« on: March 29, 2008, 01:46:08 PM »
I can't post reply on the topic about T.B miracle regarding name calling and rude comment.There are many venues on the Internet where one may behave as uncharitably as one desires. T.B is not one of them for sure.We maybe disagree with other people opinion but thats other people opinion.It's important to remain cool.The T.B expect member to behave with civility.In practice this means striving to deliver our comments here with as much charity as we can muster.
It is very important to be more charitable with your nieghbors.

"Win an argument and lose a soul."
-- Bishop Fulton Sheen

"Love without truth would be blind; truth without love would be like 'a clanging cymbal.'"
-- Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Homily

"Preach the gospel at all times, and, when necessary, use words."
-- St. Francis (attributed)

"You know well enough that our Lord does not look so much at the greatness of our actions, nor even at their difficulty, but at the love with which we do them."
-- St. Therese of Lisieux

"Though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I could move mountains, but have not charity, I am nothing.... Love does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil.... Love bears all things ... endures all things. So faith, hope, charity abide, these three; but the greatest of these is charity."
-- St. Paul (1 Cor. 13:2, 5, 7, 14)

"Always be prepared to make a defense to anyone who calls you to account for the hope that is in you, yet do it with gentleness and reverence."
-- St. Peter (1 Pet. 3:15; RSV-CE)

Bohol Tourism | Bohol Travel & Tour / Nahitabo na ni Ninyo?
« on: September 06, 2007, 05:36:59 AM »
Di lang kay kas-a lang ni nahitabo sa akoa kundi makatulo.Last nakong uli sa Bohol one time nag adto ko sa Bohol quality nangutana sa sales clerk ug naa ba silay baligya antena sa T.V unya iyaha ko giingnan nga naa daw pero ernie baron nalang ang available dayong katawa ug apil iya mga kauban nangatawa.So ing ingon ko pwede motan-aw but then giignore jud ko nila siguro sa ila tan-aw dili ko ka afford kay nagsuot man ko ug kinasimplihan nga sinina.Then ikaduhang hitabo sa ICM namili ko ug t-shirt kay ako dalhon balik diri pasalubong sa akong bana.Nakapili na unta ko pero gisunod ug hipos sa salesclerk nga dalang mug ot.Akong giingnan nga miss ako nang paliton pero wala ko paminawa gipadayon jud niya ug panghipos ang t-shirt ug iya ko gibiyaan.Lagot unta pero siguro feeling adto niya di ko ka afford kay same thing di ko kaayo spoting ug wa siguro ko kapasar sa ilang standard look nga customer.I once work as salesclerk sa Davao city but wala jud koy gi look down nga customer bisan pa ug nagkabulingit ang namili kay customer is always right.Then ikatulo nga higayon sa Tubigon nag atang mi ug Bus gikan mi adto sa cebu nanagdok sa Senior kami ako anak ug akong inahan.Karon dihay bus nga kinapunuan ang condoctor giguyod mi padung sa bus kay molarga na kono.Pagtan-aw nako nga puno ing ingon ko nga wala namay lugar na dong.Giingnan raman ko sa tonto nga soksok lang maam kay daghan man mangawas sa calape.Nahigh blood jud ko atong tungora ug akong giaway ang condoctor ug akong giingnan nga wala ba ka kita nga nagtiad tiad na ko kay buntis ko unya akong anak gamay kinahanglan ni palingkoron plus akong inahan edaran na unya imo lang mi pugson ug pasoksok pakombabiton anang bus.Hunahunaa Do una ang inyo pasahero usa ang kwarta kay mobayad ba mo kung maunsa ko or akong anak ug di akong inahan.Last pasensya na jud to nako siguro sa nahitabo nako samtang nagbakasyon sa atua.Wala pa toy labot tong dihay babae nga arte kaayo ug dagway ingduol sa akoa nangutana kung german ba daw akong bata nga gibitbit ingon ko nga kaliwat ani german pero naa sa america nagpuyo ang amahan.Karon iya ko gipangutana kung asa ang inahan,ingon dayon ko nga ako ang inahan.Pagtubaga raman ko ug aw abi nako ug yaya ra ka.hehehe Naaan jud ug yaya mas maayo ning maaan ta yaya kaysa arte unya wa diay sulod ang bulsa.Usa pong higayon diay paingon na mi mouli sa ako anak nagshopping sa ICM karon wa pa gani ko mahuman pamutang sa ahong pinalit gipakawas mi sa tricycle kay dihay duha ka foreigner mosakayay pud.Pastilan neng mentalidad sa ubang natong kaliwat lisod hunahunon.Kamo naa mo ikashare nga ingon ani sa nahitabo sa akoa.

