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i am looking forward to that day. 

when one is careful with simpler things like grammar and spelling, whether it is in university or a forum or the rest room, it may show that one is also careful with everything else, from manners to data and conclusions.  the main point gets garbled if the medium is garbled. 

who cares about grades?  they matter not because we don’t do things as cleanly as we could only because we are graded.  i believe we should not sacrifice quality for speed.

Question and Answer / Re: Best places you have ever been?
« on: June 20, 2010, 11:17:00 AM »

kun pag-umangkon pa ko niya, dugay ra tingali kong nangbitik ug iya-an. ;D  maayo gani kay buotan si calle... ;)


before you can clarify anything, you should be clear yourself.  you wish to “add clarity and precedence to ms. state’s post”?  do you really understand what “precedence” means?

“all are welcome to read it, not only for you.”  the word “for” should be deleted.

and “mein frau” is wrong twice over.  since “frau” is feminine, it ought to be “meine frau”.  but still it would be wrong, because it means “my wife”.  the correct expression is “meine dame”.
oh, lorenzo, as the saying goes, “marami ka pang kakaining bigas”.  please act according to your age, which isn’t much, and accomplishment, which is zilch.  who knows, if you do so you might earn a multitude of real friends.

now i'm doing what you do, correcting people. 

thanks too.

Question and Answer / Re: Best places you have ever been?
« on: June 20, 2010, 10:58:47 AM »

hehe, pasayloa lang gyod ko, bai bugs.  di pa ko andam nga mohatag nimog apelyido.  importante man god nako nga islander ra ko.  mausab ang tanan kun mailhan na akong mga paryente.  di na tingali ko makapangaway o makapasiaw.  wa hibaw-ig mabunalan pa gyod ko sa akong mga paryente.  mahanawan pa ko aning akong kalingawan. 

nganong gusto kog magpabilin nga nagtakoban?  wa baya nato hibaw-i kun fugitive from justice ba koh! ;D bitaw, i am a naturally very private person at all times.  i keep to myself and the family and hardly go out.  in fact, i hate going out.  as the cyberworld is a different world, so must i have a different life in tb.  i hope for your understanding.       

Cars and Automotive / Re: US-made Cars the Best?
« on: June 20, 2010, 10:33:23 AM »

ug ang tag-iya anang real beauty, nangwitik pa gyod sa guindulman ay.  di man hinoon ka magukod ug bunal ug sanga sa pinutol nga acacia, with you driving that vintage beauty... hahaha!

Cars and Automotive / Re: US-made Cars the Best?
« on: June 20, 2010, 10:30:11 AM »

whew!  butol man gyod ko bahig auto kay akong standard is low (basta modagan, mao na na), but your vintage car is a real beauty, ms da binsi.  abi nakog ang amo ang vintage (1993).  paskang, pipitsugin ra man diay intawon ikomparar sa inyong 1953.  henceforth, mohilom na lang ko nga  vintage amoa. :-X  shalan ba diay...

Cars and Automotive / Re: US-made Cars the Best?
« on: June 20, 2010, 04:47:38 AM »

too bad we've never tried any american car and have no plans of having one anytime soon.  my brother used to have a ford.  i remember him complaining that it was a guzzler.  we used to have a honda civic, which i complained much about because my legs had to to be stretched much to reach the accelerator.  it was uncomfortable and dangerous for me.  now we have a not-so-new mercedes, efficient and trustworthy.  i finally found my car.  but american cars still make me curious.   

General Topic / Re: Noynoy's Souvenir Doll
« on: June 20, 2010, 04:16:15 AM »

maybe it's up to the owners of these noynoy dolls to make them grow old in their hands.  kun naay ako, hinayhinayon nakog ibot ang buhok in keeping with how the human noynoy is through the years.

Question and Answer / Re: What's the bravest thing you've ever done?
« on: June 20, 2010, 04:11:41 AM »

two things, actually.

1)  as a student, throwing out of the house the things of my cousin who lived with us and sowed too many intrigues in our family, then going into a shouting match with her mother who came to defend her.  both our families never recovered after that.

2) as a single working girl, calling up the welfare agency to report child abuse in our next-door neighbor, giving my real name and putting myself up as witness.  what happened:  the 9-year-old boy had 8 big staple wires buried in his back and arms.  his drunk father from hell shot him with an electric stapler, the kind that's used by carpenters for walls.  that's gigantic.  and that was my last straw.     


naa sad koy amiga nga mapagarbohong moistorya bahin sad sa iyang amiga nga ang apelyido patay.  gubot gyod hinoon ang klase kada pagsugod sa semester.  ang wa maanad nga mga bag-ong classmates mangatawa gyod kuno tawon.  atubangon lang tanan ni miss patay ug moingon siyag "why you laughing?  asa ra man diay mo padung tanan?"

unya, naa poy maestro nga mangutana pa gyod ug asa ang accent, sa 'pa' ba o sa 'tay'.  tubagon ra sad ni miss patay ug "ayder of de tow will dow." (pronounced as spelled).

dugang pa, kun molabay si miss patay ug menteryo kun mobiyahi, moingon dayon siya sa iyang amiga, "mao na among hacienda."

das the spirit!


aqs, naay apelyido nga punay pang-atbang sa tocmo.  di hinoon bol-anon akong nailhan sa cebu kay waray man to siya.

kun classroom ray hisgotan, didto sa silliman sa una naay bogalbogalon nga maestro (di tingali relihiyoso pareha sa imong maestro sa usj-r) nga i-short cut na lang niya ang roll call by saying "calumpag, pog, pong".  arang pod tong klaseha.  natunong pod nga tulo ka estudyante nag-apelyidog calumpag, calumpog, ug calumpong.

