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Family & Parenting / Re: Catch
« on: May 06, 2010, 08:17:07 PM »

nahuso ba kaha ni hangtod sa ubos?       

Question and Answer / Re: Do you eat Carabao meat?
« on: May 06, 2010, 06:40:54 PM »
baje ug laki, di gyod ko. 

Introduce Yourself / Re: The Significance Of Your Username
« on: May 06, 2010, 06:26:16 PM »

is this really you, lex?  glad you're back, aking pag-asa!  go for 18 lives, man.  alegre na pod tag samot kay mibalik ka nah!  welcome back.  sige lag late akong welcome ha?  di man god ko makabasa sa tanang posts kay tukhi-tukhi ra man ko sa tb mao nga karon pa ta ka nasakpan. :D :D :D

World Daily News / Re: Muslim Face Veil Banned in Belgium
« on: May 06, 2010, 06:06:31 PM »

ROFLMAO here too!  you have nothing more to say except to tell yourself that you got under my skin?  go dream, girl.  i wasn't the one who complained about potshots.  but hold on tight, more winds are coming.  you're not the only one who can blow, girl!  after you, wooooooooooo! ;D ;D ;D


paskang alegreha nimo, gwarz.  punto que punto.  go, go, go! ;D ;D ;D

World Daily News / Re: Muslim Face Veil Banned in Belgium
« on: May 06, 2010, 02:03:50 PM »

what’s so bad about a high horse?  you will let me off the hook on that one?  whew!  no greater love hath she.  it’s just too bad that you perceive my comments as becoming more and more condescending.  (my apologies.)   to think that i believed (so I was wrong then, sorry) that you were the condescending one when you called another race “kagwang”.
thanks for your suggestion that i should rethink and socialize some more.  that’s another rushed conclusion of yours, thinking that people with more inclusive knowledge of things other than those that concern their daily lives are not socializing and thus could not see what “real people’s concerns are”.  (btw, what kind of people are not real?)  oh,  sorry for using your word “lonely”.  (“you must be lonely in the minority”, was how you put it in an earlier post.)

as for socialization, too bad i have more than i could bear.  i’m now in the thick of preparations for a dog show as publicity committee member.  but last night was an interesting dinner over indian fare with the chief justice (the host), a fellow filipino (a tennis player with a masteral degree in physics), and an american couple (a lady lawyer and a banker).  the latter was a very interesting couple who asked my husband and me how we met.  and when i asked them how they met, all hell broke loose.  you bet i learned some more of what “real people’s concerns are”.   

if anything, “people who seem to think they’re the end all, be all of knowledge” and end up admitting that they’re not interested in learning more but have made conclusions based on these meager knowledge are not only lonely, they’re pathetic.

talk to your plants; they listen.  (i do.)  they make us “normal, average human beings”.  but then you already are, judging from your own declarations and your avatar.  if that is you in your avatar, i must say you’re personable.  and that’s a conclusion based only on the picture that i see.  i hope you will also let me off the hook on this one.     

World Daily News / Re: Muslim Face Veil Banned in Belgium
« on: May 06, 2010, 01:54:22 PM »

fine.  everything is a matter of style, so to speak.  (i won’t call your roses “kagwangs” or useless because i have a meager knowledge of roses, though i’m interested in giving myself a chance to learn.)   

we got into this discussion in the first place because of your conclusion about a region and its “kagwangs” for which you eventually admitted you have meager knowledge about nor interested to learn more about.  sure, my knowledge of geopolitics won’t buy me a mansion (not interested; couldn’t maintain it), but neither would your lack of it buy you one.

whoever is blaming anyone here for pursuing what is important to them?  i only wanted to clear up some misperceptions with the little firsthand knowledge that i have.  and yes, we both know that most americans don’t think they’re the center of the world.  to believe otherwise is another form of misperception. 

fyi, i doubt if most filipinos think that everything from the u.s. is better.  i, for one, believe that czech crystals, venetian lace, french perfume, portuguese corks, german cars, swiss mountains, spanish oranges, italian olives, japanese technology, british english, thai sauce, european football, filipino husbands, and american practicality are the best.       

World Daily News / Re: Muslim Face Veil Banned in Belgium
« on: May 06, 2010, 01:48:54 PM »

ugh.  i’m sorry but your logic escapes me here.  i wonder if it’s the sentence construction or the strange scientific process of arriving at a conclusion. 

World Daily News / Re: Muslim Face Veil Banned in Belgium
« on: May 06, 2010, 01:46:21 PM »

not really, because what you perceive as “potshots” are simply my answer to your claim that “i’m very lonely in that minority” for having access to another kind of information.  i only wondered what the basis of this particular claim of yours is.
anyway, if you were not super intellectually curious (you didn’t mention “cleansing of one’s stereotypes”) then you wouldn’t be posting here your ideas and conclusions about other cultures, nor would you be studying roses.  so, fine,  don’t study something that doesn’t interest you (and thus should one not make conclusions sans sufficient basis) because you’re “not wanted” there.  i take it to mean that you’re wanted in the u.s. and by the roses.

oh, i’ve been growing orchids, which i studied formally at the beginning, for the last 18 years.

meanwhile, my apologies for what you perceive as potshots. 

World Daily News / Re: Muslim Face Veil Banned in Belgium
« on: May 06, 2010, 12:12:34 PM »

we share the realization that such human values are not exclusively ours in the first place because not realizing this is opposed to the  “universality of the human experience”.

World Daily News / Re: Muslim Face Veil Banned in Belgium
« on: May 06, 2010, 12:10:28 PM »

spoken like a true immigrant.  (there are of course stereotypes about your kind, but that’s not the point here and, well, i’ve always abhorred stereotypes.) 

congratulations, then, for growing up amid this supposed moral squalor and coming out good somewhere else, and then considering yourself in the position to make judgments of the country where you became what you are.  be glad, too, that your relatives back home are still alive amid all the worse, mind you, that your original country is, much worse than what is reported in the news, as you say.

World Daily News / Re: Muslim Face Veil Banned in Belgium
« on: May 06, 2010, 12:06:40 PM »

humba galing imong tuyo, glace, hahaha. ;D ;D ;D 

Jokes and Humor / Re: Jane and Tarzan
« on: May 05, 2010, 05:19:01 PM »
good girl jane man gud.  pag-ingon ni tarzan nga di kompleto ug english ug 'hold mine' imbis 'hold my hand', tuo lang pod tawon si jane.  way sala ang baje. 

omg!  magparetoke na lang kog parehag nawong ni aumentado.  makasiguro pa ko nga hitsura pag tawo.  ug may chance pa gyod ming magkaila ni gabby a.k.a. bqn.

as of today, declare na ang iglesia ni cristo nga ang ilang dapigan is aquino-roxas.  based on their own surveys, this is the tandem that's winning.  they always go for the winner, whom they inform about their choice and from whom they ask for concessions.  unsa man ni, adobe photoshoppe pod sila, kalamaydebohol?  (i just want your opinion.)     

World Daily News / Re: Muslim Face Veil Banned in Belgium
« on: May 05, 2010, 02:29:53 PM »

in texts and in practice, women are never relegated as lower creatures anywhere there or in the religion called islam.  again, this perception is a western one.  it’s similar, but on a different angle, to the perception of other nationals that the u.s. is all about hollywood where money talks, has loose morals, and f**king comes easy between strangers.   

like you, i’m a woman, brown and catholic.  i didn’t feel hated because of these.  (there were some fellow nationals though who got glares because they wore backless dresses and mini skirts in a place where all that is asked for is decency in clothes and ladies who dress in western clothes are not required to wear the abaya at all.)  so i can’t imagine why you would feel hated when you were never there.
true.  persian food is good, though i can’t understand why this came into the picture when our subject was an arab city.  iran and the united arab emirates may share the same region and religion (they’re even facing each other in the arabian gulf), but persians (i.e. iranians) and arabs are two very different races.  surely, everyone has access to this information.

World Daily News / Re: Muslim Face Veil Banned in Belgium
« on: May 05, 2010, 02:24:11 PM »

these are available, and you would have gotten at them if only you bothered to explore more, all these years.  (that takes years, and the basis are not just current news with tilts.)  note:  the internet is not the only source.  it takes intellectual curiosity and the cleansing of one’s stereotypes to get at the truth. 

by the way, just because you didn’t get to these sources doesn’t necessarily make you belong to the majority just as my access wouldn’t relegate me to the minority, as you claim.  consider statistics, for starters.  let’s grant that muslims have access to information that christians don’t bother about.  how many muslims are there?  their number alone won’t make them the minority. 

meanwhile, ensconced in their own comfort of feeling like they’re the center of the world and couldn’t be bothered by other things except when such comforts are challenged, some americans (with exceptions, of course) don’t even know where kosovo is and are even wondering if filipinos are asians.  (info 1 was on american tv almost a decade ago; info 2 was on the internet lately.) 

sorry to let you get off that high horse, but not knowing some things doesn’t mean you’re in the majority.  your lack of access in this respect and the bias of your conclusions based on the little access that you have may be what would make you lonely.   

World Daily News / Re: Muslim Face Veil Banned in Belgium
« on: May 05, 2010, 02:18:18 PM »

 you should always hope.  there will always be good people where there are bad, as you may have noticed in the place where you are.  and our country is not as bad as the western press puts it, as you may also know.

World Daily News / Re: Muslim Face Veil Banned in Belgium
« on: May 05, 2010, 02:12:09 PM »

i’ve lived there for quite a while and spent my time studying the region’s history and taking in the local culture, so i feel like i could say some things with some basis about how it is there really.  if i may sound like i’m defending them, then that remains an unintended consequence.  the fact is i can’t stand it when conclusions are made out of a very thin basis, most especially if it’s about a people and their culture. 

World Daily News / Re: Muslim Face Veil Banned in Belgium
« on: May 05, 2010, 02:07:19 PM »

for all you know the telephone operators were of another nationality.  hardly are there locals there who work in such sector.  (of the total population, only 19 percent are locals.  81 percent come from the rest of the world.)

i once vacationed in new york and felt rudely treated too in some instances.  that didn’t lead me to believe that all americans are rude.

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