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LGU Philippines / Re: Montano supports Edgar Chatto.....
« on: May 15, 2010, 02:09:22 PM »
DILI OI!.......MAO NA NI!!! :D

aw, hehe.  uwaw jamo ko.  :-[ i stand corrected. 


Inspiration & Hope / Re: Life is all about choices
« on: May 15, 2010, 01:58:04 PM »
meanwhile, i've got to say ta-ta for a week or so after today.  i have a duty to fulfill that i can't risk being delayed by wonderful distractions like tb.  see you in a week's time, folks.

Inspiration & Hope / Re: Life is all about choices
« on: May 15, 2010, 10:42:58 AM »
Hahaha, such vivid spirit you have my dear lady,

The context of dreaming never was mitigated by my posts, rather I showed respect to our dear Hubag's preference to dream, and i must say, admit really, that i admire the nonconformity.

Dearest, i merely found the beauty of wolf's post and provided my view of how it blends existentialism to the concept of the survival of the fittest, in reference to wolf's using of brute force as being a tool for the weak and the strong. Actually, i would credit Wolf for that beautiful post.

In regards to Existentialism in its relation to Darwinian Theory of Evolution, I rather find it interesting how it coalesces. I must also add that one's faith does not mean it should limit one to read about different concepts and philosophies. Afterall, that is the beauty of discernment. :)
Again, it goes back to the notion of choice. hehehe! (subject matter in mind, haha).


One of my favorite Pinot Noir brands is Cono Sur (Chilean); the taste of red is rather unique to the California or French based due to the soil in Chile as well as the types of casks they use, the casks they use are old whiskey cherry wood casks. You can actually taste a hint of whiskey and the aroma of cherrywood via nasal discernment. One of my favorites.

Respecting your nihilism, but still keeping my youthful existentialist spirit,

Love you,

ps. One can use differential diagnosis to rule out hemorrhoids from syphilis, but a discerned physician/intern will know that there are some STDs that have clinical symptoms of hemorroids, especially if the site of infection was in the anal canal, then can be easily mistaken for hemorrhoids. Since diagnosis does not rely solely on physical diagnosis (IPPA- inspection, palpation, percussion, auscultation), but rather lab diagnosis (PCR, gram stain, Lowenstein-Jensen, Maconkey's, DF, IF etc). And when the results are accumulated, would the proper choice to be made. In either case, RX for syphilis is : A) penicillin or 2nd -3rd generation Cephalosporins.  RX for hemorroids is non-invasive hemorrhoidectomy.

alternative to Syphilis RX: if patient is refractory to penicillin (due to allergy), then we would treat the patient with erythromycine + an adjuvant probenicid.

thanks for the compliment, but i have to point out that the phrase “vivid spirit” is clumsy and infelicitous.  distinct and intensely bright objects can be vivid; accounts, memories and imagination can be vivid; but “spirit” cannot be vivid.  choice of words is like choice of medication; choose the wrong word and you end up mangling your statement.  choose the wrong medication and you prove yourself and incompetent doctor.

so the “context of dreaming never was mitigated” by your posts.  (and thus you changed the topic rather than admit to something that might have changed your mind?)  my mistake.  i couldn’t help but comment on your earlier post claiming hubag’s disinclination to reason because he’d rather dwell on fantasy (quoted thus:  “hubag talks about his inability to reason or his disinclination in that, rather, defends the notion of dreams and dreaming…”).  such grand claims about other people’s opinions merit a few minutes’ attention of idiots such as i.    

“Quite existentialist.  This has the aura of Darwinian theory of evolution; the weak must make room for the strong.”

i am quoting from your earlier post your exact words on existentialism and evolution.  no doubt there are points of convergence between the two, but the idea of the weak making room for the strong doesn’t have anything existentialist about it at all.  for instance, the concept of “engaged freedom” which serves as one of the cornerstones of existentialist thought cannot, by any stretch of imagination―much less of reason―coalesce (your term) with the darwinian concept of “survival of the fittest”.

you seem to know your evolutionary theory, but perhaps you should read more existentialist literature.  i won’t suggest titles, since you can easily google them yourself.

after mastering your existentialism, you will probably find out that you don’t have to choose to be discerning, as you still apparently do now.

love ya, my dearest boy.  

