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Bwahaha, what I know is that you deserve it... ;D

he deserves more.  antimano nga hapak sa akong islander nga tsinelas.  (kalooy sa akong tsinelas.)

ug mikatawa ang amang :(

mas cute ni siya, kay amang na, bungi pa gyod. 


now you dare gloat at the guilt of those you defend?  maayo ra ka i-exorcise sa kurus nga kaugalingon nimong avatar.     

Mao na, klaro sa pagka tinuod.. Agipo way silbi....

kamahal ba diay sa sugnod sa guindulman.  ancient acacia man gyod. 

Ikaw maoy klaro nga kapoy balik-balik, morag kalag nga nagkondenar...

kay naa ba diay niy kalag?

We have documents to prove that she only talked to DENR after she had cut the trees. DENR officials said Mayor Piezas had said she just wanted to prone the trees.

Oh, by the way, please check the mayor's house. New furniture set is coming?

maybe piezas is the current version of those whatchamacallit :-X provincial politicians of the late '60s and '70s?  they say that a portion of cpg ave. in tagbilaran (sniff, sniff) used to be lined with acacia trees.  they cut them! :'(  vestiges of those trees are those tables and chairs at the governor's mansion and at... aumentado's residence(!?) and who knows who else's! :o

perhaps cultural historians like mariano luspo can enlighten us on this?

one thing obvious now is that tagbilaran does not have a showcase street, which are usually streets lined with trees.  frankly, all of tagbilaran city's streets are ugly. :-\ and it looks like guindulman is social climbing as a poor copy of the provincial capital.

mao, na-amigo na man gani nako tong isa diri sa TB... nawala na man pud nalingaw sigurog baligja sa jagna

bitaw sa? 

OT:  KALAMAY DE BOHOL, sport, where are you?  unsa man ka, sobra na ka ka-busy kay nag-casual ka na sa kapitolyo?  come back!  pag-mcarthur pog imo bi.  we (aw, 'i' diay) are/am missing you.  ajaw baja pamutol ug kahoy sa governor's mansion ha?

p.s. makujapan gyod kog ikaw diay ni si acasianarra2010 (unsa may angga ani, casingnaring o-2-10?)

Wouldn't it be funny if you two find out you are related...

na, kun mao, moingon na lang intawon kong bai hubag ug 'mahimo kang baki!' kay mas grasya pa kay sa makaparyente siyag ingon ani. 

Dili.Kanang gikalabay nnimo ug igit og tubol.I could not imagine what would be the family reunion looks like.

my imagination is that it would be a reunion of toilet citizens who need to be flushed down ahora mismo.

Kining usa diri karon morag kalag nga wala mahimutang... ;D

morag maayong tawo ra gyod ka, bai hubs.  gitagaan pa gyod nimog kalag ning tawhana.

goodness gracious!  naunsa na man ni?  gi-constipate lang kog kadiyot, pagbalik nako naglinabayay na mog liquified gold and gold bars?  madato man sad tag ahat ani sa pisik lang.

naay doctor nga mayor sa usa ka lungsod karon.  naay abogado nga mayor sa usa ka siyudad karon.  tigmo:  kinsa ang namutol ug kahoy ug kinsa ang naay security force nga nanghasi? 

lab-asero na lang kaha ang atong chief executive who can do an honest day's job?

How To Tips / Re: Why it is important to have friends...
« on: June 03, 2010, 03:51:06 AM »
hahaha!  di ko mahibong kun mao niy mahitabo sa mga tulisan sa bohol.

got Glock 22 and the one I always bring is Taurus 22
I have Glock 22, but the one I normally carry and use shooting is Taurus 22 (the ammo is cheap that's why)

What kind of gun do you use, Wolf?

I prefer the Magnum, whereas my younger sister likes the M16:


such great stress-relieving exercises you two have!  to each his own, truly. 

tried practice shooting twice before, with a magnum and an m16.  i turned cold soon after and promised never to do it again.  besides, i can never be a good shot.  where i aim for the point between the eyes, i ended up shooting between the balls.

but if push comes to shove, i'd prefer a bazooka.

Nothing in my house scares me. Why be scared when Salvation is Offered in Christ Jesus.

The present fears of the body cannot compare to the perfect crown that is a citizenship in The Kingdom of the Most High.


kindly then look down on us with favor from where you sit in the kingdom of the most high, o enzo. :D

Labi na tong mga pretty boy nga hamis og panit, patay. Magpatubo jud og bungot basta paingon mapriso... ;D

be thankful then, alleluia.  at least, here in tb, there are tips on how to grow a beard.

Talk of the Town / Re: Transparency in Tagbilaran City Hall?
« on: June 01, 2010, 11:13:18 PM »
dream on.  and the fact that the news release is by bohol chronicle needs factoring in.  sworn enemies, and now this nettling of an irritable mayor?

it was said that time was when the mayor didn't even want to pay the few pesos worth of terminal fee at the pier.  he is the mayor, so he owns the pier, so why should he pay?  (he didn't mind paying the terminal fee at the cebu pier.)  and now he's expected to account for a loan?  dream big.

failure of security and fire safety measures that may lead to burglary and fire.  we've been burgled and had gone through close calls with the latter with 3 (!) next-door houses burned to the ground at different times.

Philippine Business News / Re: German President Koehler quits
« on: June 01, 2010, 10:47:49 PM »
at least he knew when to go.  our own outgoing one looks like she wants to start all over again and just might end up on top again.

praying, sleeping, reading until i fall asleep.  that includes reading tb until i could read no more because i'm already asleep in front of my laptop.

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