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ideally, yes, because it's the decent thing to do.  (in the league of galileo or journalist judith miller in the cia operative valerie plame case.)  being confronted with such reality though is another matter.  i can't say now that i would have real strength to serve jail time. 


Use democratic processes instead of using your mouths to "talaktak" about this forever.[/color]

talaktaking is democracy in action.

paano na lang yung mga walang konsiyensa? 

LGU Philippines / Re: Boy Abunda: A Cabinet Member?
« on: June 01, 2010, 09:17:03 PM »

simbako.  nganong wa na man lang ni siya molansar sa ladlad party list? 

Love Talk / Re: Is it better to be single or married
« on: June 01, 2010, 06:54:47 PM »
it is best to be what you are and to like it, whether you're single or married.  imagine:

single   - mas maayo, pero ingnon sa mga minyo nga kalooy pod intawon way nangasawa  ???
married - mas maayo, pero bisan suffering wife/husband, ingnon sa mga single nga kalooy 
             pod intawon di na kalingkawas tungod sa mga bata :-\

single   - paita ning wa tay kaabag sa kinabuhi, maminyo na unta ko  :-[
married - paita ning naa tay kaabag sa kinabuhi nga hinampak, maayo pay wa ko maminyo :'(


You can reply your own response.

Because if you ask me, there is nothing to elaborate. Everything has been said, explained or responded. If you have a problem with that, tallk to my real big hand. 

To me, this "trees" case is closed and nothing else to talk about. I do have better things to think about.

I don't know about you guys but if you want to start a case, I guess, make sure you know how to explain your side even further up to the Supreme Court. Because if you can't, why bother? 

Why waste your time and somebody else's if things are really not that of a big deal.  This "trees" issue is old news and has been taken cared of.


yes, sir, ma'am, sistah, and here i am responding to my own reply.  you're right, there's really nothing to elaborate.  it's not your problem, so why are you reading?

show my your "real big hand" and i'll show you a cut tree.

forums like tb is where we express ourselves.  we're free to do that just as you're free to express your bile.  but it's a long shot to talk about starting a case and going all the way to the supreme court when we're just aghast at those ancient trees that are no more.  besides, have you ever heard of a case against stupidity?

i kid you not.   but grow up, kid, and try harder to streamline your thoughts before you punch those computer keys.  remember, guindulmanons are a great breed.  don't disappoint us.  again.   


Facts and Trivia / Re: 4 Word Sentence
« on: June 01, 2010, 01:20:19 PM »

si lorenzo maoy nasayod

Weird and Extreme / Re: Mona Lisa Is Not a Woman?
« on: June 01, 2010, 01:13:29 PM »

ug naa poy tb version ni da binsi, si ms.  mingaw-mingaw baja pod ang tb nga nibakasyon pa siya.  maajo untag mabalik na to gikan sa las vegas. ;D


ahahahahaha!  naunsa na man ni?  gikan sa bakak nahiadto sa mga frog lyricists and composers? 

recite usa ko ha?  breaker, gikan sa grade 1 nga bright.

     siya ang akong kasadpan
     ang akong amihan, habagat ug silangan
     ang akong kinaon, akong kan-anan
     apan ang tanan way hinungdan
     kun ang pito-pito dili baki ang sangpotan. 

Facts and Trivia / Re: 4 Word Sentence
« on: June 01, 2010, 11:44:38 AM »

downed with pinot noir


naa pa, harana sa panahon man tingali ni nimo, bai hubs.  makasabot pod ani si bai bugsay ug ang tag-iya sa tumoy sa bangaw:

dunggawin mo hirang
ang baki sa lantaran
kahit sulyap mo man lamang
ang baki ay motikangkang...


hahaha!  agay, aray, aduy, ouch, autsch, ay, ohi! ;D

Get over that trees issue. Talking about them is not going to make any lives better.

to anyone alive and breathing, the trees issue is not something one gets over and done with, except for the guilty ones.  talking about them would certainly make lives better, if not for us in the here and now, then for the future generations who could be less thoughtless because of the noise that we are making now.

The humanity doesn't own the trees. You know who they belong to. I don't have to spell it out for you. You know better than that. If you don't, you have to figure it out yourself, sorry. Or maybe this conversations would not occur if you have to get that trees issue a rest.

shout yourself hoarse, if you may, but humanity owns every tree on the planet.  we know you claim birthright to those cut trees in your town, but so does the rest of humanity.  you're right, i know who owns them. 

Everybody has other things to worry about. But if you want to continue talking about them to the point that it is irritating already to listen to, then this issue will continue, plain and simple. And this could escalate to who knows. 

sure, we even worry about idiots.  there simply are many things to worry about in this world, including cut trees.  our noise, even your irritation, aren't going to bring them back, plain and simple, but if such carelessness and thoughtlessness can be prevented from a repeat (sadly, after the fact), then our noise and your irritation shall not have been in vain. 

but go ahead, i'll take your bluff.  let this escalate into... what?

I hope you understand what I mentioned about Guindulmanons. I don't have to elaborate them or add some more. They are self-explanatory and if you smart enough which you claim you are, then you don't need somebody to explain it to you.

Have a good day..

luckily, i do understand what you said about guindulmanons.  don't elaborate some more, please.  too much of a good thing is not good for my health, or yours.

aaahhh, so i claim i'm smart?  sorry, i never said such a thing.  remember, i'm not a guindulmanon, so how can i be smart?

but since you are a guindulmanon and it follows that you're the one who's real smart, kindly read over and over wolfpack823's reply #15 in this thread.  it's quite unlike my smarmy post; there's real sense there, for you.

have a good day too!



hahaha, nice, froggy prince.   but body language here is... ugh, what's the raised left leg for?

what is interesting about guindulman?  those cut trees, what else! 

superior genes, real or imagined, have nothing to do with cut trees.  so let's grant that guindulmanons have everything better, bigger, fairer, and all the townspeople may be due for canonization, but hey, does it have anything to do with cut trees, which is the raison d'etre for the slew of posts about the town here in tb?

so sorry, abjayoma.  harping about how superior your town and its people are won't bring back those trees, which belonged to humanity.

World Daily News / Re: Naked Hiker
« on: June 01, 2010, 08:31:45 AM »

you mean he had a sausage about him?  with the cold, morag potot ang gabitay da.

World Daily News / Re: Naked Hiker
« on: June 01, 2010, 08:27:00 AM »
di kaha ang problema ani ang snow unya napasumanginlan na lang ang hiker tungod kay wa siya tugnawa?  pareha unya ni sa lain nga thread bahin ug hold-up sa bohol nga mapasumanginlan ang kalamboan sa siyudad imbis ang kakuwang sa law enforcement.;D   

Philippine Business News / Re: In Bohol: 3 Hold-ups or more in a day
« on: June 01, 2010, 08:15:34 AM »
i'm so sorry about that, thegirlnextdoor.  it's sad that the crime rate in tagbilaran has reportedly increased.  we all know of course that crime is everywhere.  there are muggers in new york as there as philantrophists. 

let's count our blessings.  at least no one sold me the brooklyn bridge while i was in new york and no one, so far i hope, is selling you the chocolate hills.

aw, shalan ba diay.  the website is all about one artist.  i thought it is about a group of artists in bohol.  sorry.

Question and Answer / Re: Why Are Women Crazy About Shopping?
« on: June 01, 2010, 12:33:14 AM »[/img]


this is enjoyable.  the crazy shopper, it seems to me, is the one who went straight to buy a pair of pants. ;D

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