General Topic / Ang PROMDI sa U.S
« on: September 05, 2007, 04:13:33 AM »
It is sad that the media,t.v and movies shows more of American lavish,rich city lifestyle and hardly show the american country living.When I arrived here 6 years ago I was happy as a clam.It's not because I finally arrive in America but because I finally reunited to the person I wanna spend my whole lifetime with  and the moment I step on his parents home(I live with my soon to be husband parents before we got married)I look around and sigh "What a quite ,beautiful place.I think some people back home would maybe cry when they realize how isolated the place is and all you see is the cornfield and soybeans field and hardly see any neighbor.For some reason I hardly miss home part of it because this place remind me of the place in Bohol where I grow up.The corn remind me of my parents and grandma's cornfield back in the island .It's like living in Bohol without your neighbors.Soon I meet my neighbor here.They were just like my neighbors back home.They welcome me like a princess .They give me lot;s of warm cloths for the winter.One farmer even give me Mama rabbit which I find really sweet of him.The rabbit give birth to 7 bunnies a week later and it keep multiflying.We live in the country sorrounded by small towns.Everybody knows everybody.When I got married almost 3 months after I arrived here people pouring in on our reception wishing us goodluck.
My husband called himself Promdi.Yes we are Promdi.People in big city think we  are hillbillies.I remember talking to a filipina in New York and when she know I live in the farm she said something about")so you live in the Bundok kawawa ka naman.Taga Bukid pala husband mo.When some filipina friends in the city visit my place they always made a comment about.Ay Raquel kung ako magpuyo diri,magsegi siguro ko ug hilak or basin mabuang ko,or di gyud ko kaantus magpuyo aning lugara nga kamingaw ba.I sure can't stand living this kind of place in the middle of the knowhere one pinay friend say.I always find their comment hilarious.Maybe it just depend on someone personality.Maybe depend where you grow up too.
What I like most about this place is the people around me. The farmers and the people living in the country are the true american.They were very humble.They sure remind me of us Bol-anon.They were kind and hardworking people.People knock on your door here bringing you food or some farm produce even people stop by and give us meat.When they see you on the road they always wave their hands and always have big smile on their face and ask How are you today!They were always helpul.I had many trips of my kids in tot to macdonald and I always find someone offer me help to walk with me and hold my children hands towards the car,sometimes carry the infant carrier for me.Every summer we grows vegestable and sweet corn and we always bring those produce to the city and give it to the filipino friends.I even grow batong here and tangad even Opo.Whats funny is my mother inlaw love growing tangad as her ornamental plant and even camote too she think its as beautiful vine.Would you beleive they sale baho baho here and they think its a flower plant heheheh.After I give birth I always find my neighbors here knocking on my door bringing gifts for my kids and most of all they always bring dinner for me and my family because they think I am busy to cook dinner and just got home from the hospital.We are close knit community here.Everybody help everybody.Aside from that most people living in my area are devoted catholic.We always observe the catholic tradition here,the feast days and the holy day of obligation.I always go with my mother inlaw every wednesday and we do the Eucharistic adoration and the rosary.My husband and I and the children always pray the family rosary everyday.It's okey  to miss the meal than miss the rosary.People go to church here every sunday,what sad is that we dont have station priest around.One priest in 3 parishes.We keep praying for more vocation because the priest here is getting old ,retiring and dying.
My husband always feel happy when we had filipino company.We invite our filipino friends mostly bol-anon and cebuano to come over to our place and we make lechon for them.My husband had cousins who is a hog farmer so we purchase pig for them for only 15 dollar 40 lbs.We usually purchase 3 pigs so one for lechon and the two pigs for bring house.They voucher(ihaw) it here and cut it up and divide.The only thing my husband don't like about our Pinoys visitors is they want to voucher the pigs itself with the sharp knife.American don;t like us handling the knife it scares them let alone let him hold and rustle the pigs while this brave pinoy try to stick those knife on pig neck and save the blood.It;s surely gross him and beside he think they were torturing the poor pig.We sure have our own fiesta here in my place complete with lechon and kareoke.My husband and few american neighbor like our dishes except the dinuguan and the fried fish with head on it.My inlaws said that the fish eye keep looking on them.Our feasta start when my husband mention to one filipina in St. Louis that we had pot belly pig(sure look like our bisaya pig) and one day we got tired of feeding him.Note; we only feed the pig with table scrap and corn but the pig just keep getting bigger and bigger so we decided we will get rid of him.We name him Arnold.We publish Arnold on the paper for adoption and a kind hearted guy adopt him.Pot Belly Pig is a pet not  food at least thats what american think.We voucher the white breed pigs for lechon it was good.My husband prefer to shot the pig with his handgun than torturing it slowly just like what we do when we ihaw the pig.We never had feasta this year,we are to busy and in the process of moving in in other house, still on the farm.After Arnold we become poster parents to countless pot belly pigs ang give them away once someone is willing to adopt them.Most pinoy react on this and said I can;t beleive you give the pig away we could eat them and have lechon.
These Filipino friends also feel at home at my homestead because once you get into my place you will see my big chapel.This is my husband gift to me when I get here.He buy a big statue of Mother Mary as tall as me 5 ft. complete with altar and station of the cross in church auction for 30 dollar.This thing cost a fortune but nobody bid against him so he bought it dirt cheap.What I like about country people is they prefer buying cheaper things than those expensive brand.They value their hardwork.I think so too that it;s rediculous to buy expensive stuff esp. if you cant hardly afford them.We enjoy garage sale here and second hand store.We like clearance sale the most.I remember one time I mention to my Pinay friend that I buy all my children cloths in garage sale it;s cheap and she  said to me about "yuk I am not buying other people junk.I prefer to buy it in the mall those branded one."I know her very well and she is not even rich back home.Lot's of filipina here too ,ridiculed about going to garage sale and second hand store as degrading.I was more impress with my farmers neighbor because not only  they have tons of money but they were very humble.(Ang mabaw nga sapa saba ang lawom hilom.)
When one farmer got sick and can;t plant or harvest his crop all the farmers had to pitch in and help.When one is sick in the community we always throw a fundraising dinner to help.Really nice community indeed.I know most people here even though my closest neighbor live about a mile from my house.I feel like a celebrity in my area.Everybody know me.I remember the last time I went home in Philippines vacationing in Bohol and happen to have mud slide in leyte and the people see the news on T.V my husband said that our phone keep ringing, all the neighbors call and ask if I am okey.They sure worry about me and they think philippines is that small.Everytime there is news about philippines all my neighbors sometimes the whole city in my area would check if my family back home is okey.News and gossip can travel as fast as the lightning here too.Divorce is uncommon where I live.In fact my inlaws just celebrate their 50th anniversary this year.This place sure remind me of home.One friend from calape visit me here and say said something about Wow raquel this place is just like home..And I reply oh yeah we are PROMDI here.

