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LGU Philippines / Re: Martial Law and it's effect.
« on: March 16, 2010, 08:28:54 PM »

hello, bnc.  sa ako pong nabasa, tinuod, pero dili tanan.  example na ang cambodia.  ug pinas opkors.  naa poy lain-laing klase nga martial law.  military junta nga klaro sa cambodia, pareha sa chile sa una.  sa ato, civilian dictatorship supported by the military.  nagpaka-aron-ingnon ang atoa kay di na man gustong manaog si lolo makoy.  diha na man sa pagkasakit niya nga nag-andam siyag kasulatan nga i-turnover niya kang imelda ang poder. 

para nako, morag lisod pag-conclude nga martial law ang nakapalambo atong mga malamboon nga nasod nga nakaagig martial law.  the same reasoning can be used for the opposite--- nanglambo pod ang mga nasod nga wa makaagig martial law, ug mas daghan pa ni sila.         

LGU Philippines / Re: Martial Law and it's effect.
« on: March 16, 2010, 08:13:43 PM »
klaroha na lang kuno ninjo og baki ba injong ipuli.  kun lisod, i volunteer my beauty!

LGU Philippines / Re: Villar was never a Tondo poor boy
« on: March 16, 2010, 08:00:05 PM »
truly real dark.  mora nag nasilihan akong mata sa kahadlok palandungon.  ambot, anus-a pa kaha tawon ta makakat-on.  lahi na man unta ang generation karon, naa na man untay mga bag-ong botante.  maybe there is still hope?  i mean, banat, noynoy, banat! 

sukad karon, mahadlok na gyod ko mokanta sa atong bayang magiliw.  natural ang akong pagkayabag.  ikiha ba pod ko tungod kay di mao akong tono? 

ang star-spangled banner sa u.s. gigamit sa unang panahon sa rock opera nga 'hair'.  if i remember right, naay mga lines sa u.s. national anthem nga gigamit sa kanta.  maajo kay wa makiha ang composer, lyricist, ug singers ato. 

wa man pod tingaliy nikiha ni wonder woman nga u.s. flag man intawon ang iyang costume nga morag bathing suit.  pasuwaya si darna ug gamit ug bathing suit nga ang design philippine flag, tingalig ma-calaboose siya sa ato. 

while the nhi must carry out its duties, there's got to be some limit on how far it could go in the matter of implementation.  the spirit of the law as against the letter of the law, matod pa.  di sapajan nga morag inquisition. 

kanyahay ra usahay tawgon hinoon na sila ug national hysterical institute.   

Love Talk / Re: An Open Love Letter for an Unknown Woman
« on: March 16, 2010, 04:41:56 PM »
hello, frog lovers.  mosaliat ko, ha?  with your permission---

usahay ra ba, ning baki frog prince diay.  kana kun mosukol mog hawok.

usahay pod, naay baki ng prince diay sa una.  kana kun kinsay mohawok.  

so tulo ra gyod ang klase sa baki:  frog prince, prince frog, ug frog frog.  take your pick!

solution sa vagina dentata, in case ang mga macho makatunong intawon:  paliti dayon ug regalo ang baje ug item nga gitawag ug dentata toothbrasum. additional safety measure: anti-tetanus vaccination.  for her, for him.  no greater love hath been born...

sakto tuod.  ang apan lang, arang luoja sa pag-welding.  motipas unja, sa bogan mataod, my goodness.  papilion pa jud ka sa shop--- oro, plata, mata?  sigurohon lang gyod nga oro, aron di matay-an.  unya, di na mistah ang tawag kundi--- the man with the golden gun. 

kahoy, aquarius, kahoy.

hahaha!  at least, sayop og sajop, nagamit nimo, bai hubs.  naklaro imong pagka-mestizo ani da.  the idiom?  allow me my two-cents' worth:  you nailed the coffin to my head. ;D

Bible Study / Re: Bible Study: Tubag Bohol Version
« on: March 16, 2010, 03:48:50 PM »
kana diay imong feet, ms da binsi, are those for dancing (ice dancing?  figure skating?  ballet?  tango?  lambada?) or are they for kickboxing?  just asking.  mora man god ug makawingig.  kinahanglan wa gyoy magpabuing-bu**** dinha kay, nah! :-X