World Cup Football | Fifa Soccer / Re: Argentina vs South Korea
« on: June 20, 2010, 03:07:03 AM »

here comes my bias for underdogs.


congratulations, statesville and lorenzo, on your newfound mutual admiration club.  from wisdom to precision to grammar, you are, indeed, one in glory.  may your tribe multiply like the tribes of israel. ;D 

lorenzo, baby boy,

may I repeat some questions of mine which you, in your omniscience, perhaps failed to see and which, unfortunately, your posts failed to enlighten amid all its garbling:

by reminding me that the term palestine was a “roman impression and not original”, did you mean to say that the palestinian nation does not exist or does not deserve to exist at all?

states’ statement was that 'philistines need to go back to crete'.  is this exactly what you gave credence to with your little inference?  as i have earlier said, that statement is like saying that white americans should go back to europe because they came from there.   

since you yourself posted (#82) that abraham and his followers originally came from ur (present-day iraq), and they were hebrews, who, then, were the true original inhabitants?

what makes the hebrews, who were immigrants as you’ve said, more original to the place compared to other immigrants who were not hebrews?

so?  is it because of hadrian that peace seems impossible there now?

n.b.  these questions are a result of your posts.



let me try to follow the thread of your logic.

so the original inhabitants were hebrews and not arabs, as you say in your post?  (quoted thus)

since you yourself posted (#82) that abraham and his followers originally came from ur (present-day iraq), and they were hebrews, who, then, were the true original inhabitants?  what makes the hebrews, who were immigrants as you’ve said, more original to the place compared to other immigrants who were not hebrews? 

my, everybody there, after all, was an immigrant, though it seems to you that some immigrants are more original than others and thus have more right to the place.  ugh.  let that be said about 5th generation fil-ams, your own generation notwithstanding.  it’s called discrimination, right? 

if my “lecture” to states was erroneous, you may write to historians about how misleading their book entries were.  it looks like you know more than they do.

here’s that “erroneous” post (post #7).  tell me what's in it to undermine states with.

sorry, statesville, but i beg to disagree with this statement (not necessarily with you).  one group of the so-called philistines did come from crete, at around 1190BC; most of these groups of philistines are of mediterranean and greek origin. 

the current palestinians are descendants of abraham as the israelis--- a more apt and current term instead of 'jews'--- are descendants of the same patriarch.  (that makes israelis and palestinians blood relatives in the strict sense of the word.)

lineage aside, if we say that these 'philistines' need to go back to crete (it's not a country but a mediterranean island that is part of greece), they who have settled in gaza for more than a thousand years before christ, surely you will find it unthinkable if present americans (the whites, for purposes of this discussion) are deemed to need to go back to their countries of origin in europe because america belongs to native americans.  unthinkable, right?  to think that white americans started settling in the new world only in the 1500s after christ while the 'philistines' settled in the currently named palestine for more than a millennium before christ.

of note in these current times is that palestinians hold titles to the land and their houses that are bulldozed to make way for israeli settlements.  any country will go to war if this is done to its people.” 

p.s. when you say “since antiquity…”, in essence it means “from ancient times until now…”.  unfortunately, nowadays there’s no such place named yehudah.

sweet dreams,



with apologies to states, i did not undermine her nor try to undermine her.  to undermine is “to weaken, damage or demoralize”.  surely you know that.  nor did i claim that the philistines were not greek-speaking people.  will you please read other people’s posts well first before looking at your beard and deciding that its color is blond?

my “lecture” to states was only because of the impossibility of having philistines go back to crete (and not all of them came from crete), and why, because it’s like saying that white americans need to go back to europe where they came from.  too bad your bit of history that includes mention of hellenistic culture in crete did not help any.  unsa man tawoy labot sa uling sa valencia, dong, sa ihid nga iring sa dimiao?
disagreeing is not undermining.   but what a childish game you play, baby boy.  you seem to try to take other people’s side and praise them to gain their own praises for you or, when that proves impossible, sometimes go as far as deleting posts that didn’t agree with yours.  it’s pathetic, because this forum can make us all friends, in cyberspace at least, even if we disagree on some things.
you don’t have to grovel to anyone and in the process risk strewing carelessly and needlessly the facts you've read.

you are an earnest young man, no doubt.  a few more years and more realistic experiences of life’s ups and downs perhaps can tame your loose missile (or firecracker) of an intellect.


boy, are we agreed.  it’s just that philistines didn’t only come from crete, which was what i meant by my ‘answer’ to states. 

The Philistines reached the southern coast of Israel in several waves. One group arrived in the pre-patriarchal period and settled south of Beersheba in Gerar where they came into conflict with Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael. Another group, coming from Crete after being repulsed from an attempted invasion of Egypt by Rameses III in 1194 BCE, seized the southern coastal area, where they founded five settlements (Gaza, Ascalon, Ashdod, Ekron and Gat).  In the Persian and Greek periods, foreign settlers - chiefly from the Mediterranean islands - overran the Philistine districts. (

Auf wiedersehen![/i]

to be honest, i can’t keep up.  i go for wit, that’s why, not mental masturbation nor all sound and fury signifying nothing.  but i have the patience for trying to decipher words like ceasure and raize, which i feel are your latest inventions.

geh mit gott!


and a long shot inference at that, which no one will probably care about, much less be noted by all.  it does not answer the question.

it's frau, mein herr.

Health and Food / Re: Why Are Shampoos A Big Waste of Money?
« on: June 19, 2010, 12:03:14 PM »

paskang lamia nang paragliding frog oy.  my day is made!

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