Introduce Yourself / Ang sugilanon sa akong kinabuhi heheheh
« on: September 03, 2007, 12:11:47 PM »
Thank you kaayo sa inyong welcome isip bag ong magtatampo aning Tubag Bohol.Makapadayag na jud ko sa ahong gibati diri nga di ko magworry ug wrong ba ahong grammar kay I am sure kasabot tanan makabasa ani nga membro.

Nakamatngon ko ug buot sa Pangangan isla sa Calape.My childhood memory is really Happy bisan daghan kalisod naagian.Tam-is kaayo balik balikan ang mga nangagi like ang pagpanginhas namo ug aninikad sa hunasan,manglokot sahay mag ubog sa dagat hadlok unhan sa silingan, mangilaw,maligo dagat nga maghubo tanan kay hadlok sakpan sa inahan nga naligo ug dagat unsaon hinumanon lagi bisan giingnan di maligo maligo jud,mamayabas kauban sa mga silingan sahay pa gani mangawat ug butong perti,unya mangahoy sa katunganan or mangahoy ug pawa or bukong sa lubi,tempong buwanon magduwa patentiro ug tumba lata ug ang mas enjoy kay ang manulo magabii magdala ug petromax ug dili man gani manulo ug sigay kay ibaligya para makakwarta,mamuwak ug lubi,momata ug sajo kay mamuwak pud ug mangga sa silingan ug di man gani mamuwak ug antipo.But the one I treasure most is the Angelus ug ang Birhen sa Barangay nga mag aurora magabii,labi na pud ang Birhen sa Fatima nga isuroy kara bay unja rosaryohan,leader ni sa pangaje ba,tempong Mayo magflores de mayo diin magganay ganay intawon mi mga dalaga ug mga bata magda ug buwak nga lerio or kalatsutsi.I also enjoy the Holy week,kalag kalag ,christmas momota ug sajo kaajo kay magbaktas pa intawon layo para di raman mapalta ang simbang gabi,ug bag ong tuig.