Bible Study / Re: Bible Study: Tubag Bohol Version
« on: March 16, 2010, 03:45:28 PM »
hehehe.  i have hair fit for karapata.  kuto bites not so damaging.  karapata, whew, morag dracula.  that's what my hair is for.  (takes six months for it to be combed again.  saves me a good number of trips to the beauty parlor, aw, beauty spa diay.) ;D

Bible Study / Re: Bible Study: Tubag Bohol Version
« on: March 16, 2010, 02:00:39 PM »
hahaha! ;D  at least shure ko nga naay motambayayong sa akong pagpanaw.  thanks, tubagbohol.  and thanks, ms da binsi and bai hubag, for calling me ms isle.  class, klasmets.

hahaha! ;D  glad the headlines weren't that way.  ahat unyag kadaghan ang mga screaming fairies from our ranks.  simbako!  thanks for the insights, chig. :)

Bible Study / Re: Bible Study: Tubag Bohol Version
« on: March 16, 2010, 01:34:32 PM »

and thanks for your quick attention, grazie7y, ms da binsi, etc.  (for a while there i thought i was going to have a heart attack.  haaaaay!)  :o


take your pick:  nagtakoban ba kaha to nga si michelangelo, raphael, donatello, o si leonardo tong ilang gisulong?  o si master splinter ba hinoon?  

i'll look at the bright side:  maayo na lang kay di usa ka battalion ang misulong ug wa gyoy backhoe nga gigamit.  ;D  


Detained Activist Says He Boarded Whaling Ship to Arrest Captain[/i].

The news of an American who runs an English school and was arrested for child pornography is headlined, English School Manager Indicted for Filming Child Porn.

On the other hand, crimes of US military personnel are identified as such even in headlines, Two US Marines Arrested in Okinawa over Drunken Driving.

There does seem to be varying standards on what constitutes discrimination. While Japan meticulously avoids abrading the sensibilities of compatriots of apprehended criminals, it routinely publishes nationality, age and gender requirements for job adverts (which is banned in other countries).

If I were the editor, the headline for this article should perhaps read, Bigamist Deported for Visa Fraud. The main offense of the foreigner as far as the Philippine government is concerned is visa fraud. Bigamy, which can be proven only in his country of origin, is a civil offense for which he is answerable to his own government.

whew!  this is what you'd call 'hitting the nail right on the head'.  kudos for sense and sensibility. :D 

and i hope yours isn't a generalization too, chicogon. :D

(thanks for the tip on dreamworks' patalastas.) :)


bay hubs, with due respect, trumpeting i believe isn't so apt.  the trumpeteer's real identity isn't there for everyone to know anyway, so the sound may just fall on equally unidentified deaf ears.

jelly bean is simply lamenting the fact that when foreigners commit crimes they are front page headlines in our local papers while those who do good are hardly accorded even a burial in the inside pages.  and she/he is right, generally speaking. 

your fan,


and this one's for laughs, if i may---

imagine also how our macho fil-am brothers would have felt if hasty generalizations apply in the u.s. in the case of the unlamented andrew cunanan.  (remember?)  what if it were said that, with exceptions of course (the usual apology), fil-am machos tend to be gay gigolos?

ugh.  (with due respect to gianni versace... and to all of you there, fil-am machos.  this is just that, a mere supposition.  what disappoints or hurts jelly bean could disappoint and hurt us too.) 

as for generalizations of stereotypes against foreigners, please accept my apologies and plea for understanding, jelly bean.  give us time.  we've been down; now we have nowhere to go but up, in terms of urbanization and being urbane and just about everything else.  nations tend to correct themselves in progression.  it must have been unthinkable for american southern belles before not to have slaves fan them during summers.  let it be said that in my country owning slaves isn't part of our dark (no pun intended) heritage, thankfully. 

but then again i feel your pain (with apologies to bill clinton).  imagine how i felt when i came across a statement of marlon brando years ago, and i was nowhere near the u.s. at that time, "that they are not wily, like the filipinos," when he apologized for a racial slur he made against jews.

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