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kikik?  ikikiik, bobochichang... moral lesson:  kung politician ka, ajaw jud pagbalay ug dako kay ma-you tube jud imong balay.  mantinir lang una ug balay sa camella homes ni manny villar.

wasn't this similar sort done lately, with the (supposed) house of villar in the u.s.?
wasn't this also done by eba to relampagos some elections ago?  just asking.  everything's getting hazy now, with all the noise of the campaigns.


ajaw lang gud pangluod.  broadside ra baja to, agig tubag sa imong pag-ingon nga binayran ko.  sport lang.  mora man sad ta anig wa kasuway ug kinusiay...


you of little faith, doubting thomas, aw, doubting lex.  but i'd be honored if from now on you address me as 'sister' instead of 'pards'.


salamat, cat, kay nakamatikod ka.  for a while there, i thought naistiran ang beauty ko. :D


ikaw gyod, gwargz, why man tawgon ko nimog hubag?  lizod jud tuod mahubagan ning taga-isla.  my new avatar has not appeared until now hinoon.  dedicated baja unta ning avatara nimo ug ni ms da binsi.


nakatungtong sad tawon ko ug grade one, oy.  naay priceless painting owned by multimillionaires, take note.  priceless kay way lain, in ader words.  di ba sakto akong spelling sa ader?  salamat sa imong ahmmmm, bendisyonan ta ka kay wa ka makasasala.  8 gives?


you want more hambog?  i can afford priceless.  6 gives.

hehe.  it takes one to know one.


oooppps, my fault.  sorry about my presumptions.  wa man diay tuod ka tingaliy ugat.


word of advice from your betters, if not your elders, lexmar:  review the books on baklalogy and bayotlogy, as suggested by yoyoy.  only then can you learn to keep your cool. ;)


aha!  look who's talkin'.  oh, i like the name spartan.  morag rubber shoes sa imong lolo sa ikatulong tuhod.  manghod-manghod sa elpo shoes ni kenkoy kaniadto sa wa pa ka matawo.


ooooppps, did i accuse you?  aray, napakasakit, kuya eddie.  ako na hinoon ang binayran nga wa gyod mangugat alang ni bisan kinsang kandidato.  pero, unsa kahag paliton na lang ta ka?  four gives.  look who's tibag.

abaw gid.  mora diay ug si bruce lee?

LGU Philippines / Re: Julius Goes home to Cebu after every session
« on: April 16, 2010, 07:13:04 PM »

how right.  that's why i'm wondering what these rabid campaigners here in tb are up to.  do they really believe that they can convince subscribers about the candidates that they're rooting for?  they're turning out to be liabilities of their candidates.  paid hacks, apir!


small deal, actually.  but goodness gracious, ach mein gott.  abaw gid, kung mosegunda ka ni sir felix, wa ba diay makatersyera nimo?  we post, we invite comments, git?  don't jump from your seat too fast.  i'm not affected.  you are.       

sorry, i'm not impressed.  there's no subtlety in the write-up at all, which is what convinces.  if this were submitted in my creative writing class, i'd give it a b-.  passing, but just so.  one can't talk of struggles and sagas without the prism of a long period and the perspective of history.  and where do struggles and saga figure out in the body of the article?  it's like having the head of marc antony and the body of cleopatra. 

ay, sorry.  i forgot to mention the third district of bohol.  i will vote for you as congresswoman there. ;D

LGU Philippines / Re: BlackPropa vs Chatto hit
« on: April 16, 2010, 05:52:20 PM »
and what do we call some of the entries that the chattoists have posted here?  white propa?

botaran na lang hinoon nako si hubag o si bugsay ba hinoon for governor, si mdb or si cat for vice-governor, ug si axcel, lexmar, kiara ug leah_marie as board members.  himoa ko ninjong casual sa capitol ha? 


ahora pa jud, as in ahora mismo.  aliporis lang jud ning mga campaigners dinhi.  maka-discourage ug botante.  angay title ani nga thread:  'who's the copydog?  how not to vote for your candidate'.     

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