People in Pangangan know how active I am sa church activities.During high school year every saturday routine na jud na nako nga moadto sa simbahan mahapon kay manghinlo ug magbutang ug bulak sa altar.Grupo mi maghinlo sa akong mga cousins.I think wa jud koy dominggo na napalta ko ug simba.I am thankful sa ahong inahan nga grabeh jud iyang push nako nga magdebosyon sa Mahal nga Birhen.Pagtuo jud sa akong mga kaila esp.high school classmates nga magmadre ko which I also consider nga basin naa koy vocation.But doubtful pud ko kay nagmadre naman gud akong usa ka sister.

After high school I went to davao city to pursue college.Tanan nakong church activity na miss jud nako but  I was happy also kay akong gipoy an sa Davao duol ra kaayo sa Redemptorist church.Then all of the sudden nahunong ko sa ahong pagtuon kay nagmenyo ang naggasto nako nga igsoon.He wants me to go back to Bohol but I decided magpabilin ko sa Davao kay manarbaho nalang ko.It;s not easy kung wa kay mahuman kay kita man tuod ta work but dili jud ka maregular always ka contract unya ma lay off after sa imo termino.I grow up with my niece back sa Bohol ug bisan tuod awayon mi sa una but we know we really care each other.I felt bad nga paghuman niya high school wala siya nakatungha dayon ug college tungod kay wa lagi igasto.So I tell her to come to Davao para mo chase mi sa among dream.She deserve to be in school kay I know utokan jud siya.Among sabot nga ako nalang magwork ako siya paeskwelahon kay mas bright pa siya nako ug inig human niya ako napud moeskwela.It's an ultimate sacrifice.Daghan jud mi pagsuway naagian nga ni bisan usa ka paryente wala jud mi kaduolan sa Davao kay kami kami ra jud naningkamot didto.

Dihay time nga para maigo among budget mokaon ra mi ug biscuit magabii para makaabot among bugas sa tingsweldo.I am proud kay nakaya jud nako siya ug paeskwela sa University of Mindanao ug year after nakakuha siya ug full free tuition fee.I am glad also nga nakatrabaho ko as Promo sa hanes which contract man tuod imo status but magsegi ra ka ug renew bisan dili maregular continue gihapon ang imo work.Sahay kung malate akong sweldo mag atubang nalang mi duha maghinilakay but we never give up.

The more nga maglisod ka the more pud ka mo cling sa Ginoo.Akong sweldo igo ra jud sa among kaon,pamasahe,ug rent sa boarding house but I was so contented sa akong life and more happy bisan muna muna unsaon nag chase lagi sa dream.And How I ended up nga namenyo ko ug american?well according sa akong family sa gamay pa kono ko magsegi ingon ahong amahan nga kining bataa kung modako mamenyo ni ug amerikano(maybe its his prophetic word).My dad passed away when I was only 9 years old.I witness how death slowly swallow his fragile body.He has lung cancer.I am the youngest sa walo nako ka igsoon.

Then one time sa buhi pa akong amahan I run to him ug ing ingon ko niya nga Tay inig dako nako magmadre ko.Klaro jud kaayo sa reaction sa akong amahan nga supak siya sa ahong plano so after that I never even mention once to him about magmadre.Then when I was in grade one akong teacher nanganak unya ang ing sub teacher dalaga.Karon diha diay to siya penpal nga kano iya gidala sa school ug first time jud to nako nakakita ug american siguro nga ambot namang gwapuha.Ingon dayon ko sa akong kaugalingon nga magmenyo nalang ko kano kay gwapo man sila oi murag nawong ni Jesus hehehe.Back in Davao again,wala jud ko mobiya sa akong debosyon sa mahal nga Birhen gani like sundays wa jud pud koy palta mosimba ug novena ma merkules sa Inahan sa Kanunay Panabang.Then sa hapit na mahuman akong pag umangkon ug college I suddenly realize nga hala maot siguro ko kay bisan usang laki wa may nanguyab nako hehehe looy sa.