i care, so please don’t imbibe too much of your favorite pinot noir while you copy from your medical books (or google) for this discerned sharing of yours.  the words may tumble out from the pages and come out as incomplete sentences, as your existential treatise on hemorrhoids and syphilis shows.  it doesn’t matter, of course.  what is important is you can start practicing your rx on yourself.  don’t worry, dearest of all dears, napoleon had hemorrhoids, nietzsche had syphilis.

which reminds me, you must also try lambanog from our country’s north.  the nearest that i can compare it to is the greek ouzo (which, to my husband’s dismay, i once half-filled a bottle with star anise to make ‘anisado wine’ for my tocino; it turned out great).  i tried lambanog once, long ago, and felt as if my ears fell off.  nothing can be more vivid a spirit worth imbibing than this one.      

keep on with your youthful existentialist spirit and your elementary understanding of existentialism, dearest, for as long as it keeps afloat your sense of self,

Inspiration & Hope / Re: Life is all about choices
« on: May 15, 2010, 10:18:37 AM »
LOL! i cant help it, man. Fine, when im done the igloo, you can decorate it with snow angel faces. hahahaha!

Then when its done, we can let Ms. Isles inspect it. See if its stable ba. hahahahaha!

glad to be back after a day or so, and to find myself flattered by my inclusion in your projects, as a building inspector to boot.

i'll come in a snowmobile, amid the sound of trumpets and drums, and being the nihilist that i am, i hope to decapitate anybody's magnum opus that's as unstable as its creator.

Introduce Yourself / Re: Mag-ila-ila lagi ta
« on: May 13, 2010, 11:19:35 PM »
mas nindot kung sikwati ug puto maya...hehehe ;D

sure ka di ka magburahi ani? ;D

Inspiration & Hope / Re: Life is all about choices
« on: May 13, 2010, 11:03:49 PM »

the definition of existentialism was perfected by  Søren Kierkegaard (father of existentialism) who said that it is the individual that is soley responsible for giving meaning to their life by defeating existential obstacles. Wolf's input about using force as a means to defeat an existential obstacle (ie, angst, despair, anger, boredom, mental or physical osbstacles). I think that existentialism can blend in with notion of survival of the fittest, as it can give a source of legitimacy for surviving obstacles, a sense of purpose so to say.

It is essential that you and others differentiate existentialism from nihilism as they both are distinct philosophies.
It is only recently when F. Nietsche linked both in existential nihilism that both philosophies have been unfairly linked together; when in reality, their philosophical tenets are different.

"Existentialists believe that one can create value and meaning, whilst nihilists will deny this."

In regards to Wolf's comment, I draw connection to his comment with the works of Austin Cline's "Evolutionary Theory and Existentialist Philosophy". It links both existentialism with the theory of evolution. Something outside the box.


On a side note (outside the frame of this discussion), I must say that i do agree with you that aged wine is indeed exquisite. I do prefer a nice bottle of Pinot Noir, aged 6 years of more; or chenin blanc, aged 9 years or over. What is your favorite?

In adoration,


the way your mind works is truly awesome.  you don’t only miss the mark, you’re also cross-eyed.

our topic is the context of dreaming.  you zero in on one aspect like existentialism to prove what?  that you know something that any idiot can easily cut and paste from internet sources?  don’t steer the discussion to that which you can cut and paste (these are obvious because the syntax and grammar are different from your own lapses).
dear lorenz, you even give wise advice to me and others “to differentiate between nihilism and existentialism”!  goodness gracious.  here’s my own advice:  if you’re going to be a doctor, better start disciplining the way you think or, heaven forbid, you might treat a patient for syphilis when in fact he only has hemorrhoids.

okay, here’s something for your “outside the box” (shoe box?  manny pacquiao box?), cut and pasted as well:

Most existentialists have argued that we aren't born with a fixed human nature which forces us to act in certain ways and prevents us from acting in other ways. Instead, what we usually see as our "natures" is actually a product of our choices — sometimes even choices we don't realize we are making.

