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World Daily News / Re: Muslim Face Veil Banned in Belgium
« on: May 04, 2010, 09:56:56 AM »

wa sila mag-antos, that's why they chose it.  mora ra nig overcoat kun sa western clothes pa, to be worn only when one goes out.  and this is light and airy.  it protects them from the heat and dust.  strangely, with this cover, mas bugnaw hinoon kay sa mag-sleeveless nga maigo directly sa adlaw.  i should know.  i own a real abaya, which i acquired for curiosity's sake.  

ang una nakong tuyo for acquiring an abaya kay para panghadlok sa mga bata sa mga silingan sa subdivision sa pinas nga mag-siyagit-siyagit sa dalan at past 11 pm.  imagine unsay ilang bation kun kalit lang nga naay mosutoy nga morag lungon sa tungang gabii.  but i changed my mind kay maluthang unya ko sa ilang ginikanan labi na ug naay bata nga mahug sa kanal ug dinagan.  

but i'm glad i have this abaya.  i have shed my bias against it (which was there, i must admit, because of the initial complaints of western women who judge their muslim sisters by their cover).  


thanks for clearing this up, arki.  glad to know that the salcon issue is out again.  and oh, i simply mentioned what i heard, for exactly what you did, i.e., clearing it up.  i cannot accuse anyone of anything that i heard only in passing.  when it comes to politics, we stand helpless in separating fact from fiction.  that's why i asked you directly because i truly wanted the truth and nothing but.

tell me, tell us, more.  thanks.


i'm not really that knowledgeable, glace.  i just happen to know some people who are deep in bohol politics.  i would like to believe, though, that the mere fact that tb people talk about it is because we find its dirty underbelly hard to accept.  but then it's reassuring that we can go on with our lives inspite of it.

Introduce Yourself / Re: What is Your Present Profession?
« on: May 04, 2010, 09:20:54 AM »

bald eagle design ang tawag ana, labi na gyod ug opaw na si manoy nga customer.

Introduce Yourself / Re: What is Your Present Profession?
« on: May 04, 2010, 09:18:59 AM »

pero unsa gyod kaha nang 'per say' no?  labaw kong gihangak ana.

World Daily News / Re: Muslim Face Veil Banned in Belgium
« on: May 03, 2010, 01:35:10 AM »
3.  as for the ban in belgium, it is understandable.  foreigners who immigrate to other countries must do their best to assimilate.  it doesn't mean that they must totally leave their past behind or do away with their own culture, but if they must invoke their rights (freedom of religion, labor laws, social welfare, etc.) in their host countries, they have to give up something of themselves too.  the simplest is not to stick out like a sore thumb in the midst of the local population.  (honestly, if one isn’t used to meeting someone wearing the burqa, it’s so disconcerting because it is as if one is seeing a walking coffin.  sorry.)

4.  i suppose the face veil isn’t much to ask for by a host country in the western world that must protect its own culture as it is expected to protect human rights.  and yes, there too are their security concerns.  one can never tell whether it’s a man or a woman or the president of the republic behind that face veil, at least in the west.       

5.  saudi arabia and iran require women visitors from any country to wear the abaya or chador (those black, straight, shapeless, floor length women’s outer clothing and head cover).  those who don’t want to need not go to these countries.  so why shouldn’t western countries like belgium have their own rules too about attires, specially when the rules apply not to visitors who come and go but to immigrants who chose to become their citizens?   

World Daily News / Re: Muslim Face Veil Banned in Belgium
« on: May 03, 2010, 12:52:59 AM »
my two-cents' worth here:

1.  i've asked about the face veil from a good number of muslim women (i've been around and have gone to quite a number of countries, so to speak) who struck me as having a more sophisticated education than i had, and was told repeatedly that a face veil is a muslim woman's choice.  it was even said that nowhere in the quoran can one find a passage that requires a face veil for women.

2.  it is a choice mostly by women who happen to be muslim of arab culture or proximity to that culture (in geographic terms, those in the middle east, south asia, and some areas in north africa).  muslim women in turkey, some eastern european areas (kosovo and some countries in the caucasus, for instance) do not wear face veils.  neither are there face veils for indonesian and malaysian women or our muslim sisters in mindanao.  that doesn't make them less muslim.  

one may therefore conclude that the face veil is more cultural than religious.  the term 'muslim face veil' therefore veers on the politically incorrect.  it's almost like saying 'christian necktie'.    

