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bahalag nag tulo tulo nang mga laway diha, it doesnt matter.

kanang MANGUTANG nga di ka bayaran, wa jud friendship mo lungtad ana.

sa ginaingon pa nga ayaw jud iapil ang kwarta daw sa friendship.

aaahhhh, payong ray solution ani, o raincoat ba kaha kun magbaha. 8)


Hmm, this rather strains my imagination.

If Friend A is under the wings of Friend B, and Friend B is at the same time under the wings of Friend A, how can they do any flying? 


straining, i believe, does not befit you, guru hubs. ;)  friends a and b can exchange roles as they fly.  whoever needs to be either is it.

Anonymous Diary Blog / Re: When I Think of You
« on: May 25, 2010, 10:27:31 PM »
when i think of you.gingil aran ko nimo.kalami nimo isulod sa bobo og ilabog sa dagat.

paregla, hahaha!  when i think of you, mao ra man diay tag dugo, tiunay sama sa nagdaligdig nga kaugmaon ni ms da binsi.  gitikgitikgitik. ;D

Anonymous Diary Blog / Re: When I Think of You
« on: May 25, 2010, 08:23:34 PM »

when i think of you, my sweet hopia, the unwashed dinner plates are not far behind.

Introduce Yourself / Re: non-boholanos: welcome here?
« on: May 25, 2010, 07:55:41 PM »

a warm welcome, keih, to tubagbohol and bohol.  we hope you will enjoy your adventure with us.



rivalry.  one must not outdo the other.  friends are winds beneath each other's wings. 

kalain sad sa mayor na iya man gipaputol ang kuryente.this is an abuse of power.

abuse of power gyod nga klaro, plain and simple.  maayo gani kay wa maapil ang abuse of water. (jok-jok-jok only.)

lain gyod tuod ning magpa-elect to public office unya mubo ug pabilo.  na, nakadaog ra ba gyod intawon ning tawhana.  tungod ba kaha kay sundog-sundog siya sa style ni binay sa makati o di ba kaha tungod kay di tantong kusog ang iyang kontra. 

this mayor needs to learn brinkmanship.


The one possessed by spirits. Because the spirits are willing but the flesh is weak.

the house of spirits diay, hehehe.  awake, you flesh, and be worthy of the spirit you possess!

my tubag, tubagbohol:  people's laughter, cat's meows, dog's barks.  they are most precious because they are just so.


taym pa tuod, mao bajya ning dunggana ang angay tuhik-tuhikon ninjo, lover boys hubs ug tigs.  good luck.  di gyod mo motiglawom, hihihi. ;D ;D ;D

you mean pareho ani?

makasagabal tuod sa saiboat, pero kun magkalisod, mahimo sad ning salbabida.

Aw ug asa si Master Hubs kay adto man pud mi Miss Isle. Nakuwangan na ganing mi ani. ;D

hehehe, i understang.  hapit na ko ma-stalker aning von hoboi aka bai hubag.  ug hapit na sad ko ma-stalker ninyo.  dako na akong duda karon nga kon mosikit ko sa mga sama ninyo, di ko maghusa bisan ug ang akong maengkwentro prince nga nahimong frog. ;D

luckily, his eminence is not infallible.  to each his own judgment anyway.  if i were the outgoing president's manicurist and was given the privilege of sitting as one of the board of directors of pag-ibig fund with an allowance of 130 thousand pesos a month, i would also believe she was god's gift from heaven. ;D

at 60, i want to feel like i'm still 30, but with the patience borne out of experience that sometimes it does pay to suffer fools gladly, so unlike what i am now whose fuse admittedly is still too short.

at 60, i hope to look at the globe in our future home library, amid all the books that we've collected, and from whose windows i could look at some ancient trees that no mayor will ever cut, and be able to say that i've been to almost all corners of the globe, even if the globe has no corners because it happens to be round.

at 60, i hope to be able to pray more often, more fervently, and more in thanksgiving, because i shall by then be able to say as i look back at the 60 years of my life, "i couldn't ask for anything more."  


yoda.  i want to act out yoda first and foremost, with all his ancient wisdom and knowledge.  if not, then i would settle for the mother of the 101 dalmatians.  it would be great to outwit cruella de ville.

