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peligro.  addicting ra ba gyod kuno ning cosmetic surgery.  one can never stop.  every flaw, real or imagined, mostly imagined, iparetoke gyod dayon, kuno, and it's very expensive.  imagine how silly some hollywood celebs have become.  melanie griffith and priscilla presley easily come to mind.

i do not know this girl nor have i seen her or her picture anywhere else, pero kun kining picture niya wa i-edit, mora gyod tawon siyag cyborg.  kasayo ba tawon niyang feeling old.  sayang.  i wouldn't call this grooming.  this is narcissism to the max.

 if only for that, arang lisora gyod tuod kun mao niy national youth leader.     

laughing here too.  lingaw god kaayo ko anang imong dance in the snow. 

gotta hit the sack now.  it's the wee hours of the morning here.  matarantar unya kog tawgon kog kalit ni juwa kay gidaman diay siya.  guten nacht!  (ingon akong miga, mas maayo kuno kung kuhaon ang g sa guten.) 

Mas maayo nga mawa ang mga aliporis ug sampid sa tb. mas hadluk sila compared sa aliens. naglagut na ko hapit. ggrrrrhhhhhh

hahaha!  lingaw ko sa imong ggrrrhhhh.  mahadlok man sad nimo ani ang mga aliporis ug sampid sa tb.  wa galing nila hibaw-i nga ilang mga kandidato aliens diay.     

Facts and Trivia / Re: Your Last Word Is Mine!
« on: April 30, 2010, 12:44:35 AM »
braso de mercedes, sa iyang katam-is
sigurado kong usa kini ka braso
nga kun dako wa kay reklamo.


and Docs cant play God to the patients who wants it too Miss Isles. If i know im dying (like stage 4 CA)  i would go to Switzerland to have the procedure done, thats for sure.

and so i hope that you don't have to go to switzerland for that but for skiing and for total, real spa treatment.  btw, people with spunk and are capable of laughing their way through life may have less chances of getting the big c.  you seem to be one, ms da binsi.  enjoy your dance in the snow. 

it should be banned.  let the dutch decide for themselves.  we cannot play god to fellow human beings.  besides, we have to believe in miracles.  what if the patient could still get well inexplicably, despite the doctors' grim prognosis?

as for euthanasia, hubag bohol version, angay lang mamili ang laki ug virgin bride kun virgin pod siya.  panahon na para inyong i-u-turn inyong utok, mga lalakwe sa mundong itoh.

and those same birds peck at each other, but they flock just the same.

korerek gihapon.  forgiveness has its moments.  and lest we forget, it is a virtue to begin with.  but sometimes it can perpetuate a sin, or a fault if you may, such as what we perceive about our political system.  and it's history that we allowed ferdinand and imelda to flee while in romania they shot nicolae and elena ceausescu.  why, even as a nation we tend to be forgiving and less violent. 

during marcos's time, what was often said in hope was that the next generation can learn and do better.  that next generation is now, in the likes of chatto and relampagos and dan lim, who per my calculation were all students when aumentado was already a politician.  have things changed or do we have more of the same?

Question and Answer / Re: How do you mend a broken heart?
« on: April 29, 2010, 11:12:21 PM »
a bucket of ice cream on top of a barrel of halo-halo.  heaven!  go away, heartbreak.  i have better things to do than to nurture you.  (like attacking the ice cream first and following it up with the ubi jam in the halo-halo.)

LGU Philippines / Re: Enrile: Legarda badmouthed Villar
« on: April 29, 2010, 11:02:26 PM »
arang gyod hinoon kaambisyosa aning bayhana, bahalag unsang paagiha.  pa-sweet-sweet pa.  trabahante gyod hinoon kuno ni siya.  ang ako lang, lisod saligan nga ma-breath away from the presidential seat one who may have been aware that she was marrying someone who became a muslim in order to marry her.  that was her second husband tony leviste, now out on bail after spending time in prison for murder. 

legarda is said to have irked the sisters of tony leviste before because her usual question when she met them was 'buhay pa ba si matanda?', referring to the jilted wife of leviste who lived in the same condominium as they did.  it looks like it wouldn't be easy to trust her kind.   

if this were true, and i suspect it is because it saw print and there are names, then tagbilaran is going to the dogs.  i thought this kind of politics belonged to the dustbins of the 1960s.

ha ha ha comment diay tong nabasa nako nga HERMES iyang bag and daku daw changes sa iyang physical appearance kay nagpa-Belo gyud cya

mao ba?  basig duha ra pod ang mahitabo human ani.  either mamora siyag hitsura ni vicky belo (mora nag cyborg sa ka-artificial) o makidhatan siya ni hayden kho. 

Jokes and Humor / Re: Your naughty joke for the day
« on: April 29, 2010, 03:32:23 PM »
Wala pa tingali apilag kwenta ang mga anak sa gawas, bwahaha! ;D

angay gyod tuod ipa-neuter si tatay ug ipa-spay si nanay. 

Jokes and Humor / Re: Your naughty joke for the day
« on: April 29, 2010, 03:31:03 PM »
       Man or Woman

laki kun sa left side tan-awon, baye kun sa right side.

naa sa lain thread nga iyang bag HERMES and she owns properties and vehicles nga mahalon... murag maka-question napud ta ana oi og dis-a man cya og kwarta pagpalit ana nga pila ra man tawn sweldo og SK president... check out pila ang price sa HERMES bags

basin karong taodtaod, naa na poy thread kun unsay brand sa inyang underwear?

a great post, this one, because the two opposing sides are shown.  di mainsulto or ma-mislead ang readers.

to have these troubles for someone so young... mao nay giingon ug kay nganong ni-enter.  kay ngano pod lagi nga gi-groom man pod sa ginikanan to follow in their footsteps.  create your own political dynasty, and you get what's coming.

this whole shenanigan smells of a political tactician who can go to the lowest of depths to destroy an enemy.  he had tried it before.  he can do it again.   

sure na sure.  mo-vote straight lagi ko, bisag di ko registered sa bohol.  basta lang quiet na mo ha?  promise ha?  peks man and hope to die.

Facts and Trivia / Re: Your Last Word Is Mine!
« on: April 29, 2010, 03:06:02 PM »
hangover kun maoy hisgotan
di ko kasabot nganong ulo nako labad
makatagam tuod ang motagamtam
nga nagpatugatuga sama nako.
di na gyod ko mousab,
kausa na lang!

Question and Answer / Re: How do you mend a broken heart?
« on: April 29, 2010, 02:56:16 PM »
bitaw, some brokenhearted people mend themselves by pigging out.  mao nga ang uban, imbis moniwang, manambok hinoon.  i was told that this is especially true for the october born.  i don't really know how true this is. 

Question and Answer / Re: How do you mend a broken heart?
« on: April 29, 2010, 02:54:02 PM »
lechugas maning mga double post oi!!!!!

hehe, lettuce ra ba ang english sa lechugas.  pagkaon man kaha ang sangpotan ani nga thread?  or maybe, lettuce is good salad for flirting?  bitaw, alycxs, lechon de leche gyod ang double post.  o leche con hielo ba kaha.  (joke)  ;D

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