                                                                                               -to be continued-  

psssst, scarb, madame, tudloi ko beh unsaon paghimog tabanog.  kun makadaog ko, pilay pad sa unggoy ug sa baki, i can call the pack and the wolf will come.

na, hala.  kamong mga tunay nga macho dinha.  palupara na nang inyong mga periko.  itabanog! isabwag!  gamita pagboto sa inyong kandidato!  maka-10 euro gyod mong tanan gikan ni marvelous scarbelous, plus a bonus of dollars from ms da binsi.  go ahead, before ko makakat-on ug computer-generated tabanog kay, nah...


periko pikoy.

(song, in waray)  akon magtatanom lawiswis kawayan
                        akon la kan pikoy palataylatayan
                        salbahes nga pikoy ka waray batasan
                        simbulod han kuwarto kan iday higdaan*
                        *(gikamang si inday sa iyang silid-tulogan, hihihi, batot perikoha)

Introduce Yourself / Re: What is Your Present Profession?
« on: May 02, 2010, 11:48:04 PM »

bag-ong gioperahan ug kidney?

aba, ang alam koh, hindi ako marunong tumowad.  makatulog gyod hinoon kong galakaw.

a real tragedy.  those officials deserve trial by publicity at the very least and public hanging at most.  we are really in dire need of sensible public officials.   

sayang i dukot know how to make tabanog in the computer.  kun real pa lang unta ni nga tabanogay, mas kamao ko.  ma-champion gyod kog ahat kay kang ms da binsi nga hulagway akong ipatapot, back to back, ug ipalupad aron mahimo siyang flying blue angel, ahahaaaay!


mora gyod tuod ug ako ning girl caricature, puwera boobies kay si hubag ang dagkog boobies.  his name is not hubag for nothing.


now pa gyod ko read ani.  omg!  biglang gumilok aking lapalapa.  harana?  sino sha?  iyo karpo?


o di ba kaha, aslom na kaayo tungod sa pagkapan-os.

AsPo: kun sa kanta pang karaan, every time it rains, it rains pen is from heaven, o di ba kaha kining linya sa 'bridge over over troubled water' nga di tantong karaan--- and pen is all around.

please bear with me, glace, if i sound like a pol sci 1 teacher.  i got carried away.  this does not presume that you don’t know these things; i know you know, and chances are you even know more than i do.

my previous posts are actually mere intros to my questions for arki, who is obviously pro-aumentado and who may at least be in a position to shed some light on the following:

1.  the scuttlebutt that the esteemed outgoing governor eventually kept quiet about salcon because he was given a to-die-for amount by the company needs some truth-telling.  the money bag was reportedly brought to their residence one night.
2.  a topnotch lawyer who joined the fray, purportedly to help the plaintiffs in the case against relampagos-chatto et al, was also paid.  he was reported to have asked for the papers from the plaintiffs, and then gave these all to the other side for a certain amount.

3.  when the plaintiffs raised their case to the court of appeals after failing at the lower court level, the case was never raffled off among the justices.  it reportedly was permanently in the hands of one of these justices, who threw out the case without much of a hearing.  a lawyer brother-in-law of relampagos is a ranking officer at the court of appeals. 

if all these stories were true, including rumors that both relampagos and chatto were also paid, then no one has the moral ascendancy to throw stones at each other’s glass houses.  all the campaigners in the world, tb posters most specially who seem to be everywhere in tb nowadays like some pestilence, cannot clean up the tarnished image of these political leaders even if they shred their throats and fingers to smithereens announcing how great their candidates are and how bad the opposing camps are.
but those who run for public office will always have winners and losers from among them.  fereting out the truth in all these rumors could at least let voters know who and what they are voting for, for all their worth.

the power of the legislators when it comes to the executive and judiciary branches lies in the committee on appointments.  this committee is supposed to review the appointments to top government posts made by the president, and they can approve or disapprove, in keeping with the ideal of check-and-balance.  and this is when collegial relationships between legislators are played out.  congressman1-on-the-dock whispers to congressman2 to reassign a judge or to sit on his promotion in case he dares to do something about his pending case.  will a judge risk his retirement and life's work?  i doubt.   

so maybe, and i say maybe because i don't really know the truth behind all this, it would have been next to impossible to file a case against jane censoria cajes before the election period, when her father was still a sitting legislator.  more so that her father openly showed that he's the best friend of the first gentleman.

and yes, bohol's premier dirty trickster knows when to strike and to hit where it hurts most, without proof that he's behind it all.

meanwhile, glace, it's not easy for anyone to file a case against sitting legislators.  these idiots can even have a judge transferred to antartica if he so dares to mete a fair judgment against a legislator.  our politics also happens to be a game of whisperers, unfortunately.

outside of the rumored ambition of gma's eyeing the speakership of the house as a steppingstone to becoming prime minister in a possible charter change, being in congress is her best bet against hundreds of potential cases against her once she steps down as president.  that's why she's running.  what a crying shame.       

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