Anonymous Diary Blog / Re: Growing a beard (steps)
« on: May 25, 2010, 12:48:37 AM »

the new young technocrat look?  my vision isn't 20/20, so my apologies.  the look strikes me more as the morning-after hangover look, a cousin twice removed of the dazed terrorist look.  but in fairness to the boys in the pic who seemed nice until they were labeled for their beards, they could have come straight from middle earth.

but goodness gracious!  where did that picture of a bearded fellow posted by bai hubag go?  it was his post after ms da binsi's, if i remember right.  i hope no one's declaring martial law again, when nothing must get in the way of his personal opinion. 

i still insist on my understanding that this forum exists not to massage anybody's ego.

« on: May 25, 2010, 12:18:07 AM »
cry, my beloved bohol.

having heard (i repeat, heard, not read; because i've been told) the same things from more than one source makes all these stories plausible.  give or take a few million pesos because stories when passed on tend to be either amplified or diminished.  

and there are those who've written about these in local papers.  they're lawyers, and we know what that means.  it is safe to assume that they have proofs.

no one is ever prosecuted for vote-buying despite the law.  that is our tragedy.  

money influences a voter's decision.  what an even bigger tragedy.
it's difficult to imagine how an official can make himself believe he deserves to take office because the people had chosen him over the rest.  there lies the comedy. :(

General Topic / Re: Basureros (andam lang ug panyo)
« on: May 24, 2010, 07:31:04 PM »
kun naay naka-report ani sa dswd, kompleto sa names and address sa mga bata, sure gyod ko nga magpadala dayon ug case officer ug matabangan ni sila. 

sa tinuod lang, labi na sa mga lugar nga dagko sama sa cebu city, di gyod hinoon maatol.  pero kun ma-report lang, naa gyoy magpakabana nga social worker.  sophisticated na ang atong dswd.  bisan anomymous phone call ug child abuse, basta lang kompleto ang basic information, ma-under observation dayon ang child abuser nga mahagit pag kiha ani nga government agency. 

nganong kahibawo ko?  nakasumbong na ko sa una against our neighbor nga nitira sa iyang 6-year-old boy ug stapler para carpentry, kanang morag pusil nga dagkog staple wires.  walo ka buok ang natarok sa luyo sa bata.  bisan iro ang gitirahan di to maantos sa makakita.  da, blacklisted lagi ang amahan sa dswd, with ample warnings. 

this won't help those pitiful kids at the moment nor would this give them their next meal, but i must say they are luckier than that abused little boy neighbor of ours long ago because they are together and are thoughtful about each other.


LGU Philippines / Re: Why CHATTO and Why NO ONE ELSE
« on: May 24, 2010, 06:02:09 PM »
aheahehehe ok...ok...ok...forgive my tongue...but moves

hehehe, naa pay allusions to galileo.  but i'm glad your tongue moves; it does not wag. ;D

LGU Philippines / Re: Why CHATTO and Why NO ONE ELSE
« on: May 24, 2010, 05:48:02 PM »
Dia lage na late?... ;D kaun na lang ug kalamay bay kay naulahi na ng imu post...bwhahahahaha ;D

di pa late, sport, para sa sunod nga election.  molupad ra ang tulo ka tuig.  siguroa lang gyod nga ang atong kandidatong nidaog wa nay laing ibaligya.  ug ayaw pakan-a ug kalamay ang wa mangita.  ayaw pod kataw-i kay, na, ma-diabetic unya ta sa katam-is.

Anonymous Diary Blog / Re: Growing a beard (steps)
« on: May 24, 2010, 05:39:42 PM »
Miss Isles, bearded man is just a turn off for me. I like men with just grown (one or two day old) beard or nothing at all.

hehe, that tells me that your shuwa is clean-shaven. 

o.t.  still in las vegas?  is it part of your vacation itinerary because of the world billiards championship?  pinoy orcullo came out the champion, i read somewhere.  (i hope he isn't bearded.)

have more great time there!