As we grow older mausob usob man atong dream.Back in my mind nagdream ko nga lami siguro kung mamenyo ko taga Bohol ra sad kay I really miss bohol so much.Ako jud gihipatik sa ahong utok nga basin mamenyo sa ko ug silingan namo or classmates or schoolmate namo sa pangangan.Daghan ko crush back home.I feel bitter lang kay ang laki nga akong macrush kay murag they treat me man like dirt for example I have big crush on this certain classmates ug iya jud ko ginawong nga if ako kono menyuan niya tapusan sa kono ko ug pangadye usa siya magpakasal nako,and other guy which he is my binata nga uyab uyab once told my niece sa katong gisungog siya sa ako ngan ingon daw ang okoy nga asa naman si raquel kay ako to siya dalhon taliwala lawod ug akong batobatoan.

How mean!Since I have lot;s of relatives sa Surigao once in great while mobakasyon ko didto ug this guy I know for sure he like me.Back sa surigao sweet kaayo mi but one day sa nagwork ko sa mall I saw him there kay nagpa enroll siya college sa davao.I was hoping nga malipay siya makakita nako but guess what ingdagan ug ingtago jud ang okoy nga murag nahadlok or iya ba kaha ko gikaulaw.His sister is one of my good friend.Not only kay kas a ra to niya gibuhat but twice.Nakaingon ko sa akong kaugalingon nga maot jud siguro ko kay sahay baya maibog ko sa akong mga kauban sa work nga dalia ra ba nilang makauyab oi unya kanunay sila naay sondo.

According sa akong mga co worker very old fashion kono ko heheh.Madrihono kono ko manglihok ug kung moestorya ko maila daw nila Diosnon ko.Also I think picky sad ko kung kinsa akong gusto i date kay ako lagi gusto taga Bohol or dili man gani kanang relihiyoso.I even try asking information sa akong amigo nga pari sa redemptorist kung madawat ba ko ug pagkamadre unya nagpareserve na jud ko ug retreat adto kay feeling nako adto nga time wala ko uyab kay basin naa ko calling.Ang nakapakgang usa nga wa ko kasulod kay wala koy nahuman nga bachelor degree.

Back tuod sa nagschooling pa ko college ang uyab sa akong igsoon segi pamugos magpapublish kono ko sa penpal magazine.Wala ko mosunod sa iya giingon kay first bata pa ko adto unya nawala akong interest pud ug foreigner that time but segi jud siya pamugos till siya na mismo nag fill up adtong application sa penpal magazine.Unya man tuod sa nagstart na ko work nakadawat ko ug sulat sa mga american, I was very disappointed kay medyo mga edaran na nanulat nako unya divorce.I practice and live by my faith.I only wrote to one guy from california.But soon as we exchange letters he realize I am good catch but my problem with him is he is divorce.We never continue writting then.Grabeh pud diay novena sa akong Igsoon madre nako adto nga giyahan unta kono ko nga moundang ug sulat sulat adtong lakiha ug tuod Gidungog jud sa Ginoo.

Sa nag 3rd year na akong niece sa college I dont know why I had this urge nga magmenyo jud ko.I remember ang gisulti sa akong high school teacher nga dapat daw i pray nato atong future life partner.Everyday jud ko sukad paghigh school maghalad ug pangadye sa ahong future life partner.Then everytime naa ko sa church esp. kung magnovena ako jud ipakapin ug pangayo sa Ginoo nga Lord kung mamenyo man gani ko bahala unsa ka pobre basta kabalo raman morosaryo ug kanang mosimba ug mahadlukod nimo kanunay.Oh Mother of Perpetual Help giyahe intawon ko sa laki nga para jud nako.

Then 2 years sukad ko ing undang ug sulat sulat atong kano one day akong sister inlaw nagdala ug sulat para nako.She work in one company nga akong gitrabahuan sa una unya 2 years na jud ing agi sukad ko nalay off.Kung wala siya masakit dili to niya makit an nga sulat.Nasakit siya so ing adto siya sa admin office kay magfile ug sick leave unya matud pa niya nakita kono niya ang sulat nga nakaadress sa akoa unya iya gipunit sa lamesa kay ilabayay na unta kono diay to kay way ingclaim.The day is sept.8,2000 nga nadawat nako to nga sulat.Gikan ko work unya natingala ko kay kay way nakabutang nga return address ang akoa rang ngalan.Until now nagwonder pa jud ko kinsa nagpadala adto nako.Mao ni dakong pangutana.Pag abli nako sa sulat ang akong nakita magazine nga daghan nakalaray mga dagway sa american nga nangita ug penpal.I fixed my eyes to only one guy ang kinamautan sa tanan.Ingon dayon ko nga kini mao ni siya akoa.heheheh pagbasa nako sa iya profile ang nakabutang is I am a Farm Laborer,I live in isolated place.