Thus, Darwinian evolution provides some scientific credibility in more than one way to the existentialist position that humans make themselves and remake themselves during their struggle to survive in their day-to-day lives. Not all existentialists are necessarily "staunch Darwinians," however. Although it would be a rare existentialist who rejected the truth of evolutionary theory, there are those who don't regard it as having any real bearing on their philosophy.  (emphasis mine)

i’m sorry to say that even this claim is unimpressive as it is striking more as an affectation of the intellect, like muddling the waters to see the bottom or wearing high heels with the miniskirt to give the illusion of long legs.   besides, darwin’s theory remains that, a theory.

with all your religious posts here at tb, you now seem to lean on the side of agnosticism and atheism by calling on existentialism and nihilism.  how is that?

as for wine, my husband is the oenophile, not me.  to be honest, i hate his collection of vintage reds, some dom perignons, including a smattering of liquors like hennessys and single malt whiskies side by side with his cigars in humidors, the total cost of which to my simple mind is the cost of a car.  i must admit though that on rare occasions I go for simple good, old bailey’s and a mateus.   

awed at your mish-mash but glad that reading you brings out the nihilist in me,

Inspiration & Hope / Re: Life is all about choices
« on: May 13, 2010, 08:46:57 PM »
On the contrary, it is all about reason. Hubag talks about his inability to reason or his disinclination in that, rather, defends the notion of dreams and dreaming, then again, that is his own personal choice, which is respectable by men such as I. There is nothing wrong with a dreamer, to dream is to live one's fantasy, as they say.

However, I merely implemented a medical addition; in that there are those who dream and never awake from their dreams; or perhaps i should change that to nightmare. Individuals who are schizophrenics or those who suffer from mental illness suffer from a loss of reality.

As for the inclusion of European Enlightenment, it merely illustrates my view that reason, is not a weakness, nor is it negative, rather has led to the development of societal advances, and undoubtedly contributed to the democratic pluralism that has taken hold of society at large (for the most part that is, he he). In regards to reason and choice; well, i must say that it is reason that allows us all to make an informed decision and choice in any matter.

Reason and truth both in the same playing field. My view. :)

“Reason is the slow and torturous method by which those who do not know the truth discover it”
 Blaise Pascal

Cheers, Ms. Isles.

PS. Let not youth or lack of age bring prejudice to understanding. Love you!

and that, precisely, is what i mean by being off the mark, which makes me suspect that maybe, just maybe, you didn’t really get bai hubag’s drift.
you presumed hubag’s inability to reason, his disinclination to reason, and topped that pudding off with the cream of declaration that to dream is to live one’s fantasy, as if that is all there is to dreaming.

first, we’ve got to give it to hubag who might not be able to write that way if his reasoning were not acute.

second, dreaming in the context of hubag’s write-up is, in hyperbolic terms just so I could get my point across, in the league of world conquests.  conquerors dream of conquests and dream up and visualize strategies to win wars.  they don’t go to wars because of their brawns alone, much less because of their reason.  they go to wars because of their what-ifs.

to dream thus is also to invent, to devise.  great poets, philosophers, and scientists dreamed.  and changed the world.  no one can question their ability to reason beyond ordinary mortals.

the dreamers that bai hubag refers to actually have their reason intact.  this, one can derive by reading between his lines, which entails the reader to go beyond one’s self.  as for his statement about dreaming his life away, again, context, as it is obviously said tongue-in-cheek.      

after your presumptions (or should I say conclusions?) that hubag is far from reason, you go on to medical school to explain what extreme dreaming is and call on european enlightenment (because it was the age of reason?).  i as a reader felt like I bungee jumped without the ropes.

oh, martin luther’s “i have a dream…” is far from schizophrenic.  and we know his role in defining u.s. civil rights.

allow me please to go further, to your reply numbered 62 in this same thread.  you mention wolf’s post as existentialist, and then relate this to darwin’s theory of evolution.  what?  one has nothing to do with the other, so i was confused.  what, indeed, is existential about survival of the fittest when existentialism is all about denying that the universe has any built-in meaning or purpose and therefore individuals have to take responsibility in shaping their own destinies?  

what i’m trying to say here is that reading anything, like writing anything, needs contextualization and the proper grasp of concepts that one brandishes.  we have to go beyond the literal to be freed from the traps of the nuances of language.  

i have nothing against youth’s knowledge and understanding.  these are gifts to the world.  but there is such a thing as mental indigestion that only the passing of years can cure. even child musical prodigies practice themselves to greatness.   thankfully, the mistakes youth makes are corrected through the years.  often.
at 40, you may look back to when you were 20, and laugh.  knowledge needs to be placed in the context of life as it is lived.  and, like good wine, it takes time.  

love you too.

