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Jokes and Humor / Re: Funny Pictures
« on: April 17, 2010, 11:08:03 AM »
suwajig pangutana ana ni senyor fisher sa picture kung naa bay isda, may purohan nga tubagon lang kag 'bu**** man diay, ka.  kahibawo baja ka nga batsi lang ni.'

LGU Philippines / Re: Appeal from Arthur Yap
« on: April 17, 2010, 10:54:48 AM »
which begs the question, why have most ordinary citizens, like me, become cynical about our politics and politicians?

LGU Philippines / Re: Appeal from Arthur Yap
« on: April 17, 2010, 10:53:31 AM »
bol-anon diay ni sija?  wa nahot tingali ni sija sa ila kay why man he ended up presuming that he can represent boholanos.  gikamenos man tawon ta ani oy. 

just the same, xur na man gyod ni sija kay unopposed man (white eggs man gyod intawon nang uban dinhing politiko, o nalanag ba hinoon sa kuwarta), tagaan na lang natog benefit of the doubt.  tan-awon nato ug maka-represent ba gyod ni sa third district interests or another self-enrichment schemes na ba pod ning ijang mga proyekto.

Philippine Business News / Re: Missing Child in Bohol
« on: April 17, 2010, 10:34:18 AM »
Motherhood really doesnt need to be learned in the school or wherever!!!!


for heaven's sake!!![/b]
kokak to that.  and it is common sense never to leave a child alone in a crowd full of strangers.

Philippine Business News / Re: Missing Child in Bohol
« on: April 17, 2010, 10:30:51 AM »
right on, ZecurB.  call it human frailty, but it looks like even among adults who are supposed to know better, this tendency to compare and conclude that they and theirs are better than the rest always gets my goat.  it looks like an extension of the playground rivalry of 'my daddy can beat your daddy'. 

the same holds true with the political posts here.  can't we all ever grow up?   

General Topic / Re: Onli In Da Philippines
« on: April 17, 2010, 09:59:04 AM »
It maybe just for laughs... but I consider many here as the reason(s) why I chose to stay in the Philippines. Of course, a friend sent this to me over the internet. Meaning, it's only a forwarded item. Please feel free to choose what suits your imagination... hahaha...[/i]

Well, Philippines is the only place on earth where... etc.

Now I ask you...where else in the world would one want to live?
truly intended for laughs by someone who isn't in the country anymore.  it may also be self-deprecating, but it's a piss-off at the same time in its presumptuousness, for me anyway.  everyone has a relative outside keeping them alive?  (sorry, i, for one, don't have one, and i'm alive.)  but omg, some relatives outside could even hardly keep themselves alive!

with apologies to those who went out for other reasons (marriage, career assignment, etc.), those who went out and those who still wish to are the materially dissatisfied ones, those who would rather escape from a sordid past, and those who never really had good chances within the country.  and when they had gone out, they look back and look down as if they're already in heaven, bestowing on themselves their new sense of self-importance. 

could this be one reason why some expats come for brief visits, donate 'to the less privileged' (their words), with full publicity (press releases by themselves) and making sure their names are mentioned?  why not donate quietly rather than have one's name written on a billboard in front of a church because one had donated 50 dollars?

truly, some (again, with apologies to the exceptions) expats think too greatly of themselves. i once met a pinoy in europe who worked in a chocolate factory as a packer.  he boasted that he was coming back home to run as governor.  i almost puked and had wished to slap him right there and then. ::)


guwapong trabahoa, 'dre.  di pul-an ug hinuwat nimo ang honoree, in case malangan ka tungod sa tb. ;D

'dre, daghan kog kaila nga muslim sa middle east, where all monotheistic religions come from.  bilib ko sa ilang batasan.  lupig ang ubang kristiyano nga nagpaka-aron ingnon.  too bad, mas mopabor ko nila kaysa mga nanggi-wild nga political partisans dinhin sa tb.

aray, blue.  ma-red unja ka.  mangamras ra ba intawon nang misis nija nga way pasaylo!

hehe.  my cat looks like yours, for one.  i-post pod unta nako iyang pic, but i forgot my photobucket account.  meantime, magtoon usa kog facebook ha?  i don't like to have an account there.  i lead a very, very private life, that's why.  but yes, i'll certainly search for ms da binsi.   

LGU Philippines / Re: ?
« on: April 16, 2010, 09:35:11 PM »

oy, nawagtang mag kalit ang house ni herrera nga gi-post.  mora na hinoon ug haunted house ang akong gikomentaryohan. 

p.s.  kun di si cobra ang nag-erase, kinsa kaha?

how delicate.  anyhow, at least you and i know where we stand.  p.s. you don't really have to like me.  but we can share thoughts and ideas and imaginations and, wow, even your tantrums, in this forum. 

kikik?  ikikiik, bobochichang... moral lesson:  kung politician ka, ajaw jud pagbalay ug dako kay ma-you tube jud imong balay.  mantinir lang una ug balay sa camella homes ni manny villar.

wasn't this similar sort done lately, with the (supposed) house of villar in the u.s.?
wasn't this also done by eba to relampagos some elections ago?  just asking.  everything's getting hazy now, with all the noise of the campaigns.


ajaw lang gud pangluod.  broadside ra baja to, agig tubag sa imong pag-ingon nga binayran ko.  sport lang.  mora man sad ta anig wa kasuway ug kinusiay...


you of little faith, doubting thomas, aw, doubting lex.  but i'd be honored if from now on you address me as 'sister' instead of 'pards'.


salamat, cat, kay nakamatikod ka.  for a while there, i thought naistiran ang beauty ko. :D


ikaw gyod, gwargz, why man tawgon ko nimog hubag?  lizod jud tuod mahubagan ning taga-isla.  my new avatar has not appeared until now hinoon.  dedicated baja unta ning avatara nimo ug ni ms da binsi.


nakatungtong sad tawon ko ug grade one, oy.  naay priceless painting owned by multimillionaires, take note.  priceless kay way lain, in ader words.  di ba sakto akong spelling sa ader?  salamat sa imong ahmmmm, bendisyonan ta ka kay wa ka makasasala.  8 gives?


you want more hambog?  i can afford priceless.  6 gives.

hehe.  it takes one to know one.

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