I am looking for a good catholic girl who enjoy gardening,and so on...First jud nakong gibati nga kalooy ba ani niya dugay raman diay ni nagpaabot nako hhehehe.then after that  my feeling vanished kay nakahunahuna ko nga namenyo or nakakita namans iguro ni siya ug asawa oi.Akong niece ug akong sister inlaw ingtabang ug pamili sa mga litrato nga possible prospect nga mabana kono lagi nako.Kini quel kay doctor or kiri kay gwapo kaayo pero sa usa ra jud ko ka hulagway nakadesisyon nga mao ra to siya ako sulatan.Ing ingon dayon ko nga kini ra si Gregory akoa kay pareha ming pobre mas angayan ko ani niya.Gidala pa jud nako ang magazine sa ako gitrabahuan kay ako gipakita sa mga kauban sus naggubot sila ug pamili adtong mga big time oi.Ako gi cut ug siguro ang ako napili adto pero ako sila gipakita sad ug puro jud biay biay akong nadungog adto nga time."Ha kana imo maot man na oi.

Tan-awa ang dagway murag libat"Quel karon pa raman na immagine na ka namo nga nagpas an sako sa mais unya gaguyod sa imong mga anak.Mao jud ni usa sa mga sulti sa akong kauban sa trabaho.Unya it takes a months jud usa ko nakadisisyon nga mosulat sa akong napili.Para sigurado nga makabalo ko nga madawat niya ako sulat ako jud gipakapinan sa ubos ug sulat ang akong email address.Tuod man abtan 2 weeks kapin nakadawat ko ug email gikan ni Gregory.

Pastang lipaya nako adto.One reason nga ako siya gipili kay I feel nga ako na jud ang babae iya gipangita,ikaduha pobre siya pareha mi,ikatulo ug ang pinakaka importante catholic siya,ulitawo.According pa sa iya letter and email sa ako kay hapit na kono siya mo give up nga bisan man diay kono abroad which he hope makita niya ang woman of his dream never exist kono but na change ang tanan pagkabasa niya sa akong first letter.He receieve 22 letters sa mga filipina and according to him wala jud daw naghisgot about faith,about being catholic instead gibutang pa didto unsa ila zodiac sign.

I state jud sa akong first letter niya nganong I am good catholic ug akong gisaysay ang akong mga activities sa simbahan.Na impress jud akong future nga bana.One more thing he even said that even filipina daw mamili kono lagi ug good life kay most of those doctors and attorney nagpapublish nakareceive ug 300 to 400 letters.Guess what akong mga kauban sa work nga nagsuwat adto nila bisan anino sa reply wala jud.When I start knowing him thru letters and email ingsamot ko ka impress niya nga he really know the faith,then I realize nga basic ra jud atong nabal-an sa atong pag tuo.I gain so much from him especially my spirituality,I learn a lot about the catholic faith.First jud letter nga ako nadawat ni Gregory it contain catholic prayer book,pictures sa Blessed Virgin I felt so bless.

February 2001 Greg visit mi sa Bohol.I was in Davao sa nagsinulatay mi but he prefer nga iya ko i meet sa Bohol para mameet niya ako Inahan ug ubang kabanay as sign of respect.That year also 2001 mograduate tay akog niece sa college.Gipangayo ni Greg ang akong kamot sa akong inahan nga kung mosugot ba kono si nanay nga mahimo kung asawa niya.He is very humble.He live by his faith and practice what he truely believe.Before ko ing anhi sa U.S nag retreat jud ko.

It's important for young people who plan to get married to have retreat dili lang kay sa religious people ang retreat but also sa mga batan-on nga mangayo ug giya sa Ginoo.I know God show me the stage of life nga akong padungan diing ang kamenyoon.We got married sept.8,2001 the year after I receive the magazine.Everybody  here know for sure sept.8 is the feast of the nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.I was even baptized on sept.8,1979.

God is the planner and we are here to accomplish his plan for be continued......

Introduce Yourself / Proud Bol-anon
« on: September 02, 2007, 12:59:43 PM »
My names is Raquel 100% Bol-anon.I am glad I found this site.Glad to see all Boholano's and Boholana here.I live in Illinois ,U.S.A . Folk kung kita gani mo sakyanan nga ang plate number BOHOL 2 illinois state ako na.Well  I am busy mom.Ajong adlaw sa tanan....

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