Inspiration & Hope / Re: Life is all about choices
« on: May 12, 2010, 11:56:37 PM »
Bwahaha! You seem to be immersed in the study of the metaphysical poets, Ms. Isle. I wonder if you're familiar with George Herbert's The Temple: Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations... ;D

i will get to that soon, bai hubs, silver boy, now that you've told me.  at the moment, i can settle for john hodgen:

He’s supposed to call his doctor, but for now he’s the May King with his own maypole.
He’s hallelujah. He’s glory hole. The world has more women than he can shake a stick
at. The world is his brickbat, no conscience to prick at, all of us Germans he can ich
liebe dich at. He’s Dick and Jane. He’s Citizen Kane. He’s Bob Dole.
He’s Peter the Great. He’s a tsar. He’s a clown car with an extra car.
Funiculì, Funiculà. He’s an organ donor. He works pro boner. He’s folderol.
He’s fiddlesticks. He’s the light left on at Motel 6. He’s free-for-alls.
He’s Viagra Falls. He’s bangers and mash. He’s balderdash. He’s a wanker.
He’s got his own anchor. He’s whack-a-doodle. King Canoodle. He’s a pirate, Long John
Silver, walking his own plank. He has science to thank. He’s in like Flynn. He’s Gunga Din,
holding his breath, cock of the walk through the valley of the shadow of death. He’s Icarus,
hickory dickerous, the mouse run up the clock. He’s shock and awe. He’s Arkansas.
He’s the package, the deal, the Good Housekeeping Seal. He’s Johnson & Johnson.
He’s a god now, the talk of the town. He’s got no place to go but down.

poem's title:  for the man with the erection lasting more than four hours

Loay - Bohol / Re: 5,000 Pesos Current Payout to Loay Voters
« on: May 12, 2010, 11:38:37 PM »

ug midaog ang 5,000 sama sa inyo nang nasayran. 

matod pa sa pangutana ni bai hubs, podunk man kuno ning loay mao nga unsa may giilogan.  podunk tuod ang lungsod, pero mt. everest man intawon ang garbo sa milansar. wa hibaw-i ug sumusunod ni nga cajes, inc.  ang iyang bana board member na pod.  matod pa sa giingon sa baki, mao na ni ang sinugdanan sa kataposan.   

Question and Answer / Re: Is Magic Real Power ?
« on: May 12, 2010, 11:23:05 PM »
and the mind's power, or energy, can never be exhausted of its possibilities.  it's staggering  just to imagine the untapped and as yet unnamed energies around us, cosmic energies included.  and there's the rub in the layman's view.  if something can be explained, it's called science.  if not, it's witchcraft. 

electricity, a kind of energy (or power) tapped and used in our everyday lives in this our era was called magic by some and abhorred by others as witchcraft when it was first discovered.  today it is known and studied as science.


Inspiration & Hope / Re: Life is all about choices
« on: May 12, 2010, 08:51:35 PM »
And when times get rough and friends just can't be found, Ms. Isle, like a bridge over troubled water lay you down and do a latinate Shakespeare:

When, in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes,
I all alone beweep my outcast state
And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries
And hiss out: "Populus me sibilat!"

Bwahaha! Sa Binisaya pa, "Bilatsyang ina!" ;D

sail on, silver boy, sail on boy, your time has come to shine, bai hubag.  i chose to err on the side of shakespeare's contemporary, john donne.

"Nobilibusque trahunt, a cincto corde, veneum, succis et gemmis, et qual generosa, mimistrant ars et natura instillant.

Whence we can take a better argument, a clearer demonstration, that all the greatness of this world is built upon opinion of others and hath in itself no real being nor power of subsistence, than from the heart of man?"

                                                                                            (from Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions)

Jus vocis civilas otens.


Inspiration & Hope / Re: Life is all about choices
« on: May 12, 2010, 08:29:24 PM »
It was reason that brought light and democratic plurality that the great French political thinkers of the Great French Revolution such as Marat, Robespierre, Jacobins to exclaim: Liberté, égalité, fraternité!

The works of Voltaire, John Locke, Marat, Robespierre, Adams, Jefferson, Franklin etc were strengthened by the European Enlightenment, that brought Reason, Universality of Human Rights, Democracy, and Freedom from Monarchical Absolutism.

The great political thinkers claimed that revolution was reason; and claimed that the royal absolutists were unreasonable, living their dreams of aristocratic and oligarchic reverie, while the poor commoners in the Third Estate were left to pay taxes, burden the military cost, and submit themselves to absolutist control of the monarchy.

Human reason, which descends from Wisdom of the Most High and Intelligence that comes from the Holy Spirit, is what guides and directs the wise man to make a good Decision and allocate his resources to support that decision that he so fully believes in, in confidence and in Faith in Divine Understanding.

A wise decision leads to positive results; an unwise decision, will lead to doubts, and failure.

Hitler Dreamed of a Pure Third Reich ruled by Aryan Germans, and liquidated jews, homosexuals, slavs, communists, and dissenters, pro-democrats, and his decision lead to the purging of millions. His was a miserable unwise decision. That resulted in the collapse of the German Nation, and the deaths of millions.

There is a clear difference between wisdom, stupidity, dreams, fantasy, and lunacy.

Schizophrenic patients dream alot, and have lost contact with reality.


do you really know what it is you talk about, lorenzo?  it seems to me as if you missed the mark of what bai hubag is trying to say, like mistaking the forest for the trees.

i can only credit your youth, though sometimes, trying too hard to impress brings forth the stirrings not of a revolution in the league of the french one but the loss of contact with reality.


Question and Answer / Re: Is Magic Real Power ?
« on: May 12, 2010, 07:56:28 PM »
Barang is nothing but witchcraft.

witchcraft, or black magic, is supposedly the tapping of the same energy that's used for healing (white magic) but used negatively.  a good analogy is a gun.  one can use it for defense (positive) or for robbery and murder (negative).

LGU Philippines / Re: Montano supports Edgar Chatto.....
« on: May 12, 2010, 07:44:00 PM »
We should not let down our guards...we should be vigilant as a Chatto supporter, I am now asking those who had once opposed my choice to be on choice is not perfect...and of course we can not just let them see things their own these visions might be flawed and self-serving...we should be alert and point out things when we see something wrong, or foresee anything that could derail the efforts for progress...we should allow democracy to work...


great advance warning.  it serves as a fortification of advance defenses too.  i hope for gintonic to continue sharing his ideas in tb now that his candidate has won.  otherwise,


LGU Philippines / Re: Montano supports Edgar Chatto.....
« on: May 12, 2010, 07:32:17 PM »
i'm here

congratulations, sport! ;D ;D ;D


nindot unta i sumpay pero gikapoy man ko oi! nia mi karon sa Silverthorne Co, pagkaanindot sa mountains!!! Im speechless. so matulog nalang usa ko.

Macky, its nice to hear from you. Kumusta naman ka Macks?

great, ms da binsi!  pahuway una after taking in the great outdoors.  lucky you you're there.  (bantog ra nga absent ka gahapon.)  who can say?  kun sa guindulman pa na, basig gitungtongan na nang mountains dinha ug new market.  be hearing from you soon.

Inspiration & Hope / Re: Life is all about choices
« on: May 10, 2010, 11:10:45 AM »
Sedit qui timuit ne non succederet

and in one's revery, whilst sitting it out, one could utter as if in prayer:

                 forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit.
                                                   -publius virgilius maro

Inspiration & Hope / Re: Life is all about choices
« on: May 10, 2010, 10:56:12 AM »
Thanks. Ms. Wolf. But I'm not really smart. I'm just rather old. :)

thus do i shudder at the possible breadth and depth of your wisdom when you positively, truly, do get old. :)

Question and Answer / Re: Is Magic Real Power ?
« on: May 10, 2010, 01:48:22 AM »
there are two kinds, as far as i understand it.

one, entertainment magic (sleight-of-hand and visual tricks, those conjurers and illusionists in the league of david copperfield)

two, real magic (the manipulation of energies around us for either positive or negative purposes).  this is the kind that could elicit more discussions and even heated debates.

meantime, what does the word magic really mean?  offhand we can equate it with something that's beyond our sense of what is humanly possible and explainable.  but here's encarta's simplest definition:  supposed supernatural power that makes impossible things happen.  note the noncommital adjective "supposed" in the definition. 

Introduce Yourself / Re: Mag-ila-ila lagi ta
« on: May 10, 2010, 01:14:41 AM »
dayon, liezlann.  mangape sa ta.  parisan natog ensaymadang